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  1. kludge

    I dare you - What's the best-sounding amp you've ever played?

    The best amp I've ever played was a Fryette Aether. It felt like breathing. Best amp I've ever owned is my 1977 Mesa Mark I, which is one of the count-on-one-hand best I've ever played. I'll never part with it.
  2. kludge

    Quarantine Acoustics - Post Them

    Running Dog and Mossman by kludge posted May 6, 2020 at 2:07 PM I've been playing these two almost exclusively through quarantine. I can't even remember the last time I seriously played electric now, but I'm playing acoustic every day. The Mossman is in standard, and the Running Dog is in...
  3. kludge

    I know that it's been asked a million times but...

    I don't think there's really a strong relationship between hand size and neck dimensions. All guitars are going to feel uncomfortable for beginning players, and "smaller" isn't really going to solve the problem. Once someone has been playing for a while, they can start to form real opinions...
  4. kludge

    Let’s see your #1

    Quarantine has made it abundantly clear to me that my acoustic guitars are my first choices. These two share the #1 role. Running Dog and Mossman by kludge posted May 6, 2020 at 2:07 PM
  5. Running Dog and Mossman

    Running Dog and Mossman

    My two favorite acoustic guitars
  6. Acoustics


  7. kludge

    Ever feel 'overdressed' at a jam with your boutique guitars/amps?

    This. It's all about fashion, which is about fitting in with the tribe where you want to fit in (or alternatively, judging others as not good enough for the tribe). Show up in one context with a "grandpa guitar" PRS 10 Top, you get judged. Show up in another context, and that PRS is awesome but...
  8. kludge

    What are you doing with your gear when you die?

    I don't want my stuff to be sold, at least not guitars and amps. They're gifts for friends and bandmates. But they all come with a caveat... whomever gets one of my guitars can't resell it, only give it away. If it's not being played, give it to someone who'll play it. I'm really adamant about...
  9. kludge

    Monel guitar strings on spruce/rosewood guitars

    I use Monels on my Mossman spruce/rosewood dreadnought and they're terrific. This particular guitar is more open-sounding and less prone to mud than a lot of rosewood dreadnoughts, but with Monel strings it's even more clear-sounding.
  10. kludge

    Acoustic guitar pickup shootout!

    I generally agree that there's an inverse relationship between the "accuracy" of a pickup and its feedback resistance. But here, it's just a chance to hear what each one sounds like. And that in itself is pretty interesting... like I think the Dimarzio Angel sounds better than the Schertler AG6...
  11. kludge

    Mini-jumbo vs Concert vs Folk - Bottom end response and Breast comfort

    Vintage Guild jumbos can also have a lot of bass weight. But look for the mahogany and rosewood ones... maple jumbos always sound dynamically flat to me, and it doesn't sound like that's what she wants. If you're on a budget, check out the low-end Eastman OMs. Same comfortable shape as any...
  12. kludge

    Mini-jumbo vs Concert vs Folk - Bottom end response and Breast comfort

    Given the issues, I wouldn't buy without trying first. But, no guitar store shopping for a while...
  13. kludge

    The best acoustic you've ever played? What's your fav brand?

    Rick's retired now, so the only way to play a Running Dog is to find a used one. Good luck with that. I do love mine, though... it's one of those rare acoustic guitars that feels like it can do anything. My Mossman is a rare Baxendale Mossman from the mid-80s, so it's a little different from...
  14. kludge

    The best acoustic you've ever played? What's your fav brand?

    I don't know if I could name a "best" guitar, but some have made a really special impression on me. First one was a vintage Gibson L-0 belonging to a midwestern folksinger. I was just a kid who barely knew how to play then. I was admiring it backstage, and he handed to me and said "Try it out!"...
  15. kludge

    Acoustic guitar pickup shootout!

    I have a Bagg Lyric in another guitar. It's nice, but definitely not "like it sounds with no amplification". No pickup is. Heck, no microphone is - I've been recording guitars for years, and all microphones have, well, opinions. I've A/B'd the Lyric against studio mics, and it's not a fair...
  16. kludge

    Anyone still use martin retro's that were so popular here a few years back?

    The Monels? Yeah, they're great. I've been using them (mediums) on my Mossman, a big bluegrass guitar. They sound good right away and last a long time. And they're cheap and readily available. I recently went back to the John Pearse Phosphor & Silk that I've been using for years on many...
  17. kludge

    Acoustic guitar pickup shootout!

    I recorded this stuff a while back, but finally got around to making a video for it! Comparing a Schertler AG6 (with and without mic), K&K Pure Mini, Dimarzio Angel, and K&K + Angel, plus an Oktava MC012 studio microphone for reference. I tried to address some pet peeves of mine for videos...
  18. kludge

    Working from home and listening to vinyl?

    I like the ceremony of flipping vinyl. It's an engagement thing. I just upgraded with a Denon DL-103 moving coil and a DIY step-up transformer. It's... colorful.
  19. kludge

    Edgy, arty, instrumental, acoustic-ish...

    Is that going to be more rock, though? Those are all rock or loud jazz guys.
  20. kludge

    Edgy, arty, instrumental, acoustic-ish...

    I'm listening to a lot of vinyl while working from home, and looking for ideas for more things I can buy, especially old vinyl. Here are some of the things I've been spinning a lot... Michael Hedges - Breakfast in the Field Jim O'Rourke - Bad Timing Anthony Phillips - The Geese and the Ghost...
  21. kludge

    Less mid heavy screamer?

    Zendrive, maybe? That, or a Klon.
  22. kludge

    Working from home and listening to vinyl?

    And to be off-topic... my Alvarez 5065 is on semi-permanent loan to a friend in Colorado, so I don't see it very often. Really good-sounding guitar! Basically like a Martin D-18 or Guild D-40. Headstock was not the usual Alvarez shape of the era, more like a Guild. No Yairi references on the...
  23. kludge

    Working from home and listening to vinyl?

    Try messaging me about it again! My membership expired so messages bounced due to a full inbox.
  24. kludge

    Post Your Home Stereo Rig Here

    I just rebuilt everything in the living room, taking advantage of work-from-home to make me fix it all up. Rega Planar 2 w/Ortofon 2M cartridge (will be upgrading cartridge asap!) Superphon Revelation preamp Sony dvd player (for transport) w/Audio Alchemy DDE DAC Logitech bluetooth adapter...
  25. kludge

    Working from home and listening to vinyl?

    Having to work from home pushed me to deal with my turntable situation. I had moved my old Thorens from the nice solid basement to the living room, and footfalls were making it unusable - even the dogs could skip records. So I got myself a Rega Planar 2 and now all is right with the world...
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