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  1. TJNies

    Sold 1965 Fender VibroChamp

    Finally realizing I don't play electric enough that it's time to - finally - sell off my beloved 65 VC. Proceeds will fund a small-luthier acoustic. So, no trades will be considered. 65 VibroChamp, OJ tube sticker stamp. Excellent condition, new 3-prong plug, gone over by my tech recently and...
  2. TJNies

    Sold 2020 Fender Telecaster Custom Shop

    Selling my very recently-purchased (May 2020) Custom Shop Tele in faded white blond. It may have 5 hours' play time on it. As mint as one could hope. The case came with a couple minor dings, but overall excellent condition. I am selling to fund a pricy small-luthier acoustic and find I just...
  3. TJNies

    NGD - Custom Shop Tele

    I had decided to sell my electric stuff a while back as I primarily play acoustics. But just as my last piece was listed, and had multiple offers to buy (my beloved 65 VibroChamp), I had an about-face. I used to own a number of fairly nice guitars, the best being a 2017 Gibson ES-335 63 block...
  4. TJNies

    Danocaster - have used prices peaked?

    I used to own a Danocaster, and other than the smaller neck thought it was great. Sold it when I wasn't playing much electric, but thought I might order one with the neck of choice. Of course, before that happened, Dan announced he was ceasing taking orders. As expected, used price shot through...
  5. TJNies

    Sold tc Polytune Electronic Tuner $50

    For sale is a gently-used tc Polytune Chromatic Tuner. Works great, don't use anymore. Excellent condition, but is missing one of the tiny rubber feet on the bottom. No power supply. I have the original box and all paperwork that was originally supplied. $50 shipped and PPed CONUS. NO trades...
  6. TJNies

    Sold 2016 Martin 00-18

    2016 Martin 00-18 from the custom shop. This one has an Engelmann Spruce top, and genuine mahogany back and sides. Very nice straight grain. A total sweetie to play! Louder than you'd expect, and light as a feather. Not really even broken in yet. I just got it back from my luthier for a great...
  7. TJNies

    Sold Atlas Amp and Guitar Stands

    Selling the amplifier and guitar stand pair commissioned by Atlas, in woods of Wormy Chestnut and Walnut. Each came from old barns and fashioned into functional art by Josh. These sold new for over $600. Excellent condition. Amp stand dimensions are 12" W x 11" H x 5.5" D. They will hold...
  8. TJNies

    Sold 2004 Fender Telecaster 8502

    Selling my 2004 Fender American Ash Tele (AKA 8502). This was a model produced between 2003-2007 with many 52 RI features, and special pickups never used before or since. It's the essence of the guitar. Two finish choices, Blond and 2 tone Sunburst. The 2T is far rarer. Great overall shape...
  9. TJNies

    Sold Martin Custom Shop 000-42 Swiss-Guatemalan

    Offering my Custom Shop 000-42 for sale. I'd call it 9+/10, with very tiny imperfections. My dealer ordered this for NAMM 2015, and it is exceptional! It has all the chime one could want in a 000-42 with these appointments: High Altitude Swiss Spruce top (5-6) Scalloped Adirondack 1/4" braces...
  10. TJNies

    Sold MuchXS VibroChamp - Excellent

    For sale is my custom-made Vibro Champ conceived and built by TGP's own MuchXS. I am primarily an acoustic player, and am paring down to my 65 VC and older Tele for the few times I play electric. I may sell those as well in the near future. This amp is a masterpiece! Eric took a 71 VC chassis...
  11. TJNies

    Sold Gibson ES-335 63 RI Excellent

    For sale is my recently-acquired 2016 Gibson ES-335 63RI in Historic burst. This guitar only has a few hours on it, as I primarily play acoustic. For what little I do, I tend towards my Telecaster. This guitar is exactly as I received it. Purchased new. No scratches, smudges, anything. Babied...
  12. TJNies

    Sold Surf Green Timmy, extra chip

    For sale is a gently-used Timmy, in Surf Green. In great physical and working condition. Actually I don't use it much, having bought it to cut the boominess of a former SFPR. I bought and installed the LM1458N chip as recommended by TGPers. The original is also included. No velcro, original...
  13. TJNies

