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  1. J

    Poly Capo :(

    I bought a couple of these. They are a little touchy and quirky. They are kind of a pain to get them on the string and working well with some guitars (Les Paul). I stopped using them pretty fast.
  2. J

    The Frustration of Modelers!!!!

    I dial mine in on a first generation QSC K8 on a speaker stand in my room. I also have my amps in this same room. I run my amp at the volume that I gig with it at for a reference. I then run my profiler/modeler into a small mixer from the main output and then into the K8. I turn the volume...
  3. J

    Poly Capo :(

    You are probably going to notice some lag and possibly some artifacts with drop C#. It may not be too drastic. My experience with doing it with a device is that it is a compromise. In the mix you won't ever be able to tell. As a player you may feel it. I had the tuning nightmares in one...
  4. J

    Wow, I found a cheap ANALOG multieffect pedal that sounds really good!

    These definitely have a number of good uses. I had one of these that I gave my Brother. It was a little too noisy for me but he loves it. I have a couple of MXR EQs that I like.
  5. J

    Did you see Rhett Shull's review of the Axe-Fx III?

    I think some of the difference of opinion on the ability to edit something on the face of the unit depends on how people are using the unit. For me, in the past with my Ultra I was unable to gig with it due to the UI. I was dragging my laptop to gigs and keeping it connected so I could make...
  6. J

    Low gain player reviews SnaxFx Tres

    Someone forgot to inform Rhett of the cardinal rule. Thou shalt not make critical statements about any Fractal products.
  7. J

    Overwhelmed by IR choices - what are the best easy to use mixes?

    These are very popular. I bought some on black Friday but haven't really dug into them too far. They have multiple files but I think pretty much all of them are going to have that. He has some decent descriptions in the documentation that comes with them. https://www.yorkaudio.co/
  8. J

    Thinking of moving to Kemper, so many questions

    If you are buying a new Kemper unit, I would recommend getting the Stage. It is the latest hardware and is a bit of an upgrade from the other models. I wouldn't get hung up on being late in the life of Kemper. They did upgrade the hardware a little for the Stage. It can do a couple of things...
  9. J

    Which Interface ONLY do I really need? Do I need to upgrade?

    I am not sure what your budget is but I bought one of these last month and can't say enough good stuff about it. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FirefaceUCX2--rme-fireface-ucx-ii-40-channel-usb-interface
  10. J

    Axefx Standard and Ultra Owners Unite! (A Fractal Gen-1 Users Gathering)

    I always check sold listings on Reverb and Ebay when pricing things. I will be reasonable with it. I just have to figure out what all pieces to put in this bundle. Someone may just want the Ultra without the other stuff. I even have a MIDI splitter for it so you can run the USB converter and...
  11. J

    Axefx Standard and Ultra Owners Unite! (A Fractal Gen-1 Users Gathering)

    I have decided that I am going to sell my Ultra. I am not sure where you are located but I am in South Florida and will be looking for a local sale. I have a number of things that I plan to bundle with it if someone wants the. I have a Ground Control Pro and two expression pedals and the...
  12. J

    Struggling with the York Audio IRs

    At least you are aware of this. That is half of the battle. I see posts from many who are not aware. :)
  13. J

    Friedman Tone Testing

    Both sound great! I like number 2 just a little bit better. It has a little fuller sound to me.
  14. J

    Should I buy the FM9 when I own a Kemper

    This is spot on. I find that they do a few different things but there are great tones in all of them. Another thing I would suggest beyond the user interface that can make a big difference is the routing. Look at the ins and outs and make sure you can hook the unit up the way you want...
  15. J

    Should I buy the FM9 when I own a Kemper

    From the posts I read, this is a very common thing now matter what digital device you buy. Some guys get caught up in this tone chasing with Kemper profiles. Others get caught up in trying to dial in things in the Fractal world, many on various platforms get hung up playing with different IRs...
  16. J

    Impulse Response (paid) comparison

    I can definitely relate to this. I find that 1x12 or 2x12 is much better to my ears. I am also a fan of the 2x10. I like that configuration with real amps as well.
  17. J

    Should I buy the FM9 when I own a Kemper

    There is no attenuated input on the Twin Sister amp. It has a single input on it.
  18. J

    Mark Lettieri with the Kemper

    Wow, I love that groove they have going there.
  19. J

    Should I buy the FM9 when I own a Kemper

    I still like having a few amps. I like having options available. I am also heading down this road of trying to have a rig for gigs that is an all in one unit. I am not playing any gigs right now and am not sure how well it is going to work out. I am planning on going with IEMs and I know...
  20. J

    Should I buy the FM9 when I own a Kemper

    I think it is pretty common to experience all amps sounding similar in these devices once you get to a certain gain level on them. The way to get the different tones from that point is how you EQ it. I believe you will experience this same thing with real amps. Once you compress something to...
  21. J

    Should I buy the FM9 when I own a Kemper

    In my testing this is what my experience was. I was comparing a Kemper with Dirty Shirley profiles from Tone Junky, the FM9 with it's two different models of the Dirty Shirley amp and my actual Friedman Twin Sister amp (two Dirty Shirley circuits in the same amp) with a 112 cabinet with a...
  22. J

    Best rig for IEMS 100%

    I have one of these and use it for multiple purposes. The main reason I bought it is that I was playing in a band where I was using a PRS P22 guitar and running acoustic as well as electric sounds along with a vocal mic. We had a lot of issues getting everything I needed into my monitor. I...
  23. J

    Should I buy the FM9 when I own a Kemper

    I have both. They come from different angles for sure. If you are high gain player, you may like the FM9 better. If you are a clean/low/medium gain player you may like your Kemper better. I like having both of them. To me the raw amp sounds are closer to real life in the Kemper. The amps...
  24. J

    I got a QSC K8.2; FRFR doesn't suck

    I have a pair of K8 and a pair of K8.2 speakers. These are great speakers and really deliver a lot of sound from a small package. I mainly use the K8.2 speakers for monitors. I ended up with them because the original K8 didn't have the beveled cabinet to use them for monitors. I always felt...
  25. J

    Plan A failed, so Plan B... Tube preamp + cab sim. Experiences? Tips?

    I was watching a Rhett Shull video when I read that... :)
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