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  1. Jim Holloway

    Do you clean your guitars before shipping?

    No, because I already cleaned it before taking pictures.
  2. Jim Holloway

    What was your first live music experience?

    Kiss 1976(?). A couple carloads of us drove from North Platte to Omaha, got to the auditorium two (or more?) hours before the show, as did hundreds of other people, all clamoring to get in. When they finally opened the doors the push to get in the building was so strong they never even checked...
  3. Jim Holloway

    I finally went to Sweetwater

    Cool, thanks for sharing that, sounds like a fun time. Did you not get a chance to meet your sales rep?
  4. Jim Holloway

    4 December 2020: Bandcamp Friday

    Got Jason Isbell and 400 Unit Live at the Caverns, and Brock Davisson Outakes from the soul. Maybe more before the day is out. Thanks for the heads up.
  5. Jim Holloway

    I love and appreciate the well-meaning gift-givers in my life, I really do. BUT...

    I have a few cheesy (can't have too many guitars!) shirts, I sleep in them (and I love them because of who gave them to me). But I also have some nice straps, picks, even pedals gifted to me by family, when gentle guidance was provided by me. I've seen those pick punch things, and cringe at...
  6. Jim Holloway

    Springsteen "The Rising" Album...

    Yup, a masterpiece. The volume in the headphones is always cranked when it fires up.
  7. Jim Holloway

    D-tuna tuning stability issues, Peavey Wolfgang (solved) (no, not floating)

    I've owned a Peavey Wolfgang Special (USA) since I bought it new in ... the 2000's(?). It doesn't see constant playing time, but it comes out three or four times a year. I'd never had a problem using the D-tuna until I got it out about four months back. Then all of a sudden using it and...
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  10. Jim Holloway

    Steve Vai "Candle Power"

    A couple of phrases reminded me of Paisley.
  11. Jim Holloway

    In 2020 what are your thoughts on Brad Paisley's playing?

    I must have wacthed the video for Last Time For Everything dozens of times. Yeah, definitely sentimental. Perhaps that's why I watched it so many times. "... being woke up at 5:00 AM, to see if Santa came ..." (my kids are just out of that stage). Definitely not bro country. I'm sure I...
  12. Jim Holloway

    Beato on clip-on Tuners: “they’re a wart on the end of a guitar!”

    But it partially covers up the headstock on my Epiphone Les Paul! (Not the most recent iteration of course, I wouldn't cover that up.)
  13. Jim Holloway

    Why is buying a new guitar considered "pulling the trigger"?

    It's pulling the trigger because you've been holding off buying it until now, until willpower finally succumbs.
  14. Jim Holloway

    Matching Headstock Color

    Not really a fan, yet I have two. My 95 American Standard candy apple red Stratocaster ordered from Thoroughbred Music (wasn't expecting a matching headstock). I'm sure I'd like it better if it was a rosewood board. My other is an Olympic white American Telecaster (Special Edition of some...
  15. Jim Holloway

    Richard Thompson absolutely ripping it to shreds

    RT and Jason Isbell are currently my favorite musicians, and have been for years. A few years back I suggested on Isbell's FB page that he and RT should tour together. A few months later they announced a tour with RT as the opening act. I'm just sure it was due to my suggestion. :)...
  16. Jim Holloway

    Richard Thompson absolutely ripping it to shreds

    Well, Wall of Death isn't really about the carnival act, but the symbolism is great.
  17. Jim Holloway

    Richard Thompson absolutely ripping it to shreds

    Similar experience here, had never heard of him before seeing him mentioned on here and other guitar forums. Went out and randomly picked up a copy You?, Me?, Us? at my local music store. On first listen I was not getting it. Nor on second, third, fourth, or even fifth listen. But once it...
  18. Jim Holloway

    SDOTD...Looks like DT25 is a goner

    That is quite a deal. I already have the head and cab version, yet I'm still mildly tempted to grab one of these. (I will resist.)
  19. Jim Holloway

    What's the biggest show you ever had tickets for, and didn't attend?

    Metallica. Black album tour. Flu. Can't recall the ticket costs.
  20. Jim Holloway

    Last concert before this mess?

    Me as well, with my 13 year old son.
  21. Jim Holloway

    New Ernie Ball String Theory with Jason Isbell

    I enjoyed this, but I like his gear run down videos (Premier Guitar?) even more. Right now he's also frequently appearing on Amanda Shire's daily youtube 'I So Lounging' livestream at 5:00 PM CST each day. I just love his wit and way of thinking about things.
  22. Jim Holloway

    New Ernie Ball String Theory with Jason Isbell

  23. Jim Holloway

    Poll - Best Trio as per TGP

    Richard Thompson Trio.
  24. Jim Holloway

    Eddie Van Halen's Original '78 Rig Exhibit

    Still remember seeing the bomb on stage in Nashville when they opened for Sabbath. I thought it was pretty cool.
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