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    Thoughts on aging performers

    I saw the Charlie Daniels Band a few years ago. He was 78 at the time and was still tearing it up. And his band was absolutely sick. I felt bad for Travis Tritt and his band having to follow them.
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    Thoughts on aging performers

    It's interesting to me to see the guys who are still out there doing it well. Paul Rodgers sounds at least as good has he ever did. Mark Farner is pretty danged close. Dave Meniketti still sounds great, although he has lost a little top end. Same for Steve Whiteman from Kix. Stryper, by most...
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    My friend Billy McLaughlin on CBS Early show this morning!

    I have the privilege of meeting Billy at a clinic in Storm Lake, IA in 1990 (I think) just after Inhale Pink/Exhale Blue came out. He spent a lot of time detailing his tunings and compositions, and even handed out some hand-written tabs for some of his stuff. Very generous, open guy. I'm really...
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    Jimmy Thackery

    I saw him in about 1997 or so in Alta, IA in a tiny little community center. I was close enough that I could have spat on him, had I chosen to. He was playing a Tokai Strat clone with a Floyd Rose thru a TubeScreamer and a Boss Delay into a pair of BFDRs. Mighty tasty stuff!
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    Comebacks: stunning successes and spectacular flops ?

    Larry Carlton after being shot. He's done pretty well for himself.
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    Shredder with guts!? Paul Gilbert

    What I love about him is that his primary motivation still seems to be that he just plain digs playing, period. He's still driven by a pure love for the instrument.
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    Modern Prog. Rock

    I've said it before on here, but go and buy/download "Snow" by Spock's Beard. You'll thank me.
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    Best Gear Advice You Ever Got

    Midrange is your friend. Buy good quality cables. Poor workmanship is rarely the fault of the tools.
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    Bands which had particular members who disliked each other ?

    Yngwie and, well, pretty much anybody who has ever played with him.
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    So the sound guy says, "turn down..."

    I guess it depends on the gig, but most of the time I'd bite the bullet and turn down a bit to keep the peace unless the guy is just being a jerk. He could be taking some heat from the club owner. I used to run sound for a band that had an animal drummer that made it really hard to get a decent...
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    Anybody got any love for Phil Keaggy?

    For the uninitiated, here are a few classic PK pieces: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDPM4-YIF9c http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3iSiij98VY&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jcji2gYJkI&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T89MVl2NcPg&feature=related...
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    Anybody got any love for Phil Keaggy?

    Two things that really stand out for me about him. A. The number of things he does so well. He can do the blues/rock thing, he can be jazzy, he does nice Chet-style acoustic stuff, he does the quiet, introspective stuff, the Hedges-style stuff, vocal pop, classical-style pieces, all with total...
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    Anybody got any love for Phil Keaggy?

    You could also check out the Philly Live dvd. It's a real jawdropper.
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    Any Spock's Beard fans here?

    If I had to pick my one desert island disc, Snow would be it.
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    Funny 80's David Lee Roth quote...

    This one's not quite so comical, but after 5150 came out and there was all the Roth vs. Hagar mudslinging going on, Dave said something about how "Every night Sammy gets to go out there with those guys and sing songs that I wrote. I can promise you that you'll never hear me singing a Sammy Hagar...
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    Dirty Laundry solo ?

    I remember reading an interview with Danny Kortchmar, who produced the album. He said that Luke nailed the solo in 2 takes.
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    Do each of us have a speed threshold?

    I was going to make the same point. I think that if we all had the same abilities, we'd all be capable of the same stuff. However, some guys will never be able to run a 4 minute mile, no matter how much we train in spite of our diligence and discipline. I think that it's our own individual set...
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    Best Hair Bands of the 80's

    +20 for Queensryche. I also dug WASP, Accept, Lillian Axe, Fates Warning (kinda like Queensryche with a more progressive edge), and a little later was a band called Slammin' Gladys; Jani Lane produced them.
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    Best Hair Bands of the 80's

    Mine would have to be Mr. Big.
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    Could not believe my ears, The Williams brothers and the Osmond Brothers

    Ya gotta love the tuck n' roll death wall behind them. :JAM
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    Interesting interview with Hartley Peavey

    Last night I was horsing around with my Squier Strat plugged into my mid-80's Peavey Bandit. I got the Strat for $125 bucks used (with a nice case) and I got the Bandit for 20 bucks at a yard sale. I spent another 20 bucks for the footswitch, and I think I had to have a little work done on the...
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    Ageing Rock Vocalists that can still hit..

    While he probably wouldn't quite fit the title "rock vocalist", Phil Keaggy can still hit the notes in a big way. I love the fact that, either on guitar or singing, he is always going for it and doesn't hold back, even at the risk of making a mistake.
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    It's Close to the End of the Year, Time 4 "What Gear Came/Went 2008" List

    In: Crate/Palomino V32 Head and Cab WGS Veteran 30 and Reaper speakers for above Digitech GSP 1101 w/Control 2 BBE Sonic Maximizer Rack Case Squire Strat Out: Vox AD120VTH Head w/AD412 Cab 1974 Marshall 4x12 Supro Lap Steel Boss CS2 In Transit: GFS pups for the Strat For 2009: Who knows?
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    favorite use of speed?

    For me, it's George Lynch on "Mr. Scary". Another fave would be the solos Lynch trades with Tony MacAlpine on "Tears for Sahara".
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