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  1. scelerat

    Sold 1988 G&L SC-3

    Viking Blue G&L SC-3 with matching headstock from 1988. Ebony fretboard, factory roller nut. This is a great example of the mid-late '80s evolution of one of Leo Fender's legendary original designs. The original MFD pickups are both bright and throaty. They have a lot of output and reward the...
  2. scelerat

    Dr. Z KT-45 Love

    Well I finally have the opportunity to test Z's bold claim that "the KT-45 captures the rich tones of the WHO’s “Live at Leeds” LP." My band is performing the Live at Leeds version of Tommy for halloween. Our singer, a woman, is going full Daltrey, with fringe and blonde curly wig (she's a...
  3. scelerat

    Jerry Reed & BB King

    Because we all could use more of these two in these troubled times. The Chet Atkins thread spun me off into some Jerry Reed clips. Love this one with BB King. Great back and forth. Great playing on all fronts.
  4. scelerat

    Sold 1995 G&L Legacy gold metallic 3-bolt neck

    Great guitar. Need to clear out some space and this doesn't get played enough. All-original except for the barrel switch-tip (original tip is included). Single-ply cream pickguard. Non-locking sperzel tuners. Rosewood fretboard. Comfortable C-shaped neck with satiny finish on the back. Includes...
  5. scelerat

    New piggyback cabs for old Fenders?

    Does anyone make new piggyback cabs for old Fender amps? e.g. Blonde or blackface bassman, showman, bandmaster, tremolux? I have an old blonde tremolux head. Sounds great through a number of cabs; just wondering if I can find a new 2x10 (mojotone? etc) so I can do the tilt-back piggyback thing...
  6. scelerat

    The Road To Escondido

    YouTube rolled me into this, enjoying it. JJ Cale, Eric Clapton, and a bevy of amazing musicians including the final recorded appearance of Billy Preston.
  7. scelerat

    Country Rock vs Rock Country

    What's the difference? Is there a difference? e.g. Flying Burrito Brothers vs Brad Paisley ...go...
  8. scelerat

    Envelope with FX loop?

    Is there any effect pedal that does this: - There is an envelope triggered by the input volume - Similar to classic envelope filters like Q-Tron or Moogerfooger MF-101, however... - Instead of EQ filtering, the signal is passed into an FX loop - The affected signal from the FX loop can be mixed...
  9. scelerat

    Your favorite Strat pickup position

    You know the drill.
  10. scelerat

    It happened again [Dr. Z content]

    Every single frickin time... Every time I gig with the Route 66, people come out of the woodwork to compliment the "tone." People who never would otherwise. Players and non players alike. Last night... same thing. Good crowd, lots of friends, I'm backlining the show for five bands. On stage is...
  11. scelerat

    Name some pedals!

    It's been a while since we've had a thread where people just shout out names of pedals in response to a vaguely-posed set of conditions. Don't write too much context about how or why you use them or why you think it's appropriate to call them out in this thread. Just start naming them! I'll...
  12. scelerat

    Name some guitars!

    It's been a while since we've had a thread where people just shout out names of guitars in response to a vaguely-posed set of conditions. Don't write too much about how or why you play them or why you think they're the right thing for the conditions described. Just start naming them! I'll...
  13. scelerat

    Name some amps!

    It's been a while since we've had a thread where people just shout out names of amps in response to a vaguely-posed set of conditions. Don't write too much context about how you use them or why you think it's appropriate to call them out in this thread. Just start naming them! I'll start...
  14. scelerat

    Who makes a good EV SRO replacement?

    Found an SRO in a Peavey Pacer a few months back. Put it in an open back 1x12 Mesa cab. This might be my favorite speaker ever. Now I want to find another and put them both in a 2x12 Z-Best cab. Except the SROs are pretty hard to find*. Does anyone make a new speaker that matches its clarity...
  15. scelerat

    4x12 wiring: why ground the speaker frames?

    I was removing the old square-back speakers from my Music Man 412 GS cab to replace with two each of Weber Blue Dog and Gray Wolf speakers (yuuge improvement imo), and discovered that all the speakers frames were wired to the negative sleeve of the input jack. One of the speakers (photo below)...
  16. scelerat

    Recommend a simple midi clock or drum machine

    Just got a Zvex Super Seek Wah. It's immediately apparent that it would be greatly enhanced by using some external midi device: drum machine, clock, synth, etc. to set the tempo on the Seek Wah via the midi input. Any recommendations? Wanna go inexpensive for now.
  17. scelerat


    Merely venting... i probably shouldn't let this get to me, but it rubs me the wrong way: Several weeks ago, an old Mark I Boogie shows up on Craigslist. Guy is asking a priced-to-move $800. Wow. I'm tempted, just for the thrill of the hunt, but I have plenty. I send the link to some friends who...
  18. scelerat

    Shorts at Gigs... new insights

    Apparently the missing ingredients are socks and birkenstocks.
  19. scelerat

    Putting grill cloth on metal Mesa cabs?

    Has anyone here ever replaced the metal grill on older Mesa cabs with grill cloth? There's a cab I'm interested in buying, but I'm not a fan of the metal grill look.
  20. scelerat

    1966 Fender Reverb unit

    Went missing during load out after a show a couple weeks ago. Reported to Oakland Police Dept: 1966 Fender Reverb (external tube-driven guitar fx unit). Black tolex with white knobs, and a hole from a .22 round in the side. Other distinctive elements: replaced original metal feet with fat...
  21. scelerat

    Fender Reverb mounting / suspension springs?

    I just bought an old Fender Reverb unit. The reverb pan which is supposed to be suspended by springs from a quartet of posts is presently just in there loose. There are no mounting springs to be found. Looking at a reissue unit, I think there are supposed to be a total of eight springs, two per...
  22. scelerat

    Do pots go bad? Or am I measuring wrong?

    I'm trying to figure out the value of some volume pots in an old Les Paul I might buy. The pots have 500K stamped on them, but when I apply the multimeter across the outside poles, I get around 140KΩ. Both volume pots behave this way. When I measure the tone pots (both stamped 250K) the same...
  23. scelerat

    Does anyone else like backlining?

    ...or loaning out gear? I have this undeniable hobby of acquiring gear (especially fun amps) and few things make me happier than getting a friend all dialed in and listening to them play. I like doing it for shows, I like doing it for recording, I like doing it when someone is rehearsing. If...
  24. scelerat

    Stereo EQ splitter?

    Does such a thing exist? Goal: filter low frequencies to go to "this" channel and high frequencies to go to "that" channel. Example 1: run a guitar through some effects that generate low tones, eg. an OC-2, and route the low frequencies to a bass amp and the high frequencies to a guitar amp...
  25. scelerat

    Traynor YBA-2A "Rectifier tube bypassed" -- what does that mean?

    I bought an amp off Reverb a couple years ago, a great little Traynor YBA-2A. Didn't think too much about the terse description of the amp at the time, which stated: Everything the ad stated is absolutely 100% true: the amp sounds amazing, takes pedals like a champ (or a tweed deluxe) and...
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