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  1. 4styx

    Partscaster body w/reverse bridge route?

    Does anybody out there know where I can find a light weight ash, right hand strat body with a reverse bridge pickup route. Thx in advance. I don't know why this isn't a regular option, I know I'm not the only one who thinks the bridge pickup is slanted the wrong way.
  2. 4styx

    .047uf cathode bypass cap options

    Apologies I had the value wrong on the title and can't seem to change it. I want to try a .47uf cap in place of the .68uf cathode bypass cap on V1b of a marshall style amp. There are Zoso caps throughout the amp. What caps do you guys use for that application? Would a Sprague paper in oil...
  3. 4styx

    Stupid Amp!

    Just when you thought you'd seen it all. haha If you're in Vancouver you could get a Supro for free apparantley. https://vancouver.craigslist.org/rds/msg/d/new-westminster-stupid-amp/6994042387.html
  4. 4styx

    Do Reconed speakers need break-in?

    I just got a Heritage G12M that has a 444 cone. Obviously a recone. It sounds like a 55hz but the highs are pretty piercing. Do reconed speakers need to be broken in like new speakers? Thx.
  5. 4styx

    Unresponsive Amp Builders..

    I'm looking to have an amp built, JTM with 6v6s. I've emailed Phaez amps and Valvestorm but get no response. I've read here about people who've used Vavlestorm. There seems to be a lack of contact info on the site, no phone number or sales contact info, only an administration email. What am I...
  6. 4styx

    Sub 40lb Marshall type amp..?

    Looking for a lighter weight Marshall (type) amp with some headroomto take on stage for jams and guest appearances. So far its DSL20cr , DSL15c , Studio 15 and JTM 30. Not totally sold on any of them. The JTM30 would be good for Hendrix type stuff I think. The other sounds would need to be ZZ...
  7. 4styx

    PSA For those struggling with HR Deville drive sound.

    I had three Mullard short plates I bought of Ebay years ago kicking around and tried them out in my Hot Rod Deville 410. Big difference, the drive sound is now totally useable all the way up the dial. V2 was the most noticable for the drive channel. A Mullard reissue worked there as well, but...
  8. 4styx

    Tinting a Strat neck ?

    I just bought an American Special Strat and am going to convert it to a Hendrix strat. It has the SSH in black now so a reverse pickguard should work. Does anyone have any experience tinting a satin urethane neck finish? Thanks in advance.
  9. 4styx

    Lil Dawg Harvard owners?

    If anyone owns or has tried this amp, how do you like it. It seems highly affordable compared to the real thing. Also wondering how it compares to a Victoria Ivy League. Thanks.
  10. 4styx

    Customized Strat wiring question

    I was wondering if it's possible to wire a stock Fender strat so that the middle and bridge are on the same tone control, with the ability to bypass the middle tone control when on the the neck/middle position. Is a different or custom switch required? Thanks in advance.
  11. 4styx

    SD Jimi Hendrix pickups

    Anybody tried these pickups yet?
  12. 4styx

    Pawn shop deal of the week..

    http://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/EPIPHONE-Guitar-model-DR-100NA-serial-no-221-quality-guitar_27026146 I just had to post this.:bonk
  13. 4styx

    Pickup Suggestions for Les Paul Classic

    Hi. I just got this 97 Classic.I'd been looking for a lightweight one for a while.This one's 8.5lbs.The tone of this guitar is pretty much all in the mids. It has 57 classics in it now. I'm in the market for new pickups but not sure what would be a good match for this guitar. I need the neck...
  14. 4styx

    New Crybaby Clyde McCoy wah

    I've had one of these on order since Feb and it finally showed up.Worth the wait?...absolutely. It's not much of a looker but it's got the goods.The travel on the treddle is not any longer than normal, but there's a lot of range in there. It's making me re-think the way I use a wah. If you just...
  15. 4styx

    76 G12M Value?

    Hi. I just got a pair of Celestion G12Ms. I'm pretty sure they are from 76. Stamp is FJ22X T2168. J orI777 cones. They"re going into a 2X12 StoneAge cab. Sorry no pics yet. Just curious if anyone know what they're worth.
  16. 4styx

    Removing shims from tailpiece holes/help..

    Hi.I've got a early 80s Explorer that I had refinished and Kahler route patched.I must have supplied the wrong size tailpiece inserts. The guy didn't mention this and glued in thin shims to try and get the undersized inserts to work.When I adjusted the tailpiece one of the inserts started...
  17. 4styx

    Value of StoneAge 2x12C cab?

    Hi. I can't seem to find a sold listing anywhere,including Ebay. I'd like to know how to price a StoneAge 2x12C cab fairly. Thanks for any input.
  18. 4styx

    Goldtop question..

    Does anyone know which Goldtop Les Pauls had/have maple tops,if any? Thx.
  19. 4styx

    Aluminum Tailpiece observations..

    I bought one of those cheap aluminum stop tailpieces off ebay,to see what the see what the deal was.My 61RI SG wasn't cutting through the mix even with pickup swapping. I reused the old stings btw.Acoustically it had less bass and a perceived increase in treble.Plugged-in(with band) the bass was...
  20. 4styx

    What's your favourite Bridge pup in a SG?

    Just wondering what bridge pickup you guys use in your SGs and how you like it. Thanks.
  21. 4styx

    61 SG reissue,what bridge pickup?

    Just recently picked up one of these great guitars.Love the 57 in the neck,but am not too crazy about the 57+ in the bridge. Who has swapped out this pickup and what are your thoughts.
  22. 4styx

    Yet Another Les Paul Pickups Thread..

    I've got an 04 Les Paul Flametop Standard and am thinking of replacing the pickups.I'm pretty sure it has the Burstbucker pros.Thanks TGP guys,for helping out with that. I'm finding the stock pups a little Clackey sounding(can't think of any other term to describe it).I notice especially,when...
  23. 4styx

    What pickups in my Les Paul?

    Other than taking them out,is there anyway to find out what pickups are in my Les Paul?It's a Sunburst Flametop Standard from 04. Model: LP5+ITNH1 serial # 00354366 Thanks.
  24. 4styx

    Help designing rehearsal building..

    My buddy wants to build a small(double garage sized)rehearsal building on his acreage. Any tips on construction,function and sound quality?
  25. 4styx

    VL Chorus mod help needed.

    I've got a Voodoo Labs(non led) analog chorus that I like.But the volume and treble boost are over the top. I'm looking for someone who can mod it or better yet,tell me what parts to change.Any and all help would be appreciated.
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