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  1. LJD

    Phish's Trey Anastasio upped his tone game?

    I really like Trey's current tone. Very springy and spongey. (?). I'd love to know which amp is doing what. I can't tell by looking at those pics of the Deluxe's, anyone think they're running 6L6 power section?
  2. LJD

    Dead and Company w/ John Mayer

    The Halloween show was killer. Dream setlist.
  3. LJD

    The Grateful Dead without Jerry Garcia

    ^ Funny how with all the iPads and telepromters how many lines got muffed up there. I thought the song selection for all the shows was incredible. They peppered in all the hits, with songs I wanted and never expected. Phil Lesh sings like a telethon kid with peanut butter in his mouth. They...
  4. LJD

    Had a thought while listening to Phil sing lead

    It was great to hear Trey sing more last night but when Bruce sang Fire on The Mountain my ears perked. By far the best voice up there (besides Bobby). Can't wait for tonight. Happy 4th everyone!!!!
  5. LJD

    Fare thee Well rigs?

    Well said. I noticed he was on the neck pickup most the time and it seemed a little too smooth and milky. A little bite would be nice. His Koa guitars sound brighter to me.
  6. LJD

    Dead song for a funk band to turn around

    Shakedown and Dacncin' are obvious choices. Many tunes could be funked out. A funky version of an early uptempo They Love Each Other would be nice. A reggae-funk Row Jimmy? Brown Eyed Women. The Music Never Stopped!!!
  7. LJD

    Going to see the Dead this Saturday!

    Seeing John Mayer play with Phil Lesh got me excited for this. Mostly because he didn't sound "just like" Jerry. They could get someone like Stu Allen to mimic Jerry beautifully, but there's something more interesting about having someone else's take on that position rather than mimic. I also...
  8. LJD

    Songs that have rockin' funky riff swinging groove

    You just try to sit still to this: GNw8U4aCgjE
  9. LJD

    Gibson Opening LA Store on Sunset

  10. LJD

    Axis: Bold As Love

    You might want to try some Band of Gypsys.
  11. LJD

    John Mayer is no longer a Fender artist

    Interesting about the neck twisting. Does that occur due to the use and exposure, or was it bound to happen due to the nature of that piece of wood?
  12. LJD

    John Mayer is no longer a Fender artist

    How much drugs do you have to do before you start sweating acid? Checked him out, great player, great tones. Thanks. I didn't notice him strumming the top of his guitar, but I get it.
  13. LJD

    John Mayer is no longer a Fender artist

    How does Fender "copy" their own guitar? Also, saying that guitar earned it's relic appearance over ten years... that guitar was purposely shredded. That or he has the worst guitar strap ever made. Stop whining (I've never heard of Phillip Sayce, but since his name is next to Bonomassa I'm going...
  14. LJD

    Phish song most like a Dead tune.

    Meatstick = Fire on the Mountain (musically). As a long time phish fan, that's the only close one I've noticed. I love the open-mindedness in this thread. Very interesting reactions to the newer material. Check the recent live versions of Fuego. My all time favorites: Maze, You Enjoy Myself...
  15. LJD

    Help Transcribe this progression (chords).

    Nobody has nailed the voicing yet.
  16. LJD

    Help Transcribe this progression (chords).

    ^ That would be "Award Tour"
  17. LJD

    Help Transcribe this progression (chords).

    I see the ballpark... how about: C7sus/C7 - Bb7sus/Bb7 - *Ebm79/Ab7 - Bb7sus/Bb7
  18. LJD

    The epic Frank Zappa guitar solos ...

    See: Willie The Pimp
  19. LJD

    Help Transcribe this progression (chords).

    Does anyone know these chords? I always loved this progression. I've noticed Greg Koch sneak these chords into several demo vids. The song is We Gettin Down by Weldon Irvine. (the repetitive 4bar/8 chord keyboard part - starts around :38 sec, strong around 1:14 too). nCYLRcdz1S8
  20. LJD

    Who would you get for an "It Might Get Louder"?

    Eddie Van Halen Derek Trucks Nels Cline (or a Nashville player like Brent Mason)
  21. LJD

    Who is the most epic riff guitarist: all time

    Jimmy Page hand down. He wrote all the riffs. There are no more for the rest of us.
  22. LJD

    "Unfortunately there's no budget for music"

    Composer here. My favorite is when filmmakers want music for free and ask me to do it "for the love of the art". Who's art? That's your ****** indie film, not mine. And my art isn't filmmaking, it's music. True music isn't created to score visual media. It's your visual media that can't stand...
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