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  1. dcrab

    What are the thoughts on the Vox TB35C Bruno amps?

    I've been looking for a alt country, Texas sounding amp and ran across a group (Uncle Lucious) and the lead guitar player was rocking one and it sounded great. I did some research and there isn't a ton of info on these amps. 1. Anyone have one and love or hate it? 2. What did you...
  2. dcrab

    Looking for Poison, Warrant, Motley Crue in a pedal

    Im playing through a Mesa Lonestar Classic and looking for that searing awesome 80s crunch. I'm not looking for chorus recommendations just distortions. I've built a Shredmaster clone and it's good but not quite there. Looking at Amptweaker Suhr Riot Other ideas What do you guys think
  3. dcrab

    Matchless SC Mini 12.....tell me more

    I've never had a Matchless but I've always listed after one. Can anyone tell me more about them? They aren't on the matchless site
  4. dcrab

    Need a small gigging amp---Mesa TA-15 vs Fender Bassbreaker 15

    I'm getting ready to start doing some small gigs in an alt-country red dirt band and am looking for an amp. I've got a pedal board with a few boosts, comp, delay but need a good amp. Has anyone had any experience between the two? I know for some an effects loop is a must buy for me not so much...
  5. dcrab

    Sold Atomic Amplifire like new

    Mint Atomic Amplifire with box. Loaded up with mBritt profiles. Comes with all original equipment. Please no trades. 525- Paypalled and shipped CONUS
  6. dcrab

    Sold Atomic Amplifire for pedals

    Looking to trade my mint Atomic Amplifire for pedals. My Amplifire has been left at church since new and is loaded with M-Britt profiles and many others. I'm looking to go back to an amp so pedals such as OD, delay, and reverb are what I have in mind.
  7. dcrab

    Thoughts on using a Fender Super Champ XD with Atomic Amplifire

    So I tried my Amplifire with a pair of KRK Rokits and it was nice but still not amp in the room tone I wish for. It's funny how I could t understand these analogies until I purchased my modeler. Has anyone ran into the effects loop of a super champ XD to have a tube power amp powering the...
  8. dcrab

    Anyone who's played the New Amplifire firmware......should I hold off on buying a dd-500

    Title says it all. I keep holding out because we were told that the need for external effects would be minimized in the next firmware. I need a couple more delay and reverb options. I'm afraid the minute I pull the trigger on the pedals the firmware will come out.
  9. dcrab

    Powered PA speaker vs Studio monitors for Amplifire

    So I'm still loving my Amplifire but I feel I am understanding the term "ear fatigue". I have been using my Shure IEM at home and they sound great but it's "tiring". What is the general concencus on studio monitors vs powered PA for home use?
  10. dcrab

    Atomic Customer service is amazing!!!

    So I had a horrible incident last night before rehearsal. I plugged my Amplifire in and it proceeded to wipe itself clean. Long story short the band had to go without me as I couldn't do anything with the Amplifire and (on me) left my back up at home. As you can imagine I was extremely...
  11. dcrab

    Amplifire comes in tomorrow and i need a couple quick presets

    So I decided to order an amplifire and its getting here way earlier than I anticipated. Now my question is I have a marriage conference to play tomorrow night and was wondering if I could make it work. I will have about an hour to learn it and 45 minutes with the sound man. Does anyone have any...
  12. dcrab

    Mesa Mark V:25 Cleans......how are they?

    im having a dilemma about a new amp. I absolutely loved my Mesa Lonestar's cleans. They were fat and crisp and it took pedals like a champ. However like most of you probably already know it weighed a metric ton. How are the v:25 cleans in comparison if anyone has played both. I know it's hard to...
  13. dcrab

    New Badcat USA Players series

    I just saw an ad for them on Preimer Guitar. Any other news on them please share. This Namm has killed it
  14. dcrab

    Sold Sheptone Humbucker sized p90s

    Nice set of black sheptone H90s but I need to gain up my SG so looking for a set of humbuckers in trade. Shoot me any offers would love a JB/Jazz combo or any rio grande or suhr pickup. Traded
  15. dcrab

    WTT: Pedals for POD, 11R, or Amplifire

    I have decided I want a modeler to keep at work and those occasional direct gigs so I'm offering up some pedals that I don't use a whole lot. What do you guys have? Earthquaker Dispatch Master- mint with box and goodies Hardwire DL-8 Delay- mint with box and goodies HBE Powerscreamer...
  16. dcrab

    WTT: Catalinbread Montavillian and Hardwire DL-8

    Want to trade two delays for anyone wanting to downsize from an x4. The Montavillian is the old logo in blue and the DL-8 is like new. Would entertain offers for either one as well. Always up for cool trades mainly drives and delays
  17. dcrab

    Loving a pedal that doesn't get much love- HBE Powerscreamer

    Now that the honeymoon time is over I thought I would post about a pedal that I hadn't heard nearly anything about. I received the Powerscreamer in trade for a Barber Direct Drive and it absolutely rips!!! I use it toggle left gain at 12, tone at 12 and volume at unity and it's honestly amazing...
  18. dcrab

    FT: Skreddy Lunar Module for Wampler Velvet Fuzz

    Mint condition Skreddy Lunar Module Fuzz for trade. Original condition with box and no Velcro. Wanting a Velvet Fuzz any color is cool. Will entertain other overdrive, distortion, and delay options as well
  19. dcrab

    Refinishing a SG to Pelham blue......pics

    So I recently picked up a 78 sg that had been refinished in a thick two-tone poly And decided I would jump in a do my first ever re-finish. I order all the stuff from guitar re-ranch and anxiously awaited. I ordered the Sand and Sealer, Pelham Blue nitro, and nitro clear. Long story short I was...
  20. dcrab

    NGD: Craigslist steal 1978 SG

    Loving my latest craigslist find. It's a solid 1978 Gibson SG with OHSC. Needs a little TLC but for 500 bucks it's hard to beat. http://s1119.photobucket.com/user/Dcrab/media/imagejpg1_zps79b53e8b.jpg.html
  21. dcrab

    Bogner Red couldn't defeat my Direct Drive

    What say you guys? Am I crazy. I love the Direct Drive for Marshall tone. I had huge expectations and many people love it but I just preferred the DD
  22. dcrab

    Timeline malfunctioning......anyone else experience this??

    Hey guys. I got my timeline 9 days ago and I adore it. It is so musical and everything I could want in a delay. That being said I have a problem. It all started the day I got it new. The parameters button doesn't work every time it's pushed down. I have had to push it 5 or 6 times to access the...
  23. dcrab

    Blown away by.........the Pearl Drive

    I stalked this pedal for a long time but never bit. After going through many others (bb preamp, small fry, paisley drive, AC booster, FDII MOSFET) I'm truly blown away. I dont know how these didnt just explode with sales. Who else is digging the awesome drive pedal?
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