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    Who winds the best '69 'grey bottom' Strat pickup?

    Stephen Design pickups are great he does vintage fender and gibson pickups as good as it gets. He even gets the same alnico magnets from the same place fender did in the 50's and 60's... If you don't want to spend that much money the next best thing are Suhr pickups His V60LP are great!!
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    On a Marc Ford kick, need some help with a Neptune Blues Club tone.

    Marc is an awesome guy and he does jump around a lot with what he will use in the studio. I don't think anyone mentioned he used Roccaforte amps (there version of a Plexi) Effect wise it has always been basic A tuner and Analog Man Sunlion is what he use for the most part on the last black...
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    Relicing Run Amok

    Fender Relic's look great... But the quality to price ratio doesn't match up the same thing goes for gibson... you can get a suhr or anderson guitar in the same ball park price range and have a 1000X better quality guitar.
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