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  1. saneff

    Who on here sets up pedalboards?

    i really want to have mine done by someone who will do it right. So I want to send my board and pedals etc to someone and have it professionally done. I’m sure there are some in here that do that. Or that can be recommended. Please let me know and PM is fine if you would rather. Thanks!
  2. saneff

    Recommendation for nice keyboard

    I’m a guitar player but played piano as a kid and want to get back to playing. My band also needs it so I’m going to give it a whirl. I primarily will want piano sounds and maybe some organ. Weighted keys are a must. I dont really want anything too complicated. I want something nice, and price...
  3. saneff

    What amp/effects do you take to band practice?

    I'm struggling. Torn between packing light and easy vs taking what I would use at the gig which is heavier and bigger plus a pedalboard. I have so many options, and I've just been all over the place each week. I can't get settled. I have used my Katana 100. But at our rehearsal space it just...
  4. saneff

    What are some classic songs with fuzz pedal?

    Fellas, give me some songs - outside of Hendrix - that feature tone using a fuzz pedal. I'm trying have some fun with a Swollen Pickle and would love to have some more songs to jam using it. I had a few in mind when I bought it and now I've forgotten them because im an idiot. Thanks!
  5. saneff

    Band name etiquette

    Ok, so do you Google your prospective band name to see if ANYONE anywhere is or has used the name? What's the etiquette here? If there's a band on YouTube in east bumf@&ck with 3 views, do you push ahead and still use the name you want? Where is the line? Thoughts?
  6. saneff

    Just got a Fryette Sig X

    Bought a mint one for $750. So I went for it at that price. I've read lots of good things on TGP about them and I've wanted to try one for years. I play in a classic rock and country band. I guess it will take some messing with to figure out how to fly this 747. Damn that's a lot of switches and...
  7. saneff

    Now HERE'S a cover band IMO

    Just ran across these guys. Very talented band and I like how the put their own twist on their covers. The singer has a great voice, although I realize he's soaked in reverb and delay. But I guess that's part of the shtick. They seem to have quite a following and play to some big crowds that...
  8. saneff

    LP pickup selector switch keeps flipping from Treble to Rhythm

    If I'm on the bridge pickup, it will just magically flip up to neck pickup every time after a very short time. It just won't stay on the bridge pup. Never had this happen with a guitar. What's causing this and what is the fix? Anyone know?
  9. saneff

    Please explain the difference in Ohms makes

    I am still learning for sure, especially about amps/cabs. What are the reasons and effects of the difference ohm settings? I have some with 4,8 and even 16. How does it affect tone?
  10. saneff

    This guy can play his Tele

    I think this guy kills it. I realize it's not really traditional Tele tones, but he's rocking pretty hard. I like his playing. I'm sure some posts will follow that disparage his playing, or don't see it as anything special. And some won't like his tone and the song. But I think this guy is a...
  11. saneff

    Where do you rest your picking hand?

    ive been playing for several years, but lately have felt stuck and so I started taking lessons. My teacher is actually the lead guitar player for a fairly well-known internationally touring metal band. He's a neighbor. Very experienced player, and when he's not touring he has taught lessons for...
  12. saneff

    Is my Dad Band too stereotypical? Originals songs included

    Guys, what do you think? I'm concerned that we aren't cool and current as far as today's music and look. We felt like the songs were super cool, but so far the reaction has been lukewarm at best.
  13. saneff

    NGD: Nutter Guitars "Monster" - double neck banjo/guitar

    Guys, just received this custom build from Brian Nutter of Nutter Guitars. It's a double neck with the bottom being a 6 string electric banjo and the top a 6 string electric guitar. The pickup on the electric guitar is a Lollar gold foil. Here's a video of Brian demo'ing the guitar just before...
  14. saneff

    Jason Isebell's song - Decoration Day

    I never knew this about this great song (written when he was still in DBT): http://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/music/decoration-day-the-true-story-behind-jason-isbells-song-tl-dr---idgaf/55143917/
  15. saneff

    I pretty much only like listening/watching live music

    Guys, it's true. I really just realized it, but for the last few years I never listen to music that isn't a live album or record or on YouTube or Qello or somewhere. Is anyone else like this? I just like it better live. It sounds better to my ears, and maybe it's the rawness of it or just that I...
  16. saneff

    Oasis: Supersonic. New documentary on Oasis

    Now on iTunes. It's over 2 hours and very well done. Pretty much just covers the first few years. But it's very informative about that time and they have incredible amounts of footage. My gosh, that Liam Gallagher is just NOT a likable dude. I knew that going in though, and certainly didn't...
  17. saneff

    Reverend Hellhound

    I just grabbed a Reverend Hellhound 40/60 combo off Reverb on sort of a whim. I had read good things, and I was able to buy it for $400. It's in great shape. But holy smokes is that thing a killer amp! Tones are fantastic - especially (so far anyway) with the British setting. It can get LOUD...
  18. saneff

    Our very own Dale (tonedr) & Lexington Lab Band kill it again

    They take a turn at doing some Boston tunes, and nail it as always. Dale is my boi.
  19. saneff

    Help me with this Two Rock amp I might buy

    Guys, I have an opportunity to buy this Two Rock Custom Reverb Signature amp head and the vertical cab too. I really just don't know a great deal about this model. Not sure what version it is (v1 or v2?) and I guess this is the 50 watt version? The seller claims it's a John Mayer signature model...
  20. saneff

    Charlie Robison

    Props. I am relatively new to him, but great songwriter. And KILLER band. And Florida Georgia Line call themselves country. Out of Charlie Robison and those dudes, I know which I would rather have a beer with.
  21. saneff

    200 best songs of the 1970s

    It's just a list and of course all of these lists and rankings like this are totally subjective. But I wanted to post it because it can be fun to see songs on there you like. http://pitchfork.com/features/lists-and-guides/9935-the-200-best-songs-of-the-1970s/
  22. saneff

    Temple of the Dog going on tour

    Starting in November. Wish I could see one of those shows. Loved that album. http://www.templeofthedog.com/
  23. saneff

    Capo in a pedal

    I went from playing in a rock band that played some songs occasionally a half step or whole step down, to now a primarily country band that has several songs that require capo all over the neck. I really don't want to mess with the capo, and I guess I got spoiled by my Digitech Drop pedal...
  24. saneff

    What amp should I bring to practice at new space?

    Band moving to a different space for practice this week. We usually practice in a huge commercial space and there we have a lot of room and also can get at gig volume levels all we want and then need will be in the drummers basement. So we will be pretty close together which I am not used to...
  25. saneff

    Difference between silver Archer and gold Ikon

    Guys, I can't find it in a search. Who can tell me the difference? Thank you!!!
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