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  1. JDJ

    Here is a fret board layout showing the Major scale and Box pattern

    I believe this is subtle commentary that this is a guitar-oriented music gear discussion forum, directed at those Pubsters who only participate in this fractional sub forum and trod little elsewhere. Well played.
  2. JDJ

    Sold 1962 Gibson SG Special

    Update - paid and shipped! Thank you everyone for your interest. :)
  3. JDJ

    Sold 1962 Gibson SG Special

    I've had several inquiries and I'm making my way through them. I've had a few questions on pickup output and weight of the guitar and so I'm gonna add that information here for everyone. Measuring at the control cavity, I'm getting 8.05 kOhms on the bridge pickup and 7.63 kOhms on the neck...
  4. JDJ

    Sold 1962 Gibson SG Special

    EDIT on 2/28/2021 -- Thank you for everyone's interest, but this guitar is SOLD pending receipt of funds! If it happens to go back up on the market for any reason, then I'll let everyone who made inquiries know. Thanks again! :) 1962 Gibson SG Special for sale. $2,495 or best offer. I’m in...
  5. JDJ

    Sold THORN G/T-A - Carve Top - NOS/Brand New

    Does FCS know you’re moonlighting, Ron? :D Looks great, as usual! That neck carve and board look fantastic. :)
  6. JDJ

    Potentially hosed on a trade deal (Ultra Strat content)

    Yeah, I thought EpicEsquire claimed to be a licensed attorney in other threads.
  7. JDJ

    FS 2006 Fender Custom Shop '56 Relic

    Very nice. :) Can you describe the neck shape?
  8. JDJ

    So, what amp, pedal, etc do you hear in the guitar in this song?

    I hear lots of reverb and a Strat. What's generating the clipping tone? Amp? Pedal? Any other examples?
  9. JDJ

    Just saw that Guitar Center is getting ready to file bankruptcy

    I wonder if they owe Fender a lot of money and, if so, if that would adversely affect Fender.
  10. JDJ

    Sold WW10 Fender 52' Whiteguard telecaster

    That’s a good price for a great guitar. Very nice. :)
  11. JDJ

    Sold 2010 Fender Custom Shop Telecaster Deluxe Copper Thin Skin

    Beautiful color! One of my favorites.
  12. JDJ

    Namm 2020 is a wrap -Jake E Lee signature amp!

    Who bought the Fender Custom Shop NAMM guitars, I wonder.
  13. JDJ

    Sold Fender CS Tomatillo Strat $2995

    Very nice. :)
  14. JDJ

    Question for people who hate relics.

    This is a thread looking for a fight.
  15. JDJ

    Sold 1959 Limited Edition Custom Shop Fender Stratocaster 2016 Relic

    Alright - I'm posting twice in your for sale ad. Usually I'm more drawn to ash over alder but this is one excellent looking Strat. Really really nice. :)
  16. JDJ

    Shipping choice: UPS, USPS or Fed Ex?

    Last I looked, FedEx has a limit on declared value for "custom instruments" - whatever that means.
  17. JDJ

    Treble-Bleed on a Stratocaster

    I like a treble bleed and just use a small capacitor and no resister.
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