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  1. Toowoombaus

    Izotope Music Maker Bundle $49 until 6-16

    Check this out! I use their Noise Reduction Suite RX7 Standard all the time and I noticed this was on sale. https://www.izotope.com/en/shop/music-maker-bundle.html Music Maker Bundle You get all four Elements products ( Nectar, Neutron, Ozone, RX ) plus Trash 2, Iris 2, Stutter Edit...
  2. Toowoombaus

    NAD Matchless eXcalibur 35 watt

    Just got this couple of days ago. The Matchless eXcalibur head. They only made these for about one year, part of the Avalon series. Now I know it’s partially PCB partially hand wired but the transformers are the same and that PCB that I saw looks pretty hefty. I was looking for another...
  3. Toowoombaus

    Started a podcast for fun: Marc Ford my first guest

    Hi Guys, Marc came over to my house to check out that Eric Clapton Fender Champ that guy sold me in the desert, some of you may remember that video it's on my YouTube page. Anyway we sat down for an interview and I edited it into a podcast for fun. The first five minutes are guitar player...
  4. Toowoombaus

    Just got a Fractal Axe Fx II

    O.K. so after a five year boutique guitar amp odyssey fueled by lots of time here on the Gear Page I got an Axe FX II. 20 years ago I bought a POD 1 and used it a lot. I took it to Ireland to produce a band and record their album on Pro Tools in a Barn and the engineer bought it from me when we...
  5. Toowoombaus

    Sold Whittmore Telecaster Handcrafted (Sale pending)

    Hi guys, I have a Whittmore Telecaster (Formerly Mill City) a T52 handmade by Ned Whittemore who has been making guitars for over forty years. (Not a partscaster) http://whittemoreguitars.com/t52-2/ I have A/B'd it with high end custom shop Teles and I think it's WAY better. No harsh...
  6. Toowoombaus

    Sold Brian May Vox AC30 Limited Edition (Soundcloud mic'd demo)

    Brian May Vox. One of the best amps I've ever played. I got rid of my Matchless when I got this! True! I'm selling a bunch of my gear to get more that does the same thing only different! Haha! I swore I would never sell it too! I'm getting either an old Vox AC50 or a handwired AC30 head...
  7. Toowoombaus

    Sold Louis Electric Tornado: 1k in upgrades (Sale pending) (Video)

    Hi Guys, I wanted to see for myself what a Tweed amp sounded like and this one did not disappoint. Upgrades are: Scumback M75-PVC 65 NOS tubes: Sylvania big bottle 6CA7's, Mullard GZ34, and two Raytheon blackplate 12AX7's from the 1950's. Dr. Z Brake-Lite attenuator inside the cabinet...
  8. Toowoombaus

    The AudioKit Synth One is a pro-level iPad synth that’s completely free

    Pretty cool idea to make an open source 100% free synth That actually sounds really good!
  9. Toowoombaus

    Buchla Music Easel V by Arturia

    Anybody download the new Buchla Music Easel V demo? It sounds great and it’s lots of fun! Different than subtractive synthesis like Moog. The demo runs for 20 minutes, then just re-launch it. https://www.arturia.com/buchla-easel-v/overview
  10. Toowoombaus

    Model D App Audio: What is it? .WAV, .MP4, AAC?

    Hi everyone! Can't get an answer on the MOOG forum. I just got the Model D App and I love it and plan on recording with it (running it through my Focusrite Red 6 mic pre before Logic) I was just wondering what kind of audio the app is using. I see I can export an uncompressed 16 bit AIFF file...
  11. Toowoombaus

    New Amp Day: Louis Electric Tornado

    Hi Guys, I just got this from a fellow Gear Page member. (DocRock) So, supposedly this is a British version of the classic 5E3 Deluxe with EL34's. A English companion to their Buster amp. It came with a speaker upgrade: a Scumback M75-PVC 65, NOS tubes: Sylvania big bottle 6CA7's, Mullard...
  12. Toowoombaus

    Matchless Independence demo

    Hey guys, I recently made a quick demo of this so I could sell/trade it. About 3 minutes long. Mic'd with a RODE NTV tube mic, Celestion G12 H 70th Anniversary, no EQ, or drive pedals just the amp with various settings and different guitars. Enjoy! Click the gear to watch in HD. It sounds...
  13. Toowoombaus

    Sold Matchless Independence 35 watt Head (Demo Video)

    TRADED: Louis Electric Tornado with all NOS glass. Hi guys, up for sale is my beloved Matchless Independence. The higher gain one! 3 Channels. I made a 3 minute video with different guitars and tones mic'd up. Please watch. Click on the Gear to watch in Hi Def! The amp has a few scratches...
  14. Toowoombaus

    NAD Top Hat Emplexador

    I've always wanted one of these and I just got it from a fellow TGP member LIL DUKE who lives near me. So yeah, I've never played a Top Hat before but I've read about them quite a bit. I've probably read almost every Top Hat post on TGP. So I like it! It's a good sounding amp. Almost as nice...
  15. Toowoombaus

    Tube Identity: Are these Mullards?

