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  1. dmagalhaes

    Jerry Reed

    That’s a Certified Guitar Player right there.
  2. dmagalhaes

    Seagull/Martin question

    Get a D28, buy once cry once but you’ll own it forever.
  3. dmagalhaes

    Are used Mesa boogie combo amps just as reliable as a new one?

    I have an Express 5:50 that is almost 15 years old and still has the original tubes.
  4. dmagalhaes

    All Things Phish

    That drum kit sounds perfect.
  5. dmagalhaes

    All Things Phish

    You called it!
  6. dmagalhaes

    Branded Nut Lubricants v Good Old Graphite/Pencil Lead

    I use a contractor pencil and have for years. Funny, I was watching Tom Bukovac’s Stud Finder video last night and laying there on his bench was a wood pencil.
  7. dmagalhaes

    Goose - Terrific Band, Awesome Guitar Playing

    I watched the movie, it was cheesy in the best way possible and more entertaining than I expected. You could tell that they took it seriously and tried their best.
  8. dmagalhaes

    D'Andrea Pro Plec 351

    Are they all flat? I’ve got about a dozen each of unused 351’s and 651’s that are like potato chips. I stopped buying them for that reason.
  9. dmagalhaes

    Trey Anastasio Rig Summer 2021

    Just read that the photo was taken at Rock Lititz in PA. Trey has been there all week dialing in the rig and the rest of the band got there today. Here’s a photo of the band’s full touring rig.
  10. dmagalhaes

    Bluetooth/phone control of Source Audio pedals

    You technically don't need a 1/8 headphone jack. On mine, I plug the Neuro cable into my iPhone using an Apple headphone dac/dongle and it works great.
  11. dmagalhaes

    Delay with Presets...for dummies

    I’ve got two Flashback X2’s and a few others and personally have never had a problem with any of them.
  12. dmagalhaes

    Delay with Presets...for dummies

    TC Flashback X2 has 6 presets and pretty sure it can check off most or all the other boxes.
  13. dmagalhaes

    Tips for Dual Lock and Pedaltrain

    Dual lock is very strong and I only use it on the pedal side, the board gets standard 2 inch loop. This makes it a little easier to remove pedals without needing a crowbar.
  14. dmagalhaes

    Get Back Documentary (includes spoilers)

    It was pretty cool to watch Get Back become a song from nothing.
  15. dmagalhaes

    Goose - Terrific Band, Awesome Guitar Playing

    Has anybody been watching the livestreams? I saw them in Worcester a couple of weeks ago and can’t get enough of them right now.
  16. dmagalhaes

    How Soon Is Now - Johnny Marr Live At The Crazy Face Factory

    Watched the video for this song 1000x on MTV in the mid 80’s, thanks for posting!!
  17. dmagalhaes

    All Things Phish

    The BC Rich logo was clearly visible on the pickups so I’m betting it was bone stock except for a setup.
  18. dmagalhaes

    All Things Phish

    Funny, he still sounded exactly like he always does playing that thing.
  19. dmagalhaes

    All Things Phish

    It sure is.
  20. dmagalhaes

    All Things Phish

    I wasn't planning on it but I watched the whole show. I usually only watch the first few songs or even the first set and then watch the full show next day but when they opened with 2001 and then 1999, I knew something was brewing. Trey was really struggling vocally towards the end of the show...
  21. dmagalhaes

    All Things Phish

    I wouldn’t hesitate to go by yourself, you’ll make new friends before the show even starts.
  22. dmagalhaes

    Best 2x12 guitar cab for the money

    I have a Stagecraft 112 and would not hesitate buying a 212 from them if the need arose. https://stagecraftgear.com/product/elite-2x12/
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