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  1. twangbanger

    Strat Players _ Favorite Pickups?

    I've tried quite a few and installed a bunch more. In my strats I've owned Fralin Vintage hots, Fender custom shop '69's and Lollars. Currently using the Fishman Fluence set up and really like it. Very versatile and dead quiet. Works very well for live use. So many great choices out there.
  2. twangbanger

    Filmosound 179 Questions

    Very Nice! I had a guitar playing friend who managed to pick up a couple of them at an auction. I got one working and it sounded anemic. Just ended up gutting it and putting in a 5E3 circuit. Much better in my opinion. I ended up spending a lot more time than I had anticipated on it and won't...
  3. twangbanger

    My experience with EMG's and the most important tip I can give about it

    A new fresh battery usually puts out around 9.6VDC, also a consideration is when an old battery has a load put on it ( I know it might not be much) that voltage and available power will be diminished. Also who knows how accurate the meter is. I absolutely could believe there could be a...
  4. twangbanger

    string cleaners-worth the money?

    I've been using alcohol prep pads, the kind they use when giving you a shot. They clean the strings really well and if you're gigging easy to throw a few in the guitar case. I do put a piece of printing paper between the strings and the fret board so I don't dry out the rosewood with the...
  5. twangbanger

    29 free Kemper rigs for your quarantine enjoyment

    Thanks, I'll let you know what I think.
  6. twangbanger

    Do you think the repair shop forgot to check my Marshall's tube bias?

    Yeah, after 3 years it's a little late in the game to be complaining. A lot can change from then till now. Tubes go bad.
  7. twangbanger

    Kemper Profiler Stage or Headrush?

    Our keyboard player/ backup guitar player was using a Headrush for his guitar live, but got a stage and really likes it. He said it was no contest for him. Probably would have got the Kemper rack a while ago but because it was 2 pieces w remote and he already has got a lot to deal with. Now he’s...
  8. twangbanger

    Sold Kemper Remote $425

    Would you take $375? Shipped and Paypal? Thanks, Rob B.
  9. twangbanger

    Fishman Gristle - Tone pups

    So I'm looking at getting a set of these and was wondering if you took the leap and put them in your guitar? If so, what do you think of them?
  10. twangbanger

    Silverface Princeton Reverb Transformer Hum

    I've had two failures of those C&E cap cans. One right away and one after about a year of use. Both were on the preamp nodes and had similar symptoms. Glad you got it sorted out.
  11. twangbanger

    Made some profiles. They probably suck but I dig them :)

    I'll check them out. Thanks for sharing!
  12. twangbanger

    Blocking Distortion SF Bassman 50 Problem Solved

    Sorry about your issues. When mine would go into freak out mode the volume would actually decrease and the power tubes would start drawing a large increase in ma's. So I'm thinking you have a different problem possibly. I first pulled out the tubes and check resistance on the primary windings. I...
  13. twangbanger

    Blocking Distortion SF Bassman 50 Problem Solved

    OT # 022871 It was running a pair of EL34’s for a lot of years. Probably into a Marshall 4x12 cab @16 ohms.
  14. twangbanger

    Blocking Distortion SF Bassman 50 Problem Solved

    So after reinstalling all the caps across the preamp plates I took off and adding the suppressor caps on the grids of the power tubes. ( those were never there when I got the amp, but there was signs of them existing at one time) The problem was still there. Checked and wrote down the voltages...
  15. twangbanger

    Blocking Distortion SF Bassman 50 Problem Solved

    I have opened up the feedback loop and the problem got slightly worse. I’m a bit of a novice at using a scope but will give your suggestions a try, I’ll need to purchase another probe to use 2 channels. I did remove the caps in parallel with the plate resistors in the first stage of the preamp...
  16. twangbanger

    Blocking Distortion SF Bassman 50 Problem Solved

    From research on the inner webs. The amp sounds fine then when you turn it up and hit some chords it distorts horribly like a fuzz face cranked all the way up. The actual volume doesn’t appear to be any louder just distorted til it almost cuts out. The power tubes draw quite a bit more power. It...
  17. twangbanger

    Blocking Distortion SF Bassman 50 Problem Solved

    I've got a bassman that was got for cheap in non working order. It was modded for EL34's and looked like it had flame out at the farthest power tube socket. That turned out to be the death cap that had exploded at some time so I just cleaned up the carbon with contact cleaner. I changed the PI...
  18. twangbanger

    Silverface Bassman 50 mod ideas

    Thanks for the ideas. I will research them.
  19. twangbanger

    Silverface Bassman 50 mod ideas

    He’s giving me a lot of latitude. A clean channel and a medium gain Marshall channel is what I think I’m going for.
  20. twangbanger

    Silverface Bassman 50 mod ideas

    So my brother in law just picked up an old SF Bassman that had been modded for EL34's and a PPIVMV that was done in the early '90s. He got it for $100 because it had issues. I've already changed out the power cord and replaced a power tube socket that had cracked and looks like it had been...
  21. twangbanger

    Who's playing a Celestion speaker in their Deluxe Reverb?

    I've run a few different varieties of Celestions through mine and am sticking with the Gold. Chimey, sweet and has a tighter low end than the Blue. I'm sold on the Gold.
  22. twangbanger

    Advice and Resources For New Build

    I would second any of the Allen Kits. There are some that give step by step instructions. If there's a problem Dave is as helpful as anyone I've ever encountered. Strongly recommended.
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