    Hi Guys, hey I recently got a 1971 Traynor YSR-1 Custom Reverb with cab last week. I made a three minute Amp Safari video you may have seen. Anyway, I was wondering if someone could help me with the tubes. I think they are original. Are these Mullards? They are labeled Phillips. They do say...
  16. Toowoombaus

    Found 1971 Traynor in the Southwest Desert (Dr. White VIDEO)

    Hi guys, you may have seen my Amp Safari video on the Eric Clapton Champ before. This is a video I made about 1971 Traynor Custom Reverb I found on Craigslist. It's only about three minutes long, it has a few studio recordings I made with it and its FUN! Anybody else use one of these...
  17. Toowoombaus

    Sold Eliasson Serena Tele: Trade for Guitar or Amp (CLIP ADDED)

    2014 Paul Eliasson Guitar. Trading is fun and has worked out pretty well for me in the past year. So... Listen to 3 min clip here: https://timwhite.bandcamp.com/track/eliasson-serena-tele-38 Plugged straight into Matchless Independence head (Flat EQ) into Vox 2x12 cabinet with Celestion Blues...
  18. Toowoombaus

    Found an old Supro in Pawn shop. Anyone know what it is worth?

    Hi all, I was visiting my parents in a small town somewhere in the Mid West and stopped in a pawn shop and I asked if they had anything old or obscure. The guy goes in the back and comes out with this Supro. He says he doesn't know much about it and isn't sure what it's worth, maybe $1200 he...
  19. Toowoombaus

    NGD Eliasson Serena Tele #38

    2014 custom built Paul Eliasson Guitar. One of a kind. #38 Sounds like a Stratocaster with the girth of a Les Paul with P-90's. Just had it set up at Guitar Center. Stays in tune, has a nice thick neck and rings like a piano! So much better than a PRS! Sounds fantastic! There are many tones in...
  20. Toowoombaus

    Sold Whitney Hottie 66 ............ (JTM45 type)...Clips

    Traded for a Eliasson Guitar Time to continue my sonic education. So, as much fun as I've had playing this amp it's time to try something different. Up for trade is my Whitney Hottie 66 head. I'd been hearing about a guy on the East Coast that was an Electrical Engineer on Nuclear Submarines...
  21. Toowoombaus

    NAD D.O.A need advice

    Hi Guys, just wondering if any of you have been through this and know what to do... I traded an amp: a clean Bray Modded Marshall 1987x for a Matchless Independence. The person was not a member here but seemed legit, and honest, a Med student. The amp I sent him works perfect and he is happy...
  22. Toowoombaus

    Are you a Gear Evangelist?

    Hi, do you find your self steering the conversation toward your favorite gear topics when you are with other musicians? (Boutique/Vintage) Do you exert your influence and try to sway your bandmates decision when they are buying a new piece of equipment? Have you ever bought a bandmate gear...
  23. Toowoombaus

    So this guy calls me and says he has Clapton's old Tweed Champ to trade! FOR REAL! ( Video).

    You’re not gonna believe this…:eek: So, this guy calls me about an amp I have on Craigslist and tells me he wants to trade Eric Clapton's Tweed Champ which his father got while working for Eric in the 1970’s for an amp I have for sale, a 100 watt Marshall. The story was, his father worked on...
  24. Toowoombaus

    N.A.D. Bray Modified Marshall 1987x (Clips)

    Just got this today. I was going to have David Bray Mod my Roccaforte Custom 80, but I got rid of it. I went to Brays site and listened to his mods and was very impressed. Also he has a good rep with the cork sniffers over at the Metro Amp forum. I guess he adds gain in different spots in the...
  25. Toowoombaus

    N.A.D. Whitney Hottie 66 (Clips)

    Just got this today! A Whitney Hottie 66. I've been hearing about a guy on the East Coast that was an Electrical Engineer on Nuclear Submarines and now makes handwired amps, so I was intrigued to say the least. Rumor has it he wants to keep it "on the down low" is some kind of perfectionist...
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