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  1. J

    Wireless woes........

    To me, with wireless units, you get what you pay for. I have been in bands with guys that bought cheaper units due to the price and they had issues in environments where I did not. There is nothing more annoying than using a cheap wireless unit on your guitar and then hearing loud bursts of...
  2. J

    Wireless woes........

    I also get at least two gigs out of a battery charge, usually a little more. I bought an extra battery and charger for mine. I keep the extra battery charged and in my gig bag just in case I forget to charge the belt pack. It was worth the money to have a backup. It is quick to change as well.
  3. J

    Wireless woes........

    Yep, that is digital. I personally have had no issues with the Shure digital unit I run. If you want to go with an analog unit, I would look at the Sennheiser EW 100. I have used those units for a long time with no real issues.
  4. J

    Wireless woes........

    I won't buy a wireless unit unless it either says Shure or Sennhieser on it. I have owned several brands in the past but have never had an issue with these two. I run the Shure GLXD16 for my electric sounds and a Sennheiser EW100 on my piezo pickup. The Shure is digital and the Sennheiser is...
  5. J

    Maybe a modeler for effects wasn’t such a great idea

    I used a Boss GT-8 along with my amp to do this for years. Everything I needed was built into the GT-8. I ran it in manual mode so I could turn things on and off like a pedal board. Then I could step on a switch and put it back into preset mode to change to a new preset then step on a switch...
  6. J

    Pedal binge-buying

    A lot of truth there. Between buying gear that I am not using and spending Friday and Saturday evenings trying out new bourbons that I have purchased I have spent quite a bit. I know that it is because I am bored and tired of always being at home. I have purchased these in the past month...
  7. J

    Best Velcro Solution 2021

    I am right there with you guys. I like to swap out OD pedals every so often and have not had any issues with my pedals staying on the board. I live in Florida and I have found that the weakest part of the Velcro is the adhesive on the back. Shen it gets hot from being in your car it softens...
  8. J

    Stupidest reason you ever bought a pedal

    Because I seem to have an OD obsession. I seem to buy a lot of OD pedals because I saw something about it and watched some videos and decided I should try it. I have bough at least 4 in the last year, two of them more recently. If I find a tone I like in it with one of my amps, I keep it...
  9. J

    TS808 or TS9 for Super Reverb

    I have both the TS9 and The TS808. I don't hear a lot of difference in them. I would suggest going for the TS9 because it is cheaper. I like the sound of them stacked. You could probably get the same result stacking two TS9s. I would also take a look at the Keeley Red Dirt OD. This is...
  10. J

    Mid-heavy distortion?

    I would second this pedal. The mid control on it is add only. You turn it all the way down for no effect on your tone. It also has a fair amount of gain on tap. You can open it up and adjust the internal pot if you want more from it. It is a great pedal. I would also throw in the...
  11. J

    Do schaller straplocks fit exactly on the hole of the Suhr strap button?

    I use the old style ones on everything. I have them on 3 Suhrs and they work great. There are other brands of them out there besides the Fender branded ones. I usually look for the real Schaller branded ones. I usually find them on Amazon for reasonable prices. I always use longer screws...
  12. J

    First bad Reverb experience

    That response is one way to guarantee he gets the minimum feedback possible if he doesn't give you a refund. I would keep my dealings directly with Reverb. Contact them and give the sale number. They will be able to see any communications you have had with them through their system. They...
  13. J

    Do schaller straplocks fit exactly on the hole of the Suhr strap button?

    The screw part of the new style is definitely bigger in diameter. I received a set of them and as soon as I saw that I refused to use them. If you ever switch back, you will need to put filler in the holes to get the original screws to tighten in the hole. Another reason I wouldn't use the...
  14. J

    First bad Reverb experience

    Letting Reverb handle it is the right answer. I have had two less than stellar experiences on Reverb and they were both with large vendors. I had to get Reverb involved in both. I received 100% of my money back both times. That to me is a huge value of Reverb. They will go to bat for you...
  15. J

    Dirty Shirley default internal pot position?

    I knew the BE OD had a pot in the back of it. I dialed that one down a bit for my taste. I have the DS pedal too. I didn't know this one had the pot in it too. I opened mine up and the slot in the pot stem is setting at about 1:00. This appears to be almost all the way down. When I turn it...
  16. J

    How much should I ask for my DGT pickups?

    Did you sell the pickups? I may be interested in a set.
  17. J

    opinions welcome

    I have a Euphoria that I have just never bonded with. It is pretty much new and setting in it's box.
  18. J

    What exactly is the Fulltone Secret Freq?

    I have honestly never tried to use it as a TS. I bought it to use it at higher gain settings. I like the sound of it with the gain at about 3 o'clock. I have 2 TSs and a Keely Red Dirt and always used those for the TS sounds. I would think it would do decent at being used as a TS though with...
  19. J

    Anyone cutting down dirt boxes for amp dirt?

    I have 3 dirt pedals on the board I use with my smaller amps. I run the amps clean so I use all of the dirt pedals in that scenario. I recently went back to using my Roadster so I went down to just using a Visual Sound VS-XO and using it as a clean boost and a OD for a little more gain when I...
  20. J

    Compressor before or after OD

    I run a Keely 4 knob after 3 OD pedals. I do this so if I stack ODs the volume doesn't get really loud or drop too low. I also find that it helps when I roll the volume back on my guitar to clean the sound up a bit I don't lose my volume. It works really well for that. Running it after the...
  21. J

    Keeley Red Dirt?

    I find the Red Dirt to have less mid range push than both the TS9 and TS808. It has more gain too. I like it better than any TS I have played and I like a TS in front of a pushed tube amp.
  22. J

    opinions welcome

    I own both of the Barber pedals mentioned in the OP. They stack well. With the tonal options the switcher provide I think you will find what you are looking for there. Try swapping them as well. You will get som slightly different sounds. For another option check out the Visual Sound...
  23. J

    Anyone using a Bogner Red pedal through a Fender Twin for rock dirt? Thoughts?

    I plugged a red into a twin at the local guitar shop a while back. It sounded huge. I wanted one of the red pedals. After test driving it I decided I didn't want it. I felt the various switches and adjustments on it didn't really change the sound of it that much. But it did sound good for...
  24. J

    What exactly is the Fulltone Secret Freq?

    I wouldn't call it a TS. It has a lot more gain than a TS. It also does a lot more than the cocked wah sound or the Boston sound. The way I use mine I use the mid control to give a little scooped mid sound by keeping it low. You can turn it all the way in one direction to take it out of the...
  25. J

    Fulltone Secret Freq... anyone?

    Mine is still on the pedal board and will not be coming off any time soon.
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