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  1. cjp54

    PSA Fret File.

    This looks like the one that sells for twice the price at Stewmac...
  2. cjp54

    Hairball Audio FET 500

    Has anyone built one of these 1176 comp clone? If so, what’s you’re opinion of the sound?
  3. cjp54

    Mutron II phaser clone?

    Is there a clone pedal of the Mutron II Phasor?
  4. cjp54

    Repairing a vintage CRL 1452

    Years ago I was looking for a CRL 1452 for my 1960 Telecaster Custom and came across a broken one with an extra CRL 2190 switch for parts for $15. The 2190 is basically the same switch except it has temporary positions for 1 and 3 and is fixed in position 2. I bought them and put them away while...
  5. cjp54

    Pedal Order

    I've always been a Guitar - Cord - Amp kinda guy but lately I've been buying pedals to put together a nice pedalboard. I know nothing about which pedal to put first in the chain. I'll be running these through a Komet K19 and 1-12 Speaker Cab. The K19 does not have a loop. What order would you...
  6. cjp54

    Tom Mics

    What Tom mics are you using in the studio? Do you use the same mics live?
  7. cjp54

    Copywriting your music?

    Not sure if this is in the right section or not. What do you do to copywrite your music? Is one site better than others? Anything to watch out for?
  8. cjp54

    Dent Repair Question?

    My buddy's R9 slipped off of his guitar strap and got a pretty large ding on the back of his neck from a very solid bedpost. He says it's as deep as a dime. How would go about repairing this dent? I was thinking I could probably steam it out some with a damp rag and iron then see if it's too...
  9. cjp54

    PT15 IR Channel 1 Questions.

    I purchased a new PT15 IR late last year and just didn't like channel one at all. Could hardly get any crunch out of the amp with the gain all the way up and when ever I did turn up the gain it would totally change the tone. More mid/bass and cuts the highs a bit. I've tried with both humbuckers...
  10. cjp54

    Straight edge advice.

    I need a straight edge to help me get a neck straight before I level dress and polish. 18” would span the entire length of my guitars. Stu Mac has a 12” and an 18”. What do you guys use or recommend?
  11. cjp54

    Game Of Thrones Inspired Telecaster Build, Photo heavy.

    When the GOT series guitars came out I thought the Telecaster was the best of the bunch. However, at $25K that just wasn't going to happen. My son wanted me to build him a new telecaster so I suggested a GOT inspired build. Pickguard, control plate, and border inlay made from .050" thick...
  12. cjp54

    Satin Finish Question?

    My son wants a satin finish on the Tele I'm building for him. I've only done gloss finishes up to this point with wet sanding between coats and final wet sand before buffing to a high gloss. I have a clear quart of satin nitro from Stew Mac and have been wet sanding between coats. For the final...
  13. cjp54

    My first Tele Build

    Had a piece of Alder laying around just waiting to be turned into a guitar. Here's my first Telecaster build. Warmoth neck, Texas Special pickups, 4 way switching. Parts I made or had made: All router patterns, body, aluminum pickguard, stainless steel control plate with angled switch with more...
  14. cjp54

    2010 SG Pickups?

    What pickups would come stock in a 2010 SG Standard?
  15. cjp54

    How long from final clear to wet sand?

    How long do you wait from your last coat of nitro clear to wet sand and buff? Then how long till you put it on a guitar stand?
  16. cjp54

    Old Lacquer, any good?

    I have a gallon of old Behlens Instrument Lacquer that's about 10 years old. It still looks and smells the same and Is the same viscosity as new lacquer. Does lacquer age/degrade in the can or would it be safe to use on a new build?
  17. cjp54

    Telecaster Bridge Grounding?

    In general is the bridge on a telecaster connected to ground? If so, how is it connected?
  18. cjp54

    Bottom resonant head, how often do you change?

    I’ve had the same bottom heads that came with my Yamaha Maple Customs from the mid 90’s still on since I bought them. Will changing them with the exact same heads sound any different/better? Also, are there a variety of different bottom heads that sound different from one another? Top heads...
  19. cjp54

    Router Bit Bearing Leaving Marks?

    I just finished routing my first Telecaster body and have a couple of issues. I only have a 1/4" Black and Decker router and the longest bit I could find with a top bearing was a 1" cut x 5/8" diameter. My firsts pass looks great but when I raise the bit to get the second cut there's a ledge...
  20. cjp54

    Looper Question?

    Is there a looper that lets your live sound go through one amp and your recorded loop sound go through another amp?
  21. cjp54

    Flat Finish Question?

    I'm in the process of building an Ash telecaster for my son. He wants a flat black finish with silver grain filler. I've never done a flat finish on a guitar before so I have a few questions: Do I need to use flat black lacquer if I'm going to use a flat clear coat? Do you simply not clear coat...
  22. cjp54

    Leveling Frets with a 1" beam?

    I've done some refrets a long time ago and I used a long file to level the frets before crowning them. I'd like to use one of those 1" wide, 16" long beams they sell at Stew Mac. My question is: what grit sandpaper would I use to just level the frets. Would I start with say 200 and end up with...
  23. cjp54

    Router Template Thickness?

    For those of you that route your own bodies, what template thickness do you use? I"m' going to be making my own template with a waterjet and aluminum plate (that's what I have at my disposal) but was wondering if I should go with 1/4" or 3/8" plate thickness. Is there any advantage/disadvantage...
  24. cjp54

    Nito vs. Acrylic Lacquer

    Can I spray nitro clear over an acrylic lacquer base color without incident?
  25. cjp54

    Humbucker Cover Hole in Tele Pickguard Size?

    I'm going to be building my own telecaster body with a custom pickguard and was wondering what size to make the hole in the pickguard for a PAF Pickup cover to go through. It's in the neck position. I'm going to be mounting the pickup to the pickguard without any pickup ring. I've measured my R9...
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