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  1. Hoodtube12

    Sold Fulltone OCD

    Traded. Thanks Greg!
  2. Hoodtube12

    Sold Fulltone OCD

    Keep the offers coming!
  3. Hoodtube12

    Sold Fulltone OCD

    Up for trade is my OCD version 4. Sounds great, Looks great...Zero issues. I'm looking to trade for some kind of Muff variant or Fuzz Face (clones are fine), possibly some sort of Tubescreamer, again clones are fine. I'd also like to try a Timmy again. I can send pics if interested. Trade...
  4. Hoodtube12

    Sold Earthquaker Devices Tone Reaper Fuzz

    Up for trade is my Earthquake Devices Tone Reaper. Tons of great Bender tones in one box. I'd love to find something more in the Muff family. The bigger the sound, the better. Not really sure what I am looking for but I'm a fan of EQD, Stomp Under Foot, etc. I can email pics if interested...
  5. Hoodtube12

    Sold Mad Professor Simble Overdrive..SOLD

    Up for trade is my MP Simble OD. This is easily my favorite Dumble style pedal, sounds awesome. The pedal is in great condition, includes original box. I'm having trouble uploading pics but I email them if interested. PRICE- Sold, Thanks Greg!
  6. Hoodtube12

    Trying to cop a Trey A tone. Thoughts on a guitar...

    I believe the Tube Screamers and his Mesa Boogie are the most relevant gear to achieve his best tones. I've heard Trey play a Jaguar live and it sounded very similar to his Doc. Tone is in the hands.
  7. Hoodtube12

    Sold Fulltone Fulldrive 3...$100 Shipped

    Up for sale is my Fulltone Fulldrive 3. This is the standard black model with the killer independent boost. The pedal is in great shape, includes the original box. I can email pics to those intetested..although it looks just like a new FD3. PRICE: SOLD Shipped from Louisville, KY.
  8. Hoodtube12

    Sold MIA Fender/Warmoth Telemaster...Looking For Strat

    Great offers so far! Keep em coming
  9. Hoodtube12

    Sold MIA Fender/Warmoth Telemaster...Looking For Strat

    Hi there. I have an all American Telemaster that I'd like to sell or trade. It has a Warmoth surf green Jazzcaster body, USA Fender Tele maple neck, Custom Shop Twisted Tele neck pickup, Vintage Noiseless bridge pickup, Joe Barden bridge, Marc Rutters barrel saddles, Electrosocket output...
  10. Hoodtube12

    FS/FT: Lovepedal Kanji Eternity

    Up for sale trade is my Lovepedal Kanji Eternity OD. Very smooth and open drive pedal. This pedal has the Thru-Tone Mod which corrects the impedance issues that the Eternity's are known for. I ship with USPS Priority Mail with tracking. Please feel free to send me any questions etc. Price-...
  11. Hoodtube12

    SOLD::Analogman Silver Mod TS9

    Up for trade is my Analogman Silver Mod TS9. AM's mods make this pedal great, easily my favorite TS type pedal. The LED was also changed to a green LED by AM. The pedal works great. I'm only interested in trades at this time. I'd really like to find another low gain OD to try with a new...
  12. Hoodtube12

    SOLD: Boss DD-5 Delay..Looking For Ditto or Timmy

    Title says it all. I'm looking for a TC Ditto or a Timmy OD, and I have a Boss DD-5 that I could trade. If you're interested and would like to see pics please feel free to message me. Thanks! Trade Value- SOLD!!
  13. Hoodtube12

    FS: Hand Painted Rockbox Boiling Point (Pics Added).. SOLD!!

    Up for sale is my Rockbox Boiling Point. It's one of the hand painted (swirly) versions, in mint condition. It includes the original box/pouch/ paperwork etc. SOLD!! THANKS DAVID!!. I will ship via USPS Priority Mail.
  14. Hoodtube12

    Vox AC4TVH Bright Cap Help

    Thanks. I know when you remove the bright caps for an AC15 there is a bright cap for both the normal and top boost channels. I was hoping there was one for the "normal" channel of the AC4TV.
  15. Hoodtube12

    Vox AC4TVH Bright Cap Help

    Thanks guys. I know I removed a bright cap from an AC4C1 Blue as well. I was hoping there was a Bright Cap in the AC4TV as well. The treble is ear piercing with my Tele.
  16. Hoodtube12

    Vox AC4TVH Bright Cap Help

    Am I wrong in thinking the AC4TVH would have a Bright Cap?
  17. Hoodtube12

    Vox AC4TVH Bright Cap Help

  18. Hoodtube12

    Vox AC4TVH Bright Cap Help

    Hi guys. I just picked up a Vox AC4TV Head and I'd like to remove the Bright Caps. I'm having trouble finding the specific caps to remove. Does anyone here know the caps I should remove? Any help or pics would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  19. Hoodtube12

    FS: GMD Luther Drive... SOLD!!!

    Title says it all. I have a Germanndude Luther Drive that I'm selling for SOLD shipped, US only. The pedal is in great condition. Best 808 style pedal that I've tried. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks
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