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  1. Bankston

    Which Band is the Heir Apparent to Rush?

    Rush was on the top of the prog rock world for much of their career. This thread is not intended to be a comparison between Rush and any other act. The question is which band is the heir apparent as the current best progressive rock band in the world? My vote goes to Opeth. What say you TGP?
  2. Bankston

    Volbeat's Cover of Metallica's "Don't Tread on Me"

    Two favorite TGP topics: (1) covers that are just as good or better than the original and (2) bands that make a cover "their own." Volbeat's recent cover of "Don't Tread on Me" checks both those boxes for me. By adding their trademark swing, Volbeat put some energy into a trudging riff and...
  3. Bankston

    Instrumental song: "Ramberget"

    After playing guitar for 38 years, I figured it was time to write an instrumental. It's a Demo with drum loops and there's plenty of slop to go around, but anyway, it's called Ramberget. Would love to hear feedback, good, bad or indifferent. Thanks!
  4. Bankston

    A New Straight Up Rock n' Roll Song

    From Danish rockers Volbeat. I can't remember the last time I heard a sax solo and piano in a new rock song on the radio. Love it. Volbeat is a cool band with a broad range from metal to punk to rockabilly/psychobilly to straight up rock n' roll. This one is from a couple of years ago:
  5. Bankston

    New-ish Bands with Eighties Glam Metal Sound

    I was a teenaged metalhead in the 80's. Still occasionally listen to music from that era when I'm feeling nostalgic. But I stumbled across Big City from Norway and I'm digging what I hear. Any other new-ish bands playing 80's style melodic metal that's not made up of musicians from that era?
  6. Bankston

    George Lynch's First Full-Length Instrumental Album

    Will drop on August 20. This is something I've long wanted to hear. His instrumentals through the years have been excellent.
  7. Bankston

    UPDATED: Iron Maiden Senjutsu is Out Now

    Up the irons! \m/
  8. Bankston

    Nordic Metal Musicians Cover Movie Tunes

    My FB friend from Sweden turned me onto these covers of movie songs recorded by a group of Nordic metal musicians. You can tell they're having fun while producing outstanding covers of these songs. I spotted Björn Strid from Soilwork, Pontus Norgren from Hammerfall, and Pontus Egberg from...
  9. Bankston

    Billy Gibbons is Underrated . . .

    . . . at playing slide. His touch on those super light gauge strings is unreal. So this thread can be about . . . 1. Reactions to Billy's slide playing; 2. Other guitarists who aren't known as slide players but are also awesome at it; 3. Other guitarists who are underrated at...
  10. Bankston

    Reimagining Enter Sandman

    These are pretty brilliant rearrangements:
  11. Bankston

    The Day the Music Died . . . 62 Years Ago

    3 Feb 1959 In remembrance of Buddy Holly, J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson and Ritchie Valens. The number of musicians who emerged from Lubbock and Beaumont, Texas is impressive for a couple of podunk college towns. Buddy and Bopper's legacy has everything to do with it.
  12. Bankston

    Doctors and Lawyers in Well-Known Bands

    David Andersson is a Swedish guitarist who plays for Soilwork and the Night Flight Orchestra. He's also a practicing medical doctor and holds a Ph.D. Jon Levin has played guitar in Dokken for many years. He is also a practicing entertainment lawyer. Any others?
  13. Bankston

    If This is Where the Blues is Going . . .

    then consider me excited. I love everything about this song. I just hope kids connect with it and not just bald, middle-aged white dudes like me.
  14. Bankston

    Sammy and Mike Pay Tribute to EVH

    Man, seeing Mike cry on stage before Right Now says it all:
  15. Bankston

    New Maiden Live Album Dropping on 11.20.20

    Finally something to look forward to this year. Up the Irons \m/
  16. Bankston

    Appreciation Thread: Swedish Guitarists Not Named Malmsteen

    Since recently confirming my Swedish ancestry through DNA testing, I've been doing a deep dive into Swedish hard rock and metal acts. My ancestors lived in the Gothenburg area, so I've especially taken an interest in all the bands from there. The death growls and harsh screaming are a barrier...
  17. Bankston

    The Art of the Riff 2015-2020

    Sometimes it seems like great riffs that really stand out as hooks in a song are in scarce supply these days . . . or maybe I'm just an old man yelling at clouds. Anyway, post some great riffs in songs that were released in the last 5 years. This is the song that inspired the thread. Off...
  18. Bankston

    NGD: Hagstrom Viking Deluxe

    I've taken an interest in Hagstrom guitars recently and I've been learning about the history, models, etc. I was planning to wait for the right vintage model, either a Viking or Swede, but this popped up and I got that feeling . . . that instant gratification gotta have it feeling. 2011 Viking...
  19. Bankston

    Help a MIDIot with H&K Grandmeister Deluxe 40

    I just bought an H&K Grandmeister Deluxe 40 and I'm digging the sounds and technology. The manual says you can use any MIDI foot controller and I want to use a Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro with it. I have a basic understanding of MIDI but not a lot of experience. I've got the GCP and the...
  20. Bankston

    Garth Brooks: The Road I'm On

    This A&E Biography series is available on Netflix and I'm trying to get through it because I'm a fan and I lived through his meteoric rise to superstardom. He was the first country artist to achieve Elvis/Michael Jackson/Madonna/Beatles level fame. His impact and legacy are still being felt...
  21. Bankston

    The Kids Are Gonna Be All Right

    Remember the little girl who slayed that cover of 46 & 2 many years ago with the O'Keefe Music Foundation? She hasn't grown out of being a metalhead apparently. Seeing these kids rocking out in this video made me happy. O'Keefe is continuing to do great work with these young musicians. And...
  22. Bankston

    Signature Model Guitars that Never Happened

    For decades it seemed like a no brainer to me that Fender should do a Brad Gillis signature model red Strat with a Floyd. But it never happened. Instead, Fernandes issued a reasonable facsimile thereof. What are some other signature models that you wanted to see come to market?
  23. Bankston

    Cease and Desist: "Pre-Lawsuit" PRS Singlecut

    Dear PRS Singlecut owners. Please CEASE and DESIST using the term "pre-lawsuit" to describe your PRS Singlecut. The following does not apply to the Singlecut Trem or Tremonti models. PRS introduced the Singlecut in January 2000 in advance of Winter NAMM. The primary distinctive features were...
  24. Bankston

    The Reverend and Hammett Pay Tribute to Peter Green

    Billy on vocals on Green Manalishi with the Two-Pronged Crown. Kirk playing Greenie.
  25. Bankston

    Selena: 25 Year Anniversary of Last Concert

    People around the country may not know this but the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo (a/k/a Rodeo Houston) is kind of a big deal around here. It lasts for 2.5 weeks and features some of the biggest names in music performing in NRG Stadium every night. It kicks off every year with a huge BBQ...
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