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  1. Uncle Pat

    Flats vs Rounds

    After 45 yrs of guitar I've finally jumped off into the deep end and bought a bass. Always loved the ring and clarity of roundwounds, but I see where a lot of folks like flatties too. One of the guys I used to play with liked them as well, but he wasn't much of a tone-maven and was happy with...
  2. Uncle Pat

    Crap. What would cause my DL1608 to lose a saved show?

    Operator error? Just wrapped up a three-day festival and it performed flawlessly, everything from acoustic solo to Americana, to fiddle/guitar/mandolin trios to hard rockin' blues. This is all saved as one show, my "basic, 6 drum mic" snapshot that I use for pretty much everything as a starting...
  3. Uncle Pat

    Dock extension cable for Mackie DL1608

    I know I saw it, but I can't find it...someone had posted a cable part # to use with the DL1608 when you want to keep it in a protective case and not slide it in the mixer to charge/sync. I've not had any luck with two different Amazon varieties. They work fine for 10-20 seconds then...
  4. Uncle Pat

    Ever mix a show "too well"?

    You've done everything you can think of to get that polished, "final mix" sound. Compression where it needs to be, reverb in the right places for depth...it sounds like a record. Even other guys that run sound are complimenting you on a job well done. Then, the artist calls you out from the...
  5. Uncle Pat

    First update out for Mackie 1608...sweeeeet.

    Just a few... 4 band parametric EQ on all outputs (LR mains, 1-6 aux) in addition (parallel) to the 31-band...2 fully parametric mid bands, high and low selectable as parametric or shelving Additional high and low pass filters w/ slope control Up to 350ms time delay alignment, displayed in ms...
  6. Uncle Pat

    Gear That Turns Heads: Hayseed 30

    Holy freakin' smokes. Rob, if you read this...I GOTTA send you an MP3 I recorded live of this amp being driven hard by a P-90 Les Paul. I had a chance to really crank this bad boy at the W.C. Handy Blues and Barbecue Festival in Henderson, KY over the weekend. Guitar plugged into the topboost...
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