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  1. Redrum

    Gibson Les Paul 60's Tribute T

    Got an itch for another P-90 equipped guitar and saw a couple used 2016 60's Tribute T's on the used market for around 700-750.00. Some even come with cases, so pretty reasonable prices. Anyone out there have any experience with these models? Any feedback, good or bad would be greatly...
  2. Redrum

    Duran Duran - Rio

    I enjoy, and appreciate a wide variety of musical styles, including *gasp*, 80's New Wave. Don't play or attempt to cover any of it but secretly enjoy listening to it (The Police, The Fixx, Flock of Seagulls, The Cars, etc.). I was recently listening to the "First Wave" XM channel while driving...
  3. Redrum

    Input Jack Noise

    Picked-up a Fender '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb a few months ago and have been really happy with it (after flipping the reverb tank around and changing a few preamp tubes). Lately, a new noise issue has developed and I'm not sure how to proceed. When plugged into either the "Custom" or "Vintage"...
  4. Redrum

    Tedeschi Trucks

    Really like this studio vid of the Tedeschi Trucks band tracking "Anyhow". Very soulful.
  5. Redrum

    Glen Campbell - William Tell Overture

    Check it out, on a 12-string no less! https://www.youtube.com/embed/GUBhE00h9U0?feature=player_detailpage What a player he was.
  6. Redrum

    Greer Lightspeed/Southland stacking order?

    Hey all, Lately been turned-on to Greer pedals and picked-up a Southland Harmonic Overdrive. Have a Lightspeed inbound and want to experiment stacking the two to basically cover my overdrive needs. I've noticed demo's with folks placing the lighter drive Lightspeed after the heavier drive...
  7. Redrum

    Any Suhr Classic T Pro Owners out there?

    Gettin' the Tele itch and want to add a Tele style Suhr Pro to keep my S3 and C1 company. I've been looking at the new Classic T Pro's and was wondering if a few helpful TGP members who own a Classic T Pro or have had experience with them could chime-in with their feedback. Was initially...
  8. Redrum

    RIP "Smokin'" Joe Kubek

    Wow. Just read in Vintage Guitar that Joe Kubek passed at 58 from a heart attack. I saw Joe Kubek and Bnoise King at a small venue in Hood River, Oregon many years ago and was completely blown away. I'm not a huge blues fanatic, but that show left a lasting impression on me. This guy was...
  9. Redrum

    Suhr C1 Admiration Society

    I picked-up a beautiful Olympic White Suhr C1 a few months back and am floored by how well it plays and sounds. If you are lucky enough to own and play any Suhr guitar you know what I'm talking about. I also have an amazing S3 which I love but have been looking for a full sized Classic for a...
  10. Redrum

    Portland, Oregon Amp Tech?

    Hi all. Wondering if any of you folks know of a good amp tech in the Portand, Oregon area. Got a Swart AST that's in need of some help and was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  11. Redrum

    Portland, OR Amp Tech?

    Hi all. I'm wondering if any of you TGP folks might know of a good amp tech in the Portland, Oregon area. My beloved Swart AST is in need of help and I'm hoping someone here at TGP might be able to point me in the right direction.
  12. Redrum

    Grosh Mini-Hums

    Anyone had a chance to play them? The Grosh crew has been on a roll with their in-house pickups for a while now. I love the Grosh Vintage 60's single coils in my Electrajet and bet his new Mini-Hums sound fantastic.
  13. Redrum

    Balanced XLR's ?

    What's the difference between a balanced XLR mic cable and one that isn't? Which one would be better to use as an interface between a large condensor mic and a digital work station like my Boss BR1200? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Redrum

    Onboard Electronics/Pickups - Suggestions?

    Just beginning the rather daunting process of finding myself a nice AE. I'll soon be trying as many acoustic-electics as I can and wanted to get the low down from the TGP acoustic community in regards to onboard pickup systems. I know this is a rather broad inquiry, but any general imput would...
  15. Redrum

    Amp Relationships

    I've come to the conclusion that amps may well be the most complex single component in the electric guitar rig. I truly believe that one needs to spend a little time with any amp to really find out what they can or cannot deliver in terms of tone and compatibility with other pieces of gear. I'm...
  16. Redrum

    Magical guitar/amp combo's

    You know, that one special guitar plugged into your favorite amp. The combinations are endless so let's see em'... here's one magical combo, a Grosh Electrajet Standard and a Swart AST. Tone to the bone.
  17. Redrum

    EH Freeze Pedal - Thoughts?

    The new EH Freeze looks really interesting. Anyone out there try one yet? Appears similar to a sustain or flood pedal for keyboards, but designed for use with guitar. Looks cool, and could possibly have some very interesting applications for both textural chord work as well as lead and melody...
  18. Redrum

    Mojo and the Heartbreakers

    Apologies in advance as this topic has most likely been posted. Recently picked-up Tom Petty's latest release, Mojo. I've been a long time fan of Tom Petty and this new release, in my humble opinion, is one of his all-time best efforts. Great to see the Heartbreaker's reunite and...
  19. Redrum

    In Memory of the Elitist Line

    It appears to be true. Gibson has now discontinued production of the Epiphone Elitist line (with the possible exception of the Casino). The Elitist link has even been erased from the Epiphone home page. If anyone is interested in a possible Elitist purchase, you may want to make a move...
  20. Redrum

    EM5 Echomachine

    I picked-up an Ibanez EM5 Echomachine years ago and have used it exclusively as my grab-and-go delay when I don't want to schlep my pedalboard around. The little, cheap looking "bug" definitely delivers and despite it's questionable plastic construction, sounds great and has never failed me...
  21. Redrum

    Which Wolfetone for which guitar?

    Question for those of you who are familiar with Wolfetone pups - I have 2 sets of Wolfetone pups which will be shipping to me shortly - a set of the Dr. V's and a set of the Legends. I had originally planned on putting the V's in a 07' Chambered LP Standard and the Legends in my Epi Elitist...
  22. Redrum

    R7 Blacktop?

    Any players out there that are familiar with a Gibson R7 Blacktop? Supposedly Gibson had a limited run of 57 Blacktops back in 04' and, according to the seller, the one for sale has a gigantic neck, larger than the regular 50's carve. Anybody have any experience with these Blacktop R7's?
  23. Redrum

    Lester Lights - half the calories?

    OK, I know this has been discussed before, but what's the bottom line on the new Les Paul Standards as far as the "weight-relieved" bodies go? I've checked a couple of different forums and players are all over the board regarding this development. We're talking the drilled bodies on the...
  24. Redrum

    Gibson ES-446?

    Anyone out there familiar with a Gibson Custom Shop ES-446? Looks similar to a Howard Roberts Fusion, but the body seems to be quite a bit thinner. Any feedback on comparisons between the two and possibly a 137 would be most appreciated.
  25. Redrum

    Dual-Drive Suggestions

    I'm looking for a dual OD pedal I can throw in front of my amp when I don't want to drag my pedal board around. On my board I use a Honey Bee for my light OD and a Barber Direct Drive SS for my heavier tones. There's so many pedals out there these days I figured I would toss this inquiry out...
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