    Jupiter 8SC question

    I had owned and loved a Weber 8A125 in my 65 BFVC, but reading so many comments about how good the Jupiter 8SC is for this amp, decided to give it a shot. One question for those who own the Jupiter - how long does it take to break in, and what tonal differences did you notice? Upon installing...
  14. TJNies

    Sold Danocaster Singlecut Reduced 12-31

    For sale (or very restricted trade) is my Danocaster Singecut in Firemist Gold, built in 2012. I believe this has had a couple owners prior to me. The feel of the neck is amazing! If only it were thicker, I would be forever happy. * Total Weight - 6.5 lbs * 2 pc ultralight swamp ash body w/...
  15. TJNies

    Sold 2005 Martin 000C-16RGTE Acoustic

    Selling my first Martin: it is a 2005 Martin 000C-16RGTE. It is Sitka-topped, with rosewood back and sides. All solid construction. I am the original owner. Never gigged, although that was the original intent...kept in a non-smoking, non-pet, and no-children home. Always babied and kept...
  16. TJNies

    Sold Diamond Memory Lane Jr V1 Surf Green $190

    For sale is a seldom-used Diamond Memory Lane Jr, version 1. It is in essentially brand-new condition. Surf green, no velcro, original box and instructions. Never gigged, never out of the non-smoking house. Great delay, but I seem to plug straight into the amp these days. $190 Shipped and...
  17. TJNies

    My NG(retch)D Purchase - G6120TFM!

    Ok, I admit to being fickle. I guess that's first step to recovery. I'd been admiring the recent Gretsch models discussed, and missed having a hollow body electric. GAS was setting in. I played several models, but when I took my wife into the shop to listen, the choice was pretty obvious. So...
  18. TJNies

    New Amp Day - Custom Vibro Champ

    I am a huge fan of vintage Fender Vibro Champs: nice grind for a home noodler, best tremolo ever, small size. A couple issues though: too-small cabinet can make better speakers sound boxy, not much cleans above 7. There is a builder who has a circuit change to handle the clean / dirty aspect...
  19. TJNies

    NGD! Thorn Grantura

    Ok, so much for my anti-GAS rants lately, and selling off equipment. Back off the wagon, I guess. But I just couldn't resist, had the wife's blessing too. After drooling over some of Ron's creations (Mahalos, koa Granturas), I was in the right place at the right time. And Ron was incredibly...
  20. TJNies

    12" speaker in Tweed Vibrolux?

    Has anyone put a 12" speaker in a tweed Vibrolux? I wasn't sure if it would fit, or if it isn't a good choice for that amp.
  21. TJNies

    OD for vintage 57 Tweed Vibrolux

    I recently obtained an awesome 57 tweed Vibrolux. Well-kept, reconed Jensen speaker. Tweed has its share of fraying, sounds incredible. Mojo-city. I am looking for a great OD pedal. I already have a Timmy, and maybe it is ultimately perfectly fine. But if there is a better choice, please...
  22. TJNies

    NOAD - 57 Vibrolux

    Thanks to John here on TGP (sgtsteiner) via his buddy Robby, I am now the proud owner of a fabulous 1957 Tweed Vibrolux. I am humbled. What an amp - I already had a couple excellent examples of vintage and boutique amps, and now one of the best tweed circuits for home use! I am a trem junkie...
  23. TJNies

    Am I banned from TGP? Anti-GAS content

    I'm wondering how soon I will be banned from TGP. I have been on a major sell-off of equipment, and am now down to 1 acoustic and 1 electric guitar. I do have an incoming 1957 Tweed Vibrolux, but if all goes well that could mean the sale of my other amps. If anyone had seen my sales ads, I...
  24. TJNies

    NAD: Martin GPCPA Plus!

    This was totally unexpected. I wasn't really looking for a new acoustic guitar, was happy with my 000-16C. But, we were visiting my hometown for an impromptu family reunion, and stopped into the local mom'n'pop guitar store. My wife noticed that there was a small audition room that held...
  25. TJNies

    How quickly would nitro react?

    I have an ES-335 that I'm quite fond of, and purchased an Atlas guitar stand. The builder does incredible work. He said he has tested the padding with nitro and has had no issues, but I guess I'm still nervous. How soon would any reaction occur if it were to?
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