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  1. skhan007

    FS Old USA Jackson Randy Rhoads

    Up for sale is my Jackson Rhoads, which I believe is late 80's. I'm no expert on these and the serial is RR 26xx. I believe later in the early 90's, they moved to a U-serial code and they had bigger sized pickups and pickup rings. From what I can gather, this one is a 1990 (a couple of TGP guys...
  2. skhan007

    Bought some insanely nice headphones!

    Just got a pair of ZMF Verite Open headphones in Camphor Burl. Oh man. They sound so good through my tube headphone amp and almost bring me to tears with how crisp and real things sound. The staging and imaging are incredible, as is the bass extension. Likely endgame headphones for me. Highly...
  3. skhan007

    FS Marshall YJM 100 Half-Stack: Updated

    Update: A lot of guys have messaged me about buying just the head. It appears that the 412 is not something guys are after. So, I'll revise my listing here: Head is $3300 and buyer will pay shipping. Local cash sale- you get the cab at no cost with the purchase of the head. Check Reverb for...
  4. skhan007

    Blu-Ray Audio Question...

    I'm recently getting into hi-res audio and have bought some discs (specifically, the King Crimson releases) that either are Blu-Ray audio or DVD-Audio at 24/96 resolution. My Blu-Ray player says it's playing them as LPCM 24/96, but my DAC (RME ADI2) is receiving the audio as 16/48 or sometimes...
  5. skhan007

    Has anybody played a Suhr Classic T Antique?

    I’m really interested in getting into a T-type guitar with a very comfortable neck. I believe the Suhr antique line is meant to have that really broken-in feel, but I’ve never been able to play one. Curious if anyone could comment, as I’m really fond of their quality and the other Suhr models...
  6. skhan007

    Fender Telecaster Ultra- Any negatives?

    I'm interested in opinions from those who have played them/owned one. I know I'll be happy with the neck profile, but I'm mostly curious about the pickups. I tend to be a purist with tele pickups and the traditional tele sound, so I was not sure if the Fender Noiseless/S1 pickups take away from...
  7. skhan007

    Anybody listening to 5.1 audio (Blu-ray or DVD audio)?

    I've recently purchased a bunch of the King Crimson remix/remastered reissues, which come with a DVD as a second disc. On these DVD's are the album in lossless 24/48 and the album in 5.1 audio. I have an old Bose 5.1 set up, which sounds decent, but will likely be putting together something...
  8. skhan007

    Does a really "comfortable" playing Telecaster need to be a relic/aged one?

    I've been playing as many teles as I can find, looking for the one that will just "feel" right to me. I've got two that are pretty OK (Reverend Gristlemaster which is a T-type guitar and a MIM Fender Tele that I've upgraded with better pickups and Glendale saddles) and I'm looking for a really...
  9. skhan007

    Matched tubes for cathode biased amp?

    Question for the amp experts: I've got a Bad Cat that runs four EL84's and is cathode biased. I'm interested in putting in some NOS EL84's and was curious how closely matched they need to be? I have an opportunity to get two pairs of NOS Amperex EL84's and the pairs are about 10 mA apart. Is...
  10. skhan007

    I got to play a Freakin' Danocaster today

    Danocaster tele/single cut, specifically. Oh man, now I get the hype! I realized they were well built and painstakingly detailed, but I just thought they were just an equivocal option to Fender Custom Shop relic, Nash, etc. Nope, clearly on a higher level. Maybe the Fender Masterbuilt stuff is...
  11. skhan007

    Compensated Tele saddles- Difference between brands?

    Just curious as there's a big price difference between Wilkinson and Callaham, Glendale, or Rutters.
  12. skhan007

    If a guitar is high quality, does country of manufacture matter?

    Straight forward question and curious what TGP thinks. I can understand some people not wanting to buy products from X country, if perhaps they have unethical labor practices, etc., but other than that, if it’s a good quality instrument, should the country matter? There are numerous posts...
  13. skhan007

    Tele pickups in a strat: Any ideas?

