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  1. guitarrob

    Machine Gun Kelly live at 2021 VMAs

    In no way is MGK punk rock. Manufactured, commercial pop rock done by a former rapper is how I view it, but it’s working for him obviously. As others have mentioned, there is so little electric guitar in pop music these days that I can‘t hate that he was on the show representing - low bar but...
  2. guitarrob

    Doctors and Lawyers in Well-Known Bands

    There is an extremely popular pop / hip hop group in Japan called Greeeen, whose members are all practicing dentists when they aren’t recording or playing packed arenas. They met in dental school and decided to form the group. They hide their identities so they can all have a relatively normal...
  3. guitarrob

    Where the bass part makes the song for you

    1. The Chain / Fleetwood Mac 2. Sweet Emotion / Aerosmith 3. Hey Baby / Ted Nugent 4. On Top of the World / Cheap Trick 5. Under Pressure / Queen
  4. guitarrob

    Desert Island #1 album

    These are my top 10 -Van Halen - (ST) -Aerosmith (Rocks) -Led Zeppelin (Physical Graffiti) -UFO (The Wild the Willing and the Innocent) -Journey (Infinity) -Elton John (Goodby Yellow Brick Road) -The Eagles (Hotel California) -The Rolling Stones (Made in the Shade) -David Bowie (Station to...
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