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    RESOLVED - Fender DRRI blowing fuse

    *** RESOLVED *** I replaced the rectifier and power tubes with new and the amp is working fine now. I checked the bias and it is also good. I don't know which tube or tubes were causing the issue, but I'm fine with replacing all three. Thanks to all who replied with thoughts and suggestions.
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    RESOLVED - Fender DRRI blowing fuse

    Yes, that is correct. With the amp in Standby, power tubes removed, all other tubes in, the fuse does not blow when power switched on. Thanks for the replies.
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    RESOLVED - Fender DRRI blowing fuse

    My DRRI is blowing the fuse when powered on after about 2 seconds. I did a search and some trouble-shooting but still need advice. Amp worked fine about 9 months ago but has been off and unplugged from wall outlet since. My testing was performed with the standby switch in standby mode (not ON)...
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    Dr Z Maz 18 NR Effects loop?

    The MAZ 18 effects loop is not buffered. Put at least one buffered pedal in the loop and it works fine.
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    Fender Brownface Super 6G4-A Build Thread

    Wow! Great job and ambitious project, congrats! That metal work is time consuming, but yours looks excellent. I'll be following your thread closely. Thanks!
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    Joe Bonamassa 2012 rig rundown (Trainwreck content)

    I truly admire JB's music and it has brought me many hours of listening pleasure. I was fortunate to see him live in a small venue a few years ago; fantastic concert. JB's humble and down to earth personality are "icing on the cake." Keep those albums coming Joe! p.s. love your tone!
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    My 5e3 Tweed Build

    Beautiful! If it sounds half as good as it looks you have a real winner there! Congrats!
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    Why no new US made tubes?

    So if we now pay about $12 for a tube made off-shore, what do you think it would have to sell for to make economic sense for it to be manufactured here? I know this is just wild guessing ... but what do you think? $100, $200, more?
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    The least $ you've ever spent on a bona fide Les Paul?

    That would be $2591.05 in today's dollars.
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    The least $ you've ever spent on a bona fide Les Paul?

    Adjusted for inflation, that would be $1400.11 in today's dollars :)
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    Sweet! Congrats!
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    Bonamassa Live From New York - Beacon Theatre DVD

    An hour of this concert is being shown on the Palladia HD music channel this weekend and into next week. That's Comcast channel 671 in my area. Check your local listings :)
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    post your Gibson Faded pics!

    Ah yes ... the agony and ecstasy of GAS. It happens to all of us. :)
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    When is it good to buy NEW guitars?

    It depends. If you aren't certain you are going to like the guitar enough to keep it, you can sometimes buy them on sale (i.e. 15% off) from one of the dealers/retailers who offer a satisfaction guarantee. You get a couple of weeks or more to decide if it's a keeper. If not, send it back and you...
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    post your Gibson Faded pics!

    Excellent! The cream and gold give it the perfect accent. I think black would have been too stark of a contrast. Well done! :beer
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    Strat Addict

    There's nothing particularly special about my American Strat. But it's mine, it's comfortable like a broken in glove and I'll never sell it :) Sure, I'd like to have more Strats. So many guitars, so little time (and money). For now, this is the one.
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    NGD: Agile AL-3100

    Excellent. Congrats! Very beautiful grain! How much does it weigh? I had this gorgeous AL-3100 with birds-eye maple top and loved everything about it except the weight. Mine was just over 13# and a real back breaker :(
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    Gibson quality , surprised at how poor

    Yeah, I posted those pics at the time and somebody here said it was some sort of polishing wheel or something. I may have been able to polish it out like you did, and I think the dealer may have refunded some bucks if I wanted to keep it, but I was so disappointed after spending that much on a...
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    Gibson quality , surprised at how poor

    About a year ago I finally gave in and bought a factory new LP Traditional at a price just below MAP from a reputable dealer we all know. It arrived with nasty scrub/scratch mark on the upper side close to the pickup selector switch. I was very disappointed and ended up returning it for refund...
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    Gibson quality , surprised at how poor

    another Gibson quality thread ... The horror ... the horror ...
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    NGD R9 - Thanks to all the helped educate me!

    Excellent find and beautiful guitar. Sorry for the seller with cancer. He must have been pleased to sell it to someone who could appreciate it.
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    Traynor Quarter Horse

    Guitar World has a review in March 2012 issue. Here is a good video demo. Sounds excellent!
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    NPR Music App - very cool, and free!

    I just installed this on my iPad and iPhone and already have already added 18 recordings to the playlist. Very cool and it's free! Read more about it by clicking here.
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    Going to college and --

    Get a used Roland Cube 30 or similar. Very reasonable price, lots of versatility and good tone. Plues, you can keep the volume low when you need too and still have fun. Plug in your MP3 play to jam along, or headphones if required.