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  1. bigtone23

    Where did '80s hair metal go? HERE. It's back.

    Haha, I hear ya. There has been plenty of AC/DC clone bands (or at least clone songs/albums) out there. In the end, AC/DC owns the vibe and wins, hands down!
  2. bigtone23

    Where did '80s hair metal go? HERE. It's back.

    These guys are 3 parts AC/DC, 1 part 80s metal. 100% 21st Century band.
  3. bigtone23

    The Who really had and has a great rhythm section.

    I'm high on the list of Moon/Entwistle love. Hell, I love The Who. Will admit that Palladino/Starkey is a fine rhythm section to have in the absence of the original members.
  4. bigtone23

    The Adam Clayton Effect

    HA! The Adam Clayton Powell Jr effect! Actually, I really like how Adam Clayton plays bass with U2. Always for the song. I remember reading something to the effect that when the band was forming, the rest of the band loved how cool he looked, to the point that they were almost intimidated by...
  5. bigtone23

    RHCP One Hot Minute

    I came into that album as a long term RHCP and Jane's Addiction fan. Is it my favorite Chili album? No. Do I like it? Yes. I liked the flavor Navarro brought to the band, it's a little less punk funk, nudged more psy alt, but not as far into that zone as Janes. A cool chapter in the Chili saga.
  6. bigtone23

    When did this VH Dance the Night Away video come out?

    Regardless of the whens and such, that video and performance is fire! I wish I had a time machine. I was just too young to see VH in the 78-81 era. My first show was in 88.
  7. bigtone23

    Alex Lifeson plays Stairway solo

    I love it when icons play other icon's solos!
  8. bigtone23

    Will Led Zeppelin ever reform and start touring and making albums again?

    Yeah, I don't see a LZ reunion happening, nor would I want one. They owe me nothing more than they have already provided: a blown mind and some music that has deeply permeated my DNA. Only way I would go to a reunion show would be contingent on Bonzo personally playing the show ...after we all...
  9. bigtone23

    Anybody else tired of late start times?

    I just like to play for a receptive crowd, as it energizes the band. I can easily play late when I'm having fun. Depending on the music and intended audience, it makes sense to cater the set times. If it's a classic rock tribute, those bands tend to get better draws playing from 7-11, as there...
  10. bigtone23

    John Petrucci wonders why more women don't go to Dream Theater shows

    Haha, I have one word for JP: Rush. Proggy, rocky, not sexy looking fellers. 90% male audience, air drumming. No disrepect to Rush, they are easily one of my favorite bands of all time. DT, though. meh. Prog bands don't necessarily draw the ladies, especially when it start gets more rock and...
  11. bigtone23

    There's too many guitar players...

    I have often thought about this. I had a parallel start on both guitar and drums as a kid. Love them both, still do. As time went on, I started on the bass as there were SO MANY bands that needed a bassist. Once you get the bass philosophy and mindset, it's amazing. Well, I was never out of a...
  12. bigtone23

    Operation: Mindcrime - revisiting a milestone

    Listened to this again a couple weeks ago while scrolling through my iTunes library. It still holds up just the same as when I played it so much in the 80s that I wore out the tape. This record and Rage For Order are burned into my DNA. I also remember thinking QR was yet another great musical...
  13. bigtone23

    The best U2 cover band is from Chile

    No doubt! Very well done and sound-alike. True, haha! Perhaps it's too keep the focus on the quality of the well done cover..? The band doesn't look like U2 at all, other than being human males. I would go catch their show.
  14. bigtone23

    KC & The Sunshine Band : "I'm Your Boogie Man"

    I really like KC & The Sunshine Band songs. Good times/party music with cool hooks. When my older sister would go off to school, I remember spinning her 45 of "That's The Way" (as well as other disco 45s) over and over until she came home. I am an unabashed disco/househead/dance party music...
  15. bigtone23

    Rock or Country?

    That is certainly what would become Americana a couple decades later, country enough for country fans, rock enough for rock fans (looking for something more mellow).
  16. bigtone23

    Rock or Country?

    There's a big, wide swath of difference between Rock N Roll (50s-mid 60s) and Rock (mid 60s-present) music. Just the same as the general bubbles of Country (20th Century) vs New Country (21st Century). Comparing Buddy Holly to Tool is like comparing Hank Sr to Jason Aldean. However, comparing...
  17. bigtone23

    Rock or Country?

    That's country, no question. The general groove and tonality are right at home for a band that plays in the style of Bakersfield to Outlaw to country right up to the early 90s. At that point, country started to shift to it's more rock thing. Even the subject of the song is country, the lyrics...
  18. bigtone23

    paul schafer has lost his mind..

    Something else touched on here: his band is top notch, first-call NYC studio players. That's exciting in and of itsself. I read that their daily show preparation was very short and not very detailed, there was quite a bit of leaning on past experience and some winging it. That's also very...
  19. bigtone23

    paul schafer has lost his mind..

    I dunno, Paul Schafer has always been pretty animated when playing. I think it's just him and the muse at work.
  20. bigtone23

    Carlos Santana ditches Mesa/Boogie in favor of Dumble, Bludotone

    Ha! Yep, need a Dumbler and a Kloon to really hear thosen boo-teek pickemups!
  21. bigtone23

    Carlos Santana ditches Mesa/Boogie in favor of Dumble, Bludotone

    This thread reminds me of the 'Why are players ditching their Soldano SLO' thread. Only Santana really knows why, it may be as complicated as the politics behind the scene, it could just be personal tastes changing.
  22. bigtone23

    Which Band is the Heir Apparent to Rush?

    I don't really think there will be a band that does what Rush did. I think that Primus is a psychedelic version of Rush, Tool might put out longer, Rush-esque opuses... If Geddy and Alex would approve and be willing, I'm sure they could perform with appropriately chosen guest drummers. It's...
  23. bigtone23

    Hit songs you didn't know featured famous musicians

    It's somewhat complicated. Rockwell is Berry Gordy's son, and I think Rockwell's sister was married to one of MJ's brothers. Somehow, through those connections, he convinced MJ to sing on the track.
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