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  1. Flyin' Brian

    Appears COVID has killed my band

    Sorry for the frustration and headaches Chris
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    For Those Who Don't Think The British Invasion Saved Music

    Agreed. But jazz has always had problems drawing crowds, starting with the BeBop era.
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    For Those Who Don't Think The British Invasion Saved Music

    There was. But the best alternative was r&b, Motown etc., and racism was still rampant in society. This stuff was what soothed the masses. I was 16 and I hated it.
  5. Flyin' Brian

    Why is Intonation sharp at the 3rd fret of low E string?

    When youn check intonation, capo your guitar at the second fret then compare frets 2 and 14.
  6. Flyin' Brian

    For Those Who Don't Think The British Invasion Saved Music

    This is what they replaced
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    Favorite legendary guitarists who are still alive?

    Carlos Buddy Guy Larry Carlton
  8. Flyin' Brian

    Les Paul Jr for softer stuff?

    A Jr. is a great guitar for everything. The player is the limiting factor.
  9. Flyin' Brian

    Why the visceral hate for locking tuners?

    The only issue I have with them is extra weight on a guitar that already has a tendency to neck dive. But it's well short of "visceral hate".
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    Santana's tone, terrible?

    Threads like this...and it doesn't just pertain to Santana....where a performer who has become an icon in the music world is bashed, and made fun of by a bunch of amateur, piss ant weekend warriors and bedroom players is one thing that drives me nuts about this place. You don't care for his...
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    How do you use the controls on your Les Paul-type guitar?

    Not incorrect if it works for you, but you're missing a lot.
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    What do you do when you break a single string?

    Keeping spare single strings around is a pretty inexpensive proposition and a necessity unless you're just playing at home.
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    Santana ‘Abraxas’ at 50

    I met Carlos last year when the Doobies opened for them. I became a fan of the person, who was warm, gracious, and very complimentary of many musicians. The show he played later cemented my admiration of his playing, which had changed since I saw him back in the '70s and wasn't impressed. Last...
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    Who did you see at a small club gig that blew you away?

    The Kingsmen circa 1963 Pat Metheny Group late 1970's Discipline era King Crimson Tower of Power John Scofield Lee Ritenour Larry Carltony Robben Ford Jimmy McGriff Stan Getz Larry Coryell Peter Bernstein Kurt Rosenwinkle Roy Haynes Oscar Peterson Zoot Simms
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    Just curious: does anybody actually use middle positions?

    Larry Carlton uses the middle often. Usually never balanced and never with both tone controls fully open. There's a huge variety of tones available in the middle position with a dual humbucker setup.
  16. Flyin' Brian

    How much $$ worth are you in Gear?

    I'm going to post private financial information on the internet in response to an OP's humble brag thread?
  17. Flyin' Brian

    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    Same as it's been for over 10 years. Barber Tone Pump EQ
  18. Flyin' Brian

    What is Going on at the Fender Custom Shop?

    They're out of their minds.
  19. Flyin' Brian

    What are you listening to right now?

    Oscar Peterson Trio Live at The London House
  20. Flyin' Brian

    New Heritage Headstock

    They're thinking straight string pull and proper headstock pitch. A leftover from the original Gibson headstocks.
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    New Heritage Headstock

  22. Flyin' Brian

    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    Doobies "Captain and Me" Dark Eyed Cajun Woman Without You