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    Klon Repair questino

    I have a Klon that needs some work. Does anyone have contact info for them. The website no longer has any info on it. Thanks
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    vintage supro question

    I have a young guy that has a beat to crap supro 1624. The control panel is very rusty, it is missing some tubes and the speaker. I am aware that these are somewhat desirable for their tone, but I have been unable to find anything that would guide me to a value. Is it worth $100 and then...
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    EJ Strat vers the 62 Hot Rod

    I know that both of these guitars get rave reviews, but has anyone here owned both or spent a lot of time with both. I have had limited experience with a EJ strat and only played a hot rod at a store for about 5-10 minutes. I remember really liking the neck on the hot rod. If you had a...
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    Vintage Jackson questions

    I found what I think is a custom shop Jackson with a custom finish and would like to research the guitar. Can someone recommend a website. I tried google, but found nothing promising. Thanks
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    Bright matchless amp

    I just bought a Matchless Clubman and my first impression is that it's very bright. Is there any way to tame it?
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    Matchless Clubman tone at lower volumes

    What amp would cop clubman tones at lower volumes? I live in a rural area, so I cannot just go try out high end amps. Looking for a little help. Is the master volume good enough to help out, or will it still be too much amp for small to medium rooms? Thanks
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    Ian Moore Band re-union amps?

    Did anybody see them at one of these shows? If so what amp is he using? Back in the day I saw him with a Matchless Clubman,50 watt marshall, blackface vibrolux. http://youtu.be/KVZoGv8ZpsQ
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    Will thinning the neck on my nocaster change the tone?

    I have a NoCaster Relic that I love the tone of, but the neck is just slightly too big. It makes my historic les pauls seem small. I have thought about having it shaved down just a little to make it more to my liking. How much might this change the guitars personality? Thanks for any input.
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    Post your trashed amp pics

    I got this one in the mid 90s. it was pretty rough. a garage band with the name Live Wire was using it to sing through. By the time I got it, the originals speakers were long gone. I had known of the amp for awhile and it took about 2 years to track it down. The guy who had it said he was about...
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    Importing MP3 into Protools track

    Hi, I am a newbie, I am trying to convert an MP3 so I can use it on a track. Can someone please explain this to me? I have 7.4 Thanks for any help Andy
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    monte montgomery

    Just don't see many threads about Monte. He is truly an amazing live guitar player. Great sense of humor and unbelievable chops. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iO-P8vM-8uM&feature=related
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    Dls, lgw, & ts-9

    I compared these 3 pedals today over and over. The dirty little secret and little green wonder are very simular. The vintage ts-9 I have was very simular to them, but a little brighter and maybe had slightly less gain. I also compared them to my Klon, KOTv4, and Amp11. To me the pedal that I...
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    2x12 cab speaker choice

    I have an oversized 2x12 cab and would like opinions on what the best speakers for it would be running an 18 watt marshall type head. Right now I have a pair of celestion blues in it, but I also have a pair of G12H 30 watt and a pair of 25 watt greenback clones. I used to have a 30 and 25 in...
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    shure beta 87 or beta 58

    Is it worth the difference to buy an 87 over the 58? Anyone make this change and not notice much difference?
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    dead/dull low E string questions

    I am looking at a NoCaster Relic and the low E just sounds dead. there is no crispness to it at all. I have played other guitars in my life that have the same issue, but not sure what causes it. Any ideas or opinions. I would like to think it is just old strings, but I am worried that there...
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    Reinhardt 18 clean questions

    How good are the cleans on the Reinhardt 18?
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    Robins Egg Blue Velocette

    Any one have a pic of a Robin's egg blue velocette? I cannot find one via a google search. Thanks Andy
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    Amp choices please help

    I am in need of a new amp. I am definitely in the Marshall camp when it comes to tones. I have plenty of overdrive pedals, so 2 channels is not a must. I play teles, strats, and Les Pauls about evenly, so it must sound good with all. I would like to have power scaling, or a really good Master...
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    getting a Marshall from the UK

    Anyone have advice on how to get a Red Marshall Class 5 from the UK to the States? The only place I found them is GAK in the UK and they will not ship to the US. Thanks for any help Andy
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    maz 18 settings etc

    I bought a Maz 18r combo a couple of weeks ago and gigged with it for the first time this weekend. Overall it was a very bright amp and if I tried to turn the cut knob lower than 9 it was like putting a blanket over the amp. My R7 sound great overdriven through a klon, but everything else was...
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    voodoo lab pp2 question

    I have a pp2, and I am trying to figure out if it is okay to use the power cables with the red barrels for regular pedals, are or they only for the line 6 pedals? Thanks Andy
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    Vintage Ibanez pics

    I bought this guitar today. I didn't expect it to have all the original papers with it. It has the booklet of guitars, the guitar parts available and the effects available. What does the silver key do? I haven't had the chance to plug it in yet. It looks all original. Kinda cool...
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    Rock and Metal pedal board photos

    I have seen the alt country, worship-praise threads, but I would like to see photos of guys playing Rock and Metal. Also, if you have pics of pro guys, I would love to see them. I saw Tracii Guns a couple of weeks ago and he had some serious tone. I could barely see his pedal board so I...
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    Hamer Duotone vs PRS Hollowbody II w/ Piezo

    I need some real feedback on these guitars. I have owned both and remember liking both, but Its been about 6 years since I owned the duotone. Please post pics, videos, or anything else that might show the differences in these two guitars. I am not really interested in brief encounters at...
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