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    Which high priced pedals are worth it?

    My favorite big cost ( also big box) pedal is the Roger Mayer Voodoo Vibe + I have tried for years to replace it due to its size and I can't find anything that compares. It lives on my board forever! The absolute best in its class IMO
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    Biggest let down purchase of 2018?

    Red panda Tensor, I even used an expression pedal. I could not get anything inspiring out of this pedal that was usable for actually playing the guitar. I hoped it would do some cool tape stops and starts but even those were sort of underwhelming. I usualy lean to spaceman wizard type of sounds...
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    Best pedal purchase 2018

    Bought a bunch of pedals this year, only one that stayed home was the El Capistan. I keep most pedals based on gigabilty and this one is really friendly on stage and can get wild and back without presets and toe wiggles on knobs. Just a well designed, usable echo pedal.
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    Best pedal purchase 2018

    I bought one and played it for 30 minutes and sold it on reverb 20 minutes after for a cool 4 dollar profit. (covered my fees) I just didn't even see a use for it. Maybe I jumped ship too quick but I am a sonic wizard style player (ha!) and couldn't make the magic happen.
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    Tips for using fuzz live

    i also use a keeley compressor behind it also. the compressor is less effecting on the original tone. the SHO is for cut/top end emergencies.
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    Tips for using fuzz live

    I use a fulltone 70 and put a zvex super hard-on behind it. It brings back all of my top end on the fuzz without being to nasal. I highly recommend the zvexSHO for this application.
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    Rethinking my delay. which compact analog delay?

    I love the keeley modded ibanez ad9. Its great.
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    compressor gurus, please chime in.

    I really really like my keeley compressor. it is one pedal I have used for many different genres. from jazz to hard rock, this pedal applies.
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