    I've been curious about this question. I have a hardtail strat parts guitar that has a universal route under the pickguard. I was interested in getting a custom strat shaped pickguard made with a tele bridge and neck route. I'm thinking this could fit in the universal route with no issues...
  14. skhan007

    FSOT Ibanez AZ242F Tequila Sunrise

    Up for sale is my Ibanez AZ242F. It's an amazing guitar with a lot of great tonal possibilities, given the 5-way selector and mini-toggle, which produces 10 distinct tones. Details on all specs are below and here: https://ibanez.fandom.com/wiki/AZ242F...
  15. skhan007

    Sold Bad Cat/Matchless

    Looking to buy an EF86 amp such as Bad Cat Cub III or Cub IV, Black Cat, or Matchless Nighthawk, HC15. Head versions of amps are preferred. I can buy outright depending on price or trade towards one of these amps with amps/pedals. Let me know what you've got!!
  16. skhan007

    EL84/EF86 Amps- Trying to narrow down options

    Hey Gang, I've never owned an amp with the EF86 in V1, but have loved the Bad Cat and Matchless models I have tried out over the years. There's something very cool about his combo and I'm considering an amp in this category. Obviously, we're talking about the VOX style DNA here and I was curious...
  17. skhan007

    Getting into King Crimson

    Being a big YES fan, I thought I should check out the band that Bruford quit YES to join. Love what I’m hearing so far. Very dark and awesome Prog. So far, I’ve listened to Red, Larks, Starless, In The Court, and Discipline. Post clips and recommendations. Let’s discuss King Crimson!
  18. skhan007

    Les Paul ‘54 historic R4 neck feel

    If I’m a player gravitating towards an R9 or R0, I’m curious if I’ll find the R4 too thick or fatiguing. Lately, I’m playing more standard C shaped necks (Ibanez AZ, Music Man Albert Lee), but was curious about the R4. I played my brother’s R7 and found it a bit too fat for me. Assuming the R4...
  19. skhan007

    Phil Collins- Health Issues

    For anybody who's a fan, this is pretty sad news about on-going health deterioration. Looks like he will not be drumming any longer.
  20. skhan007

    Sold WTB: EBMM Albert Lee

    Looking for an Albert Lee, hard tail, and single coils. Let me know if you’ve got one !!
  21. skhan007

    Any experience with the EBMM Albert Lee model?

    I recently saw some on-line demos and was impressed. I'm digging the SSS hardtail version, as the demos I heard got an almost tele-like tone. Like the best elements of a strat and tele, in terms of tone. Looking for thoughts from those who've actually played or owned one. 1) What does the neck...
  22. skhan007

    Need Recommendations for Tele type guitars with different/alternative control layout

    I realize that I’m the exception, as most people have no trouble with the switch & potentiometer layout of the tele. However, I can’t get used to it and don’t like fumbling as I try to switch pickups, etc. on my two teles. I’m used to strat and LP switching. I’ve tried the control plate with the...
  23. skhan007

    Need help dialing my D-Style amp for that "vowel" tone

    I've got a Fuchs ODS 50 and I love it. I've been inspired by many clips of other D-Style amps (youtube clips below) and noted that I'm not really good at dialing in my amp. I want to get that vocal vowel thing and have been trying many permutations of mid-boost, preamp boost, EQ, etc. I'm not...
  24. skhan007

    Tele with Les Paul control layout & no pickguard?

    Curious if any manufacturer makes a model like this? Picture this: Traditional tele bridge Single coil bridge and neck pickups 3-way LP toggle on upper bout, 4 knob layout No pick guard Without going into a custom order, do any brands offer something like this?
  25. skhan007

    Revisiting the YES catalog. Let's discuss...

    I've always dug YES, but was only listening to the popular/classic tracks from Fragile, Close to the Edge, etc. I've got a new headphone amp set up and have been putting lossless audio (ALAC files) on my mac from CDs and while on the hi-fi forum, found a forum member selling his YES CD...
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