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  1. serial

    Gibson Historics-out of production?

    Doesn't look like Gibson is producing Firebirds in their current Historic lineup-is that correct and if so, when did they last offer them? Also can't tell if they're doing the R4 Goldtops either. Any thoughts from people more up on Gibson Historics than I am?
  2. serial

    Custom case suggestions?

    I'm thinking about having a custom case built for a custom Explorer-style guitar that I'm having built. TKL has standard Explorer cases, but they're nothing special. G&G has custom tolexes and linings, but I have never seen (and tgere's nothing on their site) that they've done an Explorer case...
  3. serial

    VERY early Hamer Standard

    Some Hamer fans on here, so I'll post some more pics of what one of the 'Basement Four Digits" looks like in detail. This is a 'full Monty' Winnetka build-one of the first dozen Standard guitars made. This one is also the cover girl for my Hamer book: 0017 Slideshow by serial | Photobucket
  4. serial

    Who knows anything about 80s Schecter PTs?

    Picked up this beauty today. Wow. Something very special about this one. There is literally no information on these anywhere it seems (i KNOW all about the WhoTabs and gear site(s). Trying to get more real info on the actual 'production' models. Anyone??!! This is the third 80s...
  5. serial

    Hamer Book Signing event-Olney, MD Sat. 9/7

    I will be signing copies of my book 'The Ultimate: an Illustrated History of Hamer Guitars' tomorrow (Saturday, 9/7) from 2 pm until whenever at Rocketeria in Olney, MD. LOTS of rare vintage Hamers will be on display, jam sessions will be taking place onstage and the weather looks outstanding...
  6. serial

    I can see clearly now

    Always wanted one of these. Have had a few of the original basses (still have a '69). This is a '69. Not nearly as heavy as everyone claims... FUN guitar. Anyone else have one of these around?
  7. serial

    Scam or legit?

    There are a bunch of what look like very desirable vintage (and some more recent) higher-end guitars on eBay at the moment all with $0.99 starting prices. In one auction, it requests that bidders contact the seller first. I did (on a guitar that had a bin of maybe 1/3 of what I'd expect) and...
  8. serial

    Question about Explorers

    I recently picked up an early 80s Gibson Explorer and had a question on how (if) it differs from the original mahogany first "reissues" from 1976. I kno tgat the 76-78/79 ones were pretty much the same, but like Firebirds, the weren't featured in any of the catalogs I have from that era...
  9. serial

    Hamer Guitars book

    The final edits went off to the publisher (Schiffer) this am for my book on Hamer Guitars. The final layout looks great and it should hit the streets in 6 weeks or so (it's off for printing within the week). This project represents nearly a decade of interviews with virtually everyone who...
  10. serial

    Got to play some cool guitars yesterday

    Stopped over to a friends's shop yesterday and he had a guitar that had come in that he wanted to show me. Opened up a really clean old black Gibson case and there was a gorgeous '62 ES 345. The guitar was beautiful and played like a dream and wow-did it resonate! We were chatting for a while...
  11. serial

    Four Digit Hamer Standards?

    Anyone else have 'em? With the "holy grail" thread (my holy grail is Rick Nielsen's checkerboard 78 Hamer Standard) and the stupidly rare event that one is actually on eBay with a low number, I just wanted to see who out there has 'em. I have no affiliation to seller of the eBay one, it's just...
  12. serial

    Very subtle NGDNGD

    Semi-hollow double Tele bound top, Marty Bell bigassed bass boat gunmetal holoflake, solid rosewood necks, Phat Cats up top and a Bigsby with humbuckers below (GFS Lil Hot Puncher and a Duncan stacked neck). Finished off with blue mirror backplates. SHUT UP!! Put together by the lovely and...
  13. serial

    New Baker/B3 headstocks

    Anyone seen the new B3s/baker headstocks? Are the new smaller, offset headstocks Gene is using ones he's used before? Reason I ask is that I picked up a few of the old Baker necks from the auction (including an Inferno and some nice solid rosewood ones) and one has a very similar if not the...
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