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    FS J.D. Newell 4X10 Super Reverb Cab with 3 EVM-10M's $500 (local to ATL only)

    Hi guys, This is a bit of an oddity. I was going to build an SRV Super reverb and just sort of lost interest. Here's what we got. JD Newell Super reverb cabinet. -I think most people here know JD. He does great work. I'm missing the four screws for that back bottom baffle. I may be able to find...
  2. IMG_0646.JPG


    4-10 cab back
  3. IMG_0645.JPG


    4X10 cab front
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    Fryette LX-II vs Synergy SYN-5050 vs Fryette PS-100

    I get the trade off, which is significant at the volume I play at. I had a Mesa 2:90 at the same time as the velocity and noticed the top end roll -off of the Rocktron but the difference wasn't like pulling a blanket off the speaker. It was noticeable however. I assumed the Rocktron was designed...
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    1u preamp use with g major 2

    Bogner designed IIRC.
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    1u preamp use with g major 2

    It's pretty tough to beat a SYN-2 by Synergy. It's not the end-all, be-all but it can do a lot in one rack space.
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    Fryette LX-II vs Synergy SYN-5050 vs Fryette PS-100

    This is incredible information!! More please...Does feel enter into this or is that all of the preamp? If you play at shouting volume, does it really matter if you have a tube amp vs a "tube styled" solid state power amp like an H&H, mosvalve, Rocktron Velocity etc..? We always talk about...
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    Fryette LX-II vs Synergy SYN-5050 vs Fryette PS-100

    Thanks for doing this Michael. For me, the LXII sounded more open and fuller. I'd be really interested to see how the LXII compares to the 2/50/2 or the RT 2/50. kind of 2 space vs 1 space.
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    Can the TC SCF pedal be used at line level?

    Please let me know your results. They've gotten expensive..
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    Synergy modular thread

    o.k. so a new IICP set up. This is based on some things I read about Brad Gillis's set up. To really get it there, you have to play really loud. With that in mind, you may have to tweak the gains a little. lead drive; 11:00 Volume 1 dimed Lead bright: up Lead shift: up Bass: 9:00 ish treble...
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    Synergy modular thread

    Hi guys, My quick review of the IICP. It's pretty impressive. I used the settings Jon Stafford from Killerburst guitars used when comparing it to his iic+. Volume 1-2:00 All switches- off Bass-7:00 to off (just barely open works for me after everything else is set) Presence-12:00 Master 1-12:00...
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    Can the TC SCF pedal be used at line level?

    There is a HUGE price difference between an SCF and a 1210 these days.
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    Can the TC SCF pedal be used at line level?

    Thanks Anje. Where do you have it, before or after the preamp?
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    Can the TC SCF pedal be used at line level?

    Hi guys, I'm still struggling to find a dedicated chorus I like for my rack. Everything in my rack is at line-level. I always loved the SCF. Can it be used in a line level application. I've had trouble find the specs IIRC it can but I though it would be worth it to ask. Thanks, Paul
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    1980s guitar solos, played slowly

    Kirk, these are great. Thanks for doing this. BTW is that a carving or something else?
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    Synergy modular thread

    Yes please!
  17. IMG_0389.JPG


    Kemper side
  18. IMG_0391.JPG


    Kemper back 2.
  19. IMG_0392.JPG


    Kemper top
  20. IMG_0388.JPG


    Kemper front
  21. IMG_0390.JPG


    Kemper Back
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    Battery holder for SPX-900 any experience?

    Thanks Mike, That's super nice of you. on hold..=)
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    NYTimes Wirecutter last week said . . .

    Cassettes are terrible IMO. The were more portable than records but lacked some of the warmth and vibe but you could play your favorite tunes in your car. Once CD's came along, why would you want a tape unless you were already heavily invested? MP3's sound terrible but they are as portable as...
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    Battery holder for SPX-900 any experience?

    Hi guys, My SPX-900 needs a battery replacement. If I'm going through the effort to unsolder the old battery, it seems like it would be worth it to put a battery holder in place. I'm hoping someone knows of a holder that fits without having to jury rig a mount etc... Thanks!
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    Rack Delay recommendations

    Do you want just one delay time (say 400ms) or two times (250ms in the left 500ms in the right)? with that true stereo or mono? Here's what I would say. Series will affect your tone the most. If your amp can run a parallel loop, do that. With a minimalist approach, I'd personally suggest the...
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