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  1. Axe_34

    NAD - 1973 Fender Twin Reverb -- a little DIY, TLC and it sounds fabulous

    TL;DR - Got what was advertised as an ailing '78 Twin -- turns out it's a '73 and not really ailing at all. So this actually happened a couple of weeks ago. I saw an ad on Kijiji for a 1978 Fender Twin Reverb. The seller said it was a little beat up and pretty noisy on both channels and the...
  2. Axe_34

    I'm not sure why but it never occurred to me they built electric guitars in the USSR

    This thing came up on my Reverb feed this morning. I always knew about the Sovtek/Russian connection but for some reason I never thought about researching whether or not they made electric guitars in the Soviet Union. I guess they did. The sparkle finish doesn't seem very proletarian. I've...
  3. Axe_34


    That description. :messedup:messedup:messedup
  4. Axe_34

    WTB TC Electronics Alter Ego v2

    I'm looking for the regular-sized version of the TC Electronics Alter Ego v2. I live in Canada.
  5. Axe_34

    NAD - early '70s NMV Ampeg V4

    Picked this up over the weekend. It's as old as I am. (I'm 49). I've always loved amps that can fill a room like a Twin. I play a lot of doom/sludge/stoner rock and have been on the look out for something that can crush but still stay fairly clean and the V4 has been on my bucketlist for a long...
  6. Axe_34

    Isn't it great when you sell gear to someone who's never experienced it before?

    I think sometimes here we are so used to high-end gear we take it for granted. I just sold a Mesa Roadster to a guy who had only played solid state entry-level amps. (Not that there's anything wrong with that -- I know guys who can make a toaster sound amazing). You should have seen his face...
  7. Axe_34

    NAD: '68 Traynor YVM-1 (could use some help IDing mods)

    I love my recently purchased '69 YBA-1 and '76 YGL-3 so much I was excited to see this one come up on Kijiji. This one started life as a Traynor YVM-1, also known as the Voice Master. It was a 50-watt 4-channel PA head. It originally had four inputs, each with its own volume control. There was...
  8. Axe_34

    NADX2 -- couple of vintage Traynors

    I actually picked these up a couple of weeks ago. I'm sure most gear heads here know the background but for those who don't know, Traynor amps have a long history in Canada. Back in the early '60s Pete Traynor was a guitarist and bass player who played in a few bands with Robbie Robertson and...
  9. Axe_34

    NGD: Fender Vintera Road Worn '50s Telecaster (with some DIY relicing)

    Dropped by my local shop (Music Pro in Barrie) a week ago with no intention of buying a guitar until I tried this one. I've played a few of them around the GTA at a couple of Long and McQuades and while they were nice, they didn't knock me out. This one did. You know how you just *know* when you...
  10. Axe_34

    NAD: Mesa Boogie Lonestar Classic and a positive UPS story

    After seeing so many threads over the years of gear being destroyed by UPS I never thought I'd type the words positive and UPS in the same sentence. I purchased a used Mesa Boogie Lonsestar Classic 2X12 off Reverb from a guy in Vancouver. I'm north of Toronto. He dropped it off at the UPS store...
  11. Axe_34

    Anyone like the Cerulean/Caribbean/water/sand finish trend?

    I'm still not too sure if I like or dislike these finishes. :confused: I've seen them mostly on Ibanez/Jackson guitars but there are others. They all have names like Cerulean/Caribbean/Ocean/Laguna. Maybe they'll grow on me. I never used to like PRS finishes either and now I love them. :D
  12. Axe_34

    NGD X2: Fender Elite Strat and Elite Tele

    Snagged a good deal on both of these since they've been replaced by the Ultra line. The Tele is Ocean Turquoise and the Strat is Olympic Pearl. Love the compound radius necks. Also -- I now understand single coils. Turns out I've never played a really nice one. :D I've always been a humbucker...
  13. Axe_34

    NGD: 2018 Gibson Les Paul R9 ***clip added*

    I wasn't really looking for a new guitar but a couple of things happened that led me to grabbing this one. I came into a bit of money unexpectedly and The Arts Music Store in Newmarket dropped the price on this one by $1,800. I wasn't able to try it before I purchased it but I've known the guys...
  14. Axe_34

    Ngd: Prs Custom 24-08

    I've been a hard-core Les Paul player for many years. I've owned Studios, Classics, Traditionals, Standards and an R7 and an R8. About a year ago, I tried out a PRS SE Tremonti and was really impressed so I bought it. Then I tried an SE 245 and it quickly became my number one. I absolutely love...
  15. Axe_34

    Now this is how you build gas

    Pretty cool reveal video for the 2019 EBMM John Petrucci Majesty.
  16. Axe_34

    Anyone play a Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1?

    I'm gassing for the Sustainiac version in Ultra Violet. https://www.schecterguitars.com/guitars/hellraiser-hybrid/hellraiser-hybrid-c-1-fr-s-ultra-violet-detail I owned a C-1 years ago -- just wondering if the extra for the sustainiac is worth it.
  17. Axe_34

    Uh oh. Played my first PRS Core model yesterday

    Custom 24. This exact guitar: https://cosmomusic.ca/guitar-electric-prs-cust-24-gen3-gb-w-case-1.html I've been playing for 12 years but never picked up a high end PRS. I've always been a Les Paul guy. The neck on the 24 was so comfortable -- not sure if it was Pattern regular or thin...
  18. Axe_34

    I just discovered Buckethead

    Good......lord. He's inspiring me to practice 20 hours a day. Either that or burn all my guitars.
  19. Axe_34

    NPD: Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi

    So I owned the original deluxe and absolutely loved the feature set, especially the controllable mids. Then I tried the Green Russian version and liked its base tone better. Then the Sovtek Deluxe version came out -- best of both worlds! The only difference in controls between the two deluxe...
  20. Axe_34

    Do you ever buy feature-packed pedals knowing you won't use most of them?

    I always think, "I *may* need that feature someday" knowing full well I won't. I'm trying to not do that anymore. :D
  21. Axe_34

    I hadn't heard this one from a potential buyer before

    I'm selling a Twin Reverb reissue. It's in excellent condition. I've listed it for $640 CDN (roughly $470 US). Here's the exchange: Him: Hi. I'm interested in your Twin Reverb but I have a few questions. What year is it? Is it in perfect working/cosmetic condition? Anything swapped or...
  22. Axe_34

    The Green Russian BMP RI is seriously legit

    I've owned all of the current crop of BMPs and many, many boutique versions. The Green Russian reissue is seriously as good as all of them and better than most. Low mids and none of that top end sizzle that some of them have. Pro tip -- don't break it in playing Funeralopolis at gig volume...
  23. Axe_34

    NGD: EVH Wolfgang Special

    Picked it up from the original owner today. He hardly played it at all and it shows. Not a mark on it. It's a 2012, when they were still including the hardcase with the Specials. The fretboard has some nice bird's eye on it. Worst thing is I'm trapped in my office and won't be able to play it...
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