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  1. Goldwing

    New PRS S2 Semi-hollows

    Great..they can build a semi-hollow but they can't put a trem into the singlecut...and I'm not even asking the US trem... go figures with PRS's plans
  2. Goldwing

    Anyone prefer a MIM Strat?

    For me, the JV strat is the best in terms of quality/price. You get all the american parts like bridge, electronics, gotoh tuners and it's builded in Mexico. For me, it sounds and plays better than any MIA in the immediate above range like the HG1, american std, etc.
  3. Goldwing

    The Paul Reed Smith Picture Thread

    Love it! we need to see more pics of this one!!! :JAM
  4. Goldwing

    Leaving your GOOD guitar at home....

    well I'm sure there are a lot of pro's out there that are "wimpy". Mike Akerfeldt has mention that he no longer takes his most "dearest" guitar for touring. The whole business around "relic" guitars was due the fact that many pro's didn't want to take out their most beloved guitars, they can...
  5. Goldwing

    Who's a fan of Candy Apple Red? Post em!

    Love CAR on Fenders.. This is my JV strat:
  6. Goldwing

    $1,000 PRS

    what a beautiful guitar!!!...
  7. Goldwing

    NGD: PRS S2 Custom 24 (Kinda long...)

    Maybe, both are humbucker guitars so.. they can sound similar. Regarding the "feel" I disagree. I've played an SE for years and played the S2 custom the other day together with an SE and several PRS Studio and Custom. The S2 feels more near the "top-line" PRS than the SE. It's easier to...
  8. Goldwing

    PRS SE Frederik Akesson

    I think it's the best model in the SE singlecut line, together with the new SE Tremonti Custom. I had the opportunity to play one some time ago.. sustain for days...
  9. Goldwing

    Upgrading from PRS SE: PRS SE Tremonti custom or S2 Custom 22?

    I'd like to contribute a little to this topic. I went yesterday to perform some testing on guitars with my local dealer. They didn't have any of the new models on the SE Line but they have 3 S2 Custom 24, several core line guitars, including an old -blemished- SC250 tremolo in blue, 2...
  10. Goldwing

    Upgrading from PRS SE: PRS SE Tremonti custom or S2 Custom 22?

    Thanks to all. The local tech has already checked the guitar. It's a very good tech, he changed the nut for a graph tech. Still that G string goes up and down. I guess a little of re-work won't harm. But I'll probably change the guitar for another one as soon as I can. EVen the new SE line...
  11. Goldwing

    What's the difference between USA and MIM Strat bodies?

    I have the same doubts too. Particularly on the strat since the pickups are attached to the pickguard and not to the body of the guitar.
  12. Goldwing

    Upgrading from PRS SE: PRS SE Tremonti custom or S2 Custom 22?

    Thanks for your response. It's interesting that you don't consider the S2 a 700US nicer guitar. That simplify my opinion and I think it's a good resume. Anyone else? More opinions about the S2? the Tremonti CUstom SE?
  13. Goldwing

    Upgrading from PRS SE: PRS SE Tremonti custom or S2 Custom 22?

    Hi TGP. I currently own an old PRS SE Custom 22. I spended the equivalent to 600usd on that guitar. After that I've changed the pickups, the tuners and the nut. Still the G and B strings get out of tune every 3 or 4 songs (I have locking tuners). In the past, for 600usd I bought a Jimmie...
  14. Goldwing

    New USA-Made PRS Guitars "S2 Series" starting at $1179

    To be honest, I think this a very smart move. They're creating a new USA line with, let's say, generic components of the cheaper lines (SE) Like Fender does with their Highway 1 series: IT's built in US but with MIM hardware, pickups and body. The only US part is the neck. Well, it seems that...
  15. Goldwing

    Mike A, Fredrik A, SE 245..which one to choose

    Hi. I'm selling my current PRS SE Custom 22 to buy a new PRS SE (can't afford to have both..my wife will rise many questions jaja) But I'm torn between this 3 models. I have tested and played the 3 and here are my concerns: - PRS SE 245 in Tortoise Shell: The most beautiful for me with...
  16. Goldwing

    Bono's new Fender Custom Shop Tele

    Actually..that gretsch guitar in which the bono's tele is based, belongs to the Edge...
  17. Goldwing

    How do EMG active Strat pickups sound?

    I know!! !jejej. :JAM The Vince Gill kit seems pretty good also. Many people don't use the EXP only the SPC, that's why I'm asking if the SPC would be enough with passive singlecoils.
  18. Goldwing

    How do EMG active Strat pickups sound?

    Hi, sorry to revive this threat but I'm passing for the same issue now days. I have a strat with cs69 in the neck, a cs54 in the middle and ssl-5 in the bridge. I want a strat that could do more heavy sounds. Honestly a Maxon VOP9 + mi amp is enough, but 1st I think its too much pedal to use...
  19. Goldwing

    MIJ 62 RI tele Bodies and Necks

    Thnks for the info!
  20. Goldwing

    MIJ 62 RI tele Bodies and Necks

    Its a dummy question but since I also want to make me a telecaster with this method.. I've noticed that the 62 RI rosewood neck's doesn't have the access to the truss rod in the headstock. Where is it?? Also, I think that a fundamental need of this telecasters is a bridge with 6 saddles...
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