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  1. sampleinajar

    Replacing or repairing Floyd Rose screw-in studs

    Hi everyone, I have an old Kramer from 1982 that I took out after about 15 years in the case and discovered that the trem mounting stud on the high E side has loosened in its screw hole and tilted forward. Inspection shows that the wood has compressed on the front edge of the screw hole...
  2. sampleinajar

    Bludotone DK30?

    I saw Davy Knowles live recently, and I really liked the tone he gets from his Bludotone DK30 model. It’s not overly refined and polite but still retains the unique parts of the umble sound that I dig, both overdriven and clean. Seems to clean up really well with just the guitar volume...
  3. sampleinajar

    Guitar ID help

    hi everyone, I saw this picture of Neil Geraldo with a hollow body electric and was wondering if anyone knows what it is? Conversely, if anyone can recommend similar guitars - smaller, hollow bodied electrics - that would be worth checking out I'd be very appreciative. Thanks, Steve
  4. sampleinajar

    Recommend a good left-handed classical?

    Hi everyone- My daughter is a lefty and is interested in playing the classical guitar. I have tried in vain to convince her for two years to just play all my righty guitars, but it just isn't working for her. So, I'd like a good beginner classical, in the $300-500 range, but it has to be...
  5. sampleinajar

    Recommendation for decent mic and compressor

    Hi All- I am getting back into recording after a long break, and am in the market for two all-purpose pieces of gear. First, I need a good condenser mic (under $500) that will be really good on vocals, and at least 'good' on acoustic/classical guitar. I would also like recommendations for a...
  6. sampleinajar

    Firebox vs. FA-66 ?

    Hi Everyone, I am very new to computer-based recording, though I know my way around tape-based systems and am good with computers. I am setting up a simple, laptop-based system that will be running Reaper (on Windows XP) and have narrowed down my interface search to either the Presonus...
  7. sampleinajar

    Giggable combo amp ?

    Hi all, The Germino lead55 half-stack is too loud for rehearsals and small clubs, so I've been doing a lot of reading here and elsewhere about combo amps suitable for gigging. I was hoping to get some specific input that someone might have based on my requirements. I need an amp that can cop...
  8. sampleinajar

    Vintage Strat Opinions?

    All- This is currently under consideration, and I have spoken with the seller (who is a member here). All seems to be correct to me, but I would greatly appreciate it if someone could comment about the guitar and if anyting seems out of the ordinary for what would be expected from a 64...
  9. sampleinajar

    Swapping Suhr neck?

    A strange question, and don't ask how I got here, but I was wondering if anyone knows if a standard 'fender' strat neck will fit in a Suhr Classic-S? Before I go unscrewing everything to check for myself, I thought I would ask..... Thanks in advance- Steve
  10. sampleinajar

    It's alive!...New partscaster (w/pics)

    I just completed my new partscaster last weekend and thought I would post some pictures of it. It was a long difficult project - the nitro paint was a total PITA, but came out pretty nicely. Specs are: Body: 1982 MIJ basswood strat body, refinned with black nitro Tuners: Gotoh staggered...
  11. sampleinajar

    How yellow is Parchment?

    I am planning on putting a new pickguard on a black strat that I am building, and I was thinking of going with the Callaham parchment. Has anyone seen one of these in person and can comment on how they compare to a new Fender white guard? How yellow are they? I don't want too yellow for this...
  12. sampleinajar

    Strat Pickups Advice

    Hey everyone, I was hoping to get some advice on pickups for my partscaster that I am working on. I don't need uber high-ouput or anything, and humbuckers are not my bag. I currently love the V60LP pickups in my Suhr; however, the bridge pickup doesn't blow me away as much as the neck pickup...
  13. sampleinajar

    Cool pickup comparison page

    Just stumbled across this and thought it was really cool. Same licks played with several different strat pickups and combinations. Quite useful I think. http://www.acmeguitarworks.com/Strat_Pickup_Sound_Clips_W1.cfm
  14. sampleinajar

    Discovery - Bolt-on neck pocket fix

    OK, so I probably re-invented the wheel, but I am in the process of putting together a partscaster and discovered that the neck that I am fitting had just a tad bit of space between the neck and the upper bout of the neck pocket. I got this idea to find some veneer and glue it in there prior to...
  15. sampleinajar

    Another shout out for Phil Jacoby

    I just had my guitar set up by Phil and I had to tell everyone that he is absolutely top notch. The man knows is stuff - cold - and took at least an hour in total watching me play, asking questions, tweaking here, try it out again, etc. Excellent workmanship, and honest. I came there thinking...
  16. sampleinajar

    Tele noise cancelling coil?

    Hi all, I remember reading someplace years ago about how people used to place dummy coils in their tele's to decrease the hum from the pickups. Does anyone by chance have more information on this, or can they point me in the direction of some more info and history of this? Thanks! Steve
  17. sampleinajar

    Wet/Dry revelation

    So the wife is out of town, and I brought the rig home from rehearsal space figuring I would get some tinkering done. Last week I bought some 10" PA speakers that I figured I would incorporate into a free-standing wet/dry rig. Previously, I had miced the amp, sent it to a small mixer with a...
  18. sampleinajar

    TAD mustard caps

    Hi all, I was wondering if someone could tell me what the scoop is on the TAD "mustard" caps? How do they compare with Sozos and Mallory 150s? I was just getting ready to try out the Sozos, but then saw that these are available through Mojotone. Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks! Steve
  19. sampleinajar

    Dirtyish Germino Lead 55

    OK, so I figured I would put a contrasting clip to the clean. Same amp settings on the Germino (from the same show), just bridge p/u on the Suhr through a FUlltone '69 (mostly as boost, very little fuzz), into the amp. Hope this illustrates the point I was trying to make about versatility of...
  20. sampleinajar

    Cleanish Lead 55 clip

    Hey everyone, By suggestion, I deleted the thread in the amps section and am reposting it here. Many tend to think that the Lead55 is an all out rock machine, but I think this clip shows why I like non MV old-style Marshall's so much. This is an excerpt from a board recording (with some room...
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