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  1. Robleishman

    Hardware Midi note mapper

    I'm currently using a kmi 12 step to play a microkorg, minilogue, and taurus to play with my feet. I'm on my 3rd 12 step due to hardware issues so I'm looking for a hardware device caplable of the following: Presets that store output chords based off incoming note ( play f on Taurus - device is...
  2. Robleishman

    Union Tube & Transistor LAB Compressor Road Trip

    Hey There Gang, I’ve been talking with Chris From Union and suggested that he should try doing a bit of a pedal test out Tour, so I’m totally gonna copy the Source Audio Tourbox model. Obviously it's a compressor so it would be great if you're a "compressor guy". Here’s how it works: 1. To...
  3. Robleishman

    Anybody here have a moog Taurus 3?

    let's talk about it!
  4. Robleishman

    h9 drives

    is anyone actually using the drives on the h9? If so, what's your secret? I'm genuinely curious, I've been kind of meh regarding them and would really like them to work for me.
  5. Robleishman

    Let's speculate on what Chase Bliss might do next.

    obvious - delay I would like to see a filter pedal. A preamp/eq/drive pedal, Joel's pedals all have nice distinct preamps, It would be cool to have a stand alone "tone shaping" pedal with midi and presets. A compressor section on this would blow my mind. A synth pedal akin to the ehx...
  6. Robleishman

    Boss dm-2w rate values.

    Is it possible to send an exact bpm (or milliseconds) to the dm2w via the rate input jack? I have an es8 and would love to have preprogrammed bpm per patch on the dm2w. I'm sure somebody out there has a voltage to rate map... I'm just not sure how to do it.
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