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  1. thesjkexperienc

    If you could spend 5 minutes playing a famous player's guitar which one would it be?

    Rory’s Strat or Jimmy’s Les Paul. Ive listened to those two guitars for years and have always wondered if they are really all that special. I would also like to play Jimi’s favorite Strat.
  2. thesjkexperienc

    If you could stroke any guitar god’s headstock while gazing lovingly into their eyes for hours every single day

    Lari Basillio (hope I spelled that right) hot guitar player in every sense of the word.
  3. thesjkexperienc

    Songs that are a Pain in The Ass to remember the arrangement ?

    I read the thread and immediately thought of Moonchild by Rory Gallagher. And when I see the OP I was surprised anyone knew that song. So I second Moonchild lol.
  4. thesjkexperienc

    Morgan AC20 Deluxe Discontinued?

    Thanks! I have noticed that, but thought it was due to a microphonic EF86. Now I can enjoy the ghost and not get po’ed at the tube lol.
  5. thesjkexperienc

    Morgan AC20 Deluxe Discontinued?

    Can someone explain the note ghosting and what to listen for? ive got an AC40 deluxe that is just fantastic. I use a treble booster with it and it’s one of my favorite tones.
  6. thesjkexperienc

    Your favorite strat or S style guitar?

    I’ve got 3 Partscasters I’ve built up with the best hardware, one piece bodies and necks With hand wound pickups that I prefer over every other S type I’ve played. And I’ve played a lot over 40 years
  7. thesjkexperienc

    Is there a pedal out there that you've always wanted, but couldn't bring yourself to spend for?

    I’ve wanted a Sunlion by Analogman for 15 years or more. I just can’t get past the price.
  8. thesjkexperienc

    What do you consider to be Jeff Beck's finest work?

    I’m going to say There and Back. It a bit more rock than Wired and Blow by Blow so it seems to get overlooked.
  9. thesjkexperienc

    Any other cables with "No Excuses" lifetime warranty besides Mogami?

    Another for Evidence Audio. Excellent service!
  10. thesjkexperienc

    You have to make do with one pedal; what's yours?

    I prefer using a treble booster so that would be my choice. Swart Atomic Boost or Arcane Analog Skullmaster depending on the amp.
  11. thesjkexperienc

    How do you get your lead tone?!?!

    I use a treble booster so rhythm is guitar on 4-7 and fat lead guitar is on 10.
  12. thesjkexperienc

    Amp made popping, scratchy noise, then blew fuse. What’s going on?

    When mine did that a power tube went bad.
  13. thesjkexperienc

    A Ten Way Stratocaster Switch.

    10 ways are fantastic. I’ve had them in all my Strats for about 4 years now so the switch holds up. It’s great having the series sounds to hit something fatter with a bit more output. Especially when you don’t have your amp and you get stuck with a bright one.
  14. thesjkexperienc

    10-way switch for a Strat....I'm in love...

    I’ve got 10 way switches in all my Strats. Adding all the series sounds really give a wide range of useable sounds.
  15. thesjkexperienc

    One Pedal To Do An Entire Gig

    Swart Atomic Boost (treble booster) is all I need.
  16. thesjkexperienc

    Anyone else like to build stuff? Amp stand build.

    Very nice! You sure can get compact with that set up.
  17. thesjkexperienc

    Arthritis. The musicians demon.

    I’m also 58 and in the same boat as the OP. I have switched to lighter strings on some guitars and am working on slide playing on the few I left with 10s on them. This way I can still play the music I like and try and learn something new with the slide.
  18. thesjkexperienc

    How many watts do YOU need?

    My Swart ASTPro is about 18 Watts and it seems about perfect for me. I do really like my two 30 Watt amps as well in the Morgan AC40 deluxe and Tungsten Buckwheat. They have plenty of headroom, but you can get the amps into the zone without being too loud. I love the power scaling on the Morgan.
  19. thesjkexperienc

    Preference: Newer guitar with modern appointments or vintage?

    I prefer modern frets on vintage style instruments. I don’t care about radius of the fretboard, but I do prefer the modern EVO gold frets for easier bending. I like the 6 screw tremolos and three single coils, but like the modern 10 way switch for in series sounds.
  20. thesjkexperienc

    One guitar, one pedal & one amp yet cover all bases!

    One of my sss Strats w/10 way switch Swart Atomic Boost pedal Swart AST Pro amp This gives me a big range of tones by using my volume knob for fat solos and bright rhythm. The AST pro has tremolo and reverb that are exceptional.
  21. thesjkexperienc

    Jessie's Girl

    Jessie is the girls spelling. Changes the song considerably.
  22. thesjkexperienc

    To go with your amp, would you rather have an Axe FX III or a killer pedalboard?

    I’d take a pedal board. Programming computers and music don’t mix well with me. Much of the time I just have a fuzz, treble booster and a vibe and I don’t think the axe FX does treble boosters.
  23. thesjkexperienc

    How much does a typical (good quality)fret job on a rosewood fretboard neck cost

    Woodsongs luthery in Boulder has top quality techs. You would have to call about pricing, but they do great work.
  24. thesjkexperienc

    What’s up with Fender (and general guitar) prices these days?

    I guess the price of plywood is going up for their entry level Guitars to go up so much in price. I’m always amazed by how much people will pay just to have a Fender sticker on the headstock. It’s super easy to build a partscaster, with the finest hardware, for under a grand.
  25. thesjkexperienc

    Did You Buy Any Guitars Amps & Kit During Lockdown

    I haven’t bought a thing this year except for strings.