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    Nash Guitars... I'm confused?

    I've played and enjoyed a few Nash's. I will say you could take a 2x4 strapped to a cookie sheet and Lollars would make it sound amazing :).
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    What was the immediate impact of ...And Justice for All?

    I was (and still am) a big Metallica fan. And justice had great songs and a ****** mix. I'd personally put it below Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightening but there are certain songs on it that I love (Blackened, Shortest Straw...).
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    NAD - Heritage Briton II

    Sweet amp (I know old thread). Believe it or not I own a Heritage Briton III...I don't think there are that many out there and I'm not sure of the differences...really great amps!!
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    Ron Ellis '59 strat set

    I'm interested in getting a set of Ron's pickups...but I can't even find info on what models he sells...it seems like you guys somehow know all the different ones to pick from...clue me in please :).
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    NGD Ibanez AS-73 with great mods

    Yes...the Lollars are unbelievable in this thing...very strong and clear, and they get a little gritty when you dig in. I am still surprised at how well this guitar plays...it's as good as any electric I've ever played quite honestly
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    Hard to slide my finger on fretboard?

    If you used to have no issues with this same guitar, then I have no idea (other than new strings). If this is a new guitar to you, then I would guess the frets are too tall. I bought a guitar once that I loved but the strings were like knives...it was because the frets were too tall for me :).
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    NGD Ibanez AS-73 with great mods

    Well, I picked up this guitar a couple of weeks ago and have played it at a couple of practices and gigs...all I can say is wow. The previous owner had it set up really nice and with a set of Lollar P90s (basically the reason I bought it), the thing sounds incredible through my Bruno Cowtipper...
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    Protocaster Projects: pics, news and other miscellanea

    Love that headstock!!!! Now I wish my Protocaster had that :(.
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    NAD Bruno Cowtipper 90

    It was a pretty bright change when I switched it. I dunno :)
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    Great Clean Tube Amp w/Direct Out?

    A monitor for your guitar? I can picture in-ears for vocals, but I can usually hear the instruments pretty good...too good in fact :)
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    NAD Bruno Cowtipper 90

    I have no idea...not even sure how to tell. To say that this amp lacks in documentation is an understatement. There is a switch on the front that I honestly have no idea what it does (right below the input jack). I assume it's kind of like a high/low for the input...but it kinda acts like a...
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    NAD Bruno Cowtipper 90

    Good suggestions...I'm not familiar with the "amp in a can" concept...I'll have to do some research...for OD I have a Mad Professor SHOD on my board and it sounds awesome through the 'tipper.
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    NAD Bruno Cowtipper 90

    Just got this amp the other day and last night I was able to crank it up with the band and WOW this thing sounds incredible. The cleans are absolutely perfect. My band tends to play music that requires really clean sound at a loud volume...similar to Chili Peppers or early Live and this amp...
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    Looking for tips with dealing with an eBay tire kicker.

    Put it back in his court...ask him what he wants to do. If he says he wants to return it to you, then you will need him to prove that there is a screw loose. Who knows, he may be telling the truth. If he returns it, then he will NEED to open a case w/ eBay so you can recover your final price...
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    Aged or relic'd strat necks...

    Is there anybody manufacturing and selling necks that does light aging or relicing? I can't seem to find any via google :).
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    Tweaker 88 Clean headroom question...

    I popped an 12AT7 into the PI socket last night and it made a big difference for the better. I was really able to dig into more of the features of the amp because it wasn't breaking up at rehearsal volume as much. It sounded great!! Next time I'm going to try putting a 5751 into the V1 slot...
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    Tweaker 88 Clean headroom question...

    That's a great suggestion...I am going to try that tonight (I got the same suggestion a few days ago from another forum). I'll post my results.
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    Tweaker 88 Clean headroom question...

    I had a fender deluxe reverb before this one and it sounded like garbage compared to the Egnater IMHO (no offense fender fans :)).
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    Tweaker 88 Clean headroom question...

    Yes...the problem with this is that the gain adjustments are soooo sensitive..if I put the gain at 9:00 it's too quiet...bump it up to 9:10 and it's way too loud and starts breaking up. Good suggestion though :)
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    Tweaker 88 Clean headroom question...

    The speakers (2 of them) are 50 watt versions of the G12H. I don't believe they are breaking up.
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    Tweaker 88 Clean headroom question...

    Well, I've been using this amp (with the Egnater 2x12 cab) for about a month now. I can say that I'm very happy with this amp, but surprisingly, I wish it had more "crystal clear" clean head room. Typically, with the band, I'm running the master at around 2:00-3:00 and the gain at around 9:00...
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    George Dennis GD-95 phaser/volume pedal

    I'm a george dennis fanboy, I'll admit it!!! I have the ping-pong tremolo w/ volume pedal and it's rock solid and sounds great. Best volume pedal I've used by a long shot. I'm in the market for one of his wah pedals right now.
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    Egnater Tweaker 40 Power Tube question....

    Sooooo...I just traded the Tweaker 40 combo for a Tweaker 88 and a 2x12 cab :). Yeah, I couldn't get my mind off it this weekend, so I just DID it. I'm rehearsing w/ the band tomorrow night...but I'm predicting that the 88 watts of KT88 power should provide enough clean headroom :). I'll...
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    NAD: Egnater Tweaker!!!

    I just picked up a Tweaker 88 head...I have a tweaker 40 combo. The 40 combo is an incredible amp that perfectly meets my needs...hence the need for the 88 :). Congrats!!!
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    Recommend a good acoustic

    I have owned many high-end acoustics (Santa Cruz, Bourgeous, Taylor, Martin) and a Seagull Entourage. Right now I'm down to 1 acoustic...An Eastman E10OM for about a grand (a little under). The reason is the same as yours...I don't want a "nice" guitar to get destroyed on stage...the Eastmans...
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