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  1. e???

    A TGP Mystery... tone detectives needed

    How did they get this tone for the solo at 1:38 in this song? It sounds like it's part distorted harmonica or something... I love it, so please try to help me with this mystery
  2. e???

    If early amp makers hated distortion, then why do all their amps distort?

    You always hear about the early amp makers trying everything thru the 50's and 60's to get rid of distortion (or overdrive or whatever u wanna call it), until eventually they embraced it. And I get that jazz, and all the music of the day was not distorted guitar, so it makes sense that they...
  3. e???

    When in the 60's did Fender and Gibson ramp up production?

    Recently got a '61 brown deluxe, and it's amazing cleans has me thinking about the old Fender and Gibson shops. How Hands-On and cool and small they once were. Then the Beatles came... Right? And everybody and their brother wanted a cool electric guitar and amp? Makes me think that they probably...
  4. e???

    Early tweed vs later tweed

    Wondering the differences in sound between the 49-54 era vs the 57 to 59 fender tweeds. If we need to get specific let's say the deluxe. I know octals vs 12ax7 or 12ay7 should probably be part of this conversation. Wondering about their low volume cleans mostly. Are they richer and fatter? More...
  5. e???

    Best guitar shops for high end or vintage in Sacramento, CA?

    Hey guys, my sister just opened a little business out here, so I'm out here helping her for a week and will be visiting often. What's the best high end or vintage guitar shop? Thanks!
  6. e???

    Looking at a 2011 R9 on Craigslist, how do I know if it's real?

    Like the title states, anyting to help me verify that it's real would be cool. Also wondering if red is a bad resale color. Thanks! https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/msg/6906939853.html
  7. e???

    Best vintage nos 12ax7 for cleans?

    Got a super Larry Super Sport (kinda beefed up brown Princeton type thing), and a tweed bandmaster. Mostly looking for the super sport for now. Recent convert to the nos tube world, but I've only messed with nos power tubes. They made a sweet difference. But I think pre amp tubes might be an...
  8. e???

    NGD: 2014 AV 1954 Stratocaster

    Got a 1994 ltd edition 1954 strat about a year ago and fell in love with the big maple neck, the softer alnico 3 pickups, and the two tone sunburst. Started wondering about the 2014 version eventually, because I've loved my '94 so much. So a week ago I grabbed a 2014 1954 reissue. Up until...
  9. e???

    NAD: tweed bandmaster by Lindemann

    Grabbed this tweed bandmaster from a local shop here in the twin cities. Weighs as much as a deluxe reverb (~42 lbs), has 2 eminence legend ceramics in the bottom of the 3x10 pyramid that tweed bandmasters have, and an eminence alnico on top. But the sound is why I bought it. Something about...
  10. e???

    Why does everyone say vintage guitars are a bad investment?

    Granted I've only been a serious gearhead since 2014 or so. But in the last few years since, I've watched almost everything vintage shoot up in price. Had an opportunity a few years ago for a '57 special (no breaks) for 5 grand, now you don't really see them for less than 10 much. Same as...
  11. e???

    Nvgd: 1966 silvertone silhouette

    Grabbed this yesterday morning: I always thought people who played silvertone, valco, and harmony were either just trying to be too cool for their own good, or just honestly didn't know what a great guitar felt like. I'd never played a player version I guess. But I've been hunting for a...
  12. e???

    Closest thing today to 1953 Gibson frets

    I have a 1953 es-175 It needs a refret. I bought it from the Podium in Minneapolis a few years ago when they had already moved to minneheha from Dinkytown, but before they closed down a year or two ago. When i bought it, I was aware that it would need a refret sooner or later, and one of...
  13. e???

    NGD: '54 RI Stratocaster

    Over the last couple weeks it's all I've been playing. A 1994 40th anniversary 1954 ltd edition Strat. Only 1,954 made, and this is one of them. Nitro finish, fat neck (not as crazy as a recent nocaster fat, but pretty fat), vintage frets, 7.25, and the whole body just jumps when you hit a chord...
  14. e???

    The Return of a Crazy Snarling Dog

    Haven't played one in 15 years, wrote them off in the last 15 years as something I thought looked cool when I had no experience. Was recently given one, and it's hard to go back to my crybaby the last few days. It's a beast. You gotta chill this thing out, not kidding. Pretty sure if I dimed...
  15. e???

    11's to 12's on a '53 es-175?

    Gearing up for recording this spring and summer where this guitar will he used in combos and more acoustic type songs. Wondering if I should take it in to my new favorite guitar tech and get 12-52 dadarrio normal round wounds with the wound g. Not a fan of flat wounds. Been using 11's with...
  16. e???

    Strat Pickup Height: getting low and warm

    Been gone from home for 8 months to a small town in california with only my strat and my fender style 10" speaker 7 watt amp. No guitar stores out here. Missing my '53 es 175 and my heritage 137. Usually at home when I want a warmer sound than my '12 am standard strat I'd pick up either of those...
  17. e???

    Tube amp started popping -power tube?

    I turned my Super Larry -Super Sport (class A, single 6v6, celestion gold, hand wired, kinda princeton type amp) up today to get some sweet natural overdrive, played for about 30 seconds like that (before then i was playing quietly for about 20 minutes) then it started popping and went to a very...
  18. e???

    velvet underground (picture of amp question)

    is that a brownface deluxe Lou is plugged into in the picture? If not, what is it? Can't tell, don't know, so thought I'd ask. Thanks!
  19. e???

    NGD: 1953 ES 175

    I'm gonna play it and gig it into the ground. Got it yesterday afternoon, and it's everything it should be. Sounds amazing thru any amp, but especially thru my Supro Thunderbolt with its 15".
  20. e???

    Real Echo Chambers -Capitol's, Les Paul's, etc

    Was just reading the recent Reverb article on Les Paul's recording techniques. Says after he got some cash he bought a cabin in North New Jersey and built an echo chamber in some cave. Then it turns out Capitol Records in LA has a couple echo chambers underground from their building. I know...
  21. e???

    escaping with my tele, and no one else

    Sometimes the only thing to do is check into a hotel, solo, with your telecaster. Man yesterday was rough... Girlfriend, work, friends, and family were just driving me nuts. First thought was to get jacked, but then decided not to and to just check into a nice Hilton with my telecaster and no...
  22. e???

    1958 Gretsch Clipper jazz box -any thoughts or knowledge?

    Been trying to find a good jazz box for all these solo gigs I've been doing where I'm playing clean and singing. It's got a dynasonic pickup in it, (sounds kinda staple/p90-ish to me, which is good cause I love p90's) feels and plays legit, and basically is this guitar...
  23. e???

    NGD: Heritage h137 (lp special type)

    Grabbed this a couple nights ago. It feels more sturdy than a tele, like a guitar you would take to war, if there were some kind of guitar wars where you had to play for your life and knock people around with it like Keith did. It's got a great neck, not baseball bat, but bigger than most modern...
  24. e???

    NGD! 89' LP Special (pic heavy, but worth it)

    Grabbed this last night off Craigslist. The p100's aren't as bad as I remember them, but I'm thinking I'll still throw antiquitys or lollars or something in it. Great feel. It reminds me of playing a tele more than anything else which is weird. The 1 piece mahogany body resonates like crazy...
  25. e???

    Callahan p90's? Looking at Kalamazoo set

    Anybody got any experience with these? Or Callahan p90's in general?
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