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  1. The Dirty Tube

    Fenders with Active Pickups... Or, Remember the 90's?!?

    I first started playing guitar in the early 1990's. I remember active pickups being a really hot item at that time. Basically the late 80's through mid 90's. Numerous music legends endorsed them, and I wonder how much of it was to drive sales, or if these musicians actually preferred them. The...
  2. The Dirty Tube

    Vintage Fender Experts: Ever See these Electrolytics as Factory Originals???

    Below is a photo from my 1966 Pro Reverb. I should preface this by saying that I don't care if the electrolytic (2-in-1) cap pictured below is original. There's 3 of these in this amp and they're in poor shape and I'm swapping them out. This thread is only to satisfy my curiosity. Now, I've...
  3. The Dirty Tube

    Fender Amp - Screws for Doghouse / Octal Sockets / Xfmrs ???

    Yeah, lame thread topic. A couple months ago I acquired a 1966 Fender Pro Reverb amp. The doghouse cover was inexplicably removed and sitting inside the cabinet. No caps replaced, like someone removed the cover simply to inspect the caps... and lost the frickin screws (no, they aren't under...
  4. The Dirty Tube

    "Peavey" and Other Logos Removed From Amps - Is it Ugly? Is it Shame?

    I see tons of used Peaveys pop up in the typical outlets. One thing that stands out to me if how often their logos are missing. Many of the post-1980's ones have their "Peavey" logos removed, particularly the Delta and Classic series. From the front of the amps, you'd never know who made them...
  5. The Dirty Tube

    Grill Cloth - 1990's Marshall JTM Combo - Source???

    Restoring my first Marshall! Does anyone know where I can source grill cloth for the 1990's JTM combo series? It's basically tan. Maybe a slight 2-tone? So far all of the Marshall cloth I can find is not quite right. Any help would be great! Thanks!
  6. The Dirty Tube

    TJ / Full Music - 12AX7 Tubes - TGP Ignores Them?

    Audiophile guys such as myself discuss these tubes. Why does TGP and the larger guitar world ignore them? I've had a pair of TJ / Full Music 12AX7 tubes for about 5 years now, and they're better than the other modern production stuff I've tried. A recent "modern tube manufacturers" thread made...
  7. The Dirty Tube

    NAD: Princeton Reverb with Pull Boost - Got Info?

    Picked up a cheap 'n' minty 1979 Princeton Reverb. Original speaker and tubes, etc. I'm finally a Princeton Reverb owner. Very trendy amp right now, and I'm pretty stoked about firing it up. Before I pull the chassis, I was wondering if anyone had info on the Pull Boost volume. I know I hated...
  8. The Dirty Tube

    Fender '86-'07 Saddle Screws / Allen Wrench - American Standard

    Hey, All, Can anyone refer me to the correct screws and Allen / hex wrench for the '86-'07 (I believe) Fender America Standard saddles? I believe the wrench diameter is slightly smaller than the current model wrench. My '96 Am. Std. Telecaster came factory / dealer prepared with several...
  9. The Dirty Tube

    Why 12AY7??

    So, why do people continuously go to the 12AY7 tube? I know Leo used them, but I don't know why he specifically chose them. And I theoretically understand why people are attracted to 5751 tubes and other lower amplification factor tubes. But why, specifically, do people use the 12AY7 when...
  10. The Dirty Tube

    Blackface-era "Molded" Ajax Caps to the Test

    I recently came into a stock of 62 used Ajax blue "Molded" caps. Standard equipment in Fender's mid-1960's blackface amplifiers, and highly sought after by many of today's guitarists. I decided to put these 62 caps through a capacitor test. My control group was a batch of ten brand-new...
  11. The Dirty Tube

    Oxford 12T6 Speaker Opinions?

    Any opinion on the Oxford 12T6 speakers that were standard issue in Fender Twin Reverbs? How about the 1970's 12T6, specifically? Other than the Twin Reverb, anyone know what other models the 12T6 appeared in? Of course I figure the "big" 6L6 driven models have the 12T6, but if anyone can...
  12. The Dirty Tube

    Twin Reverb AC568 Issue

    Anyone familiar with the Twin Reverb AC568 circuit? I picked one up and it's nearly stock and I'm trying to return it to fully stock, but I found a couple of polarized electrolytics where non-polarized used to be. I can't find a clearly drawn schematic anywhere and I'm trying to identify what...
  13. The Dirty Tube

    1940's Amp - John Meck Industries ???

    Picked this guy up for $5. The only suggestion of who made it is a single printed piece of paper inside the cabinet that reads "John Meck Industries" and has a licensing disclaimer for circuit designs by AT&T and Western Electric. Anyone know anything about John Meck Industries? My web search...
  14. The Dirty Tube

    Guild Amp Parts?? I Need Knobs, Tolex, and Badge

    Starting to restore an early 1960's Guild amp. I need all 4 knobs and I don't know what the originals look like. I need a badge/logo for the front of the amp. Finally, I need new tolex. Can anyone help me on this? Here's a close-up of the tolex: Here's a stock photo of the amp, showing...
  15. The Dirty Tube

    Found a Fun New Project... (And Now Accepting Circuit Ideas)

    I've been considering the simplicity and rarity of the single-ended 6L6 amp for some time now. Then this little guy falls in my lap: It's a Thordarson T-30W08A. Circa 1947. Two 6SJ7 tubes, one 6L6, one 5Y3. Rated at 8 watts and advertised by Thordarson as "capable of delivering its rated...
  16. The Dirty Tube

    What is a "Soft Vacuum" (Tube Content)

    Another member here mentioned that EL84 and EL34 tubes have "soft" vacuums, which leads to a shorter lifespan, and that the KT-77 and 6CA7 improved upon the EL34 to minimize this issue. I've never heard of a "soft vacuum." I've heard of similar terminology referring to gas-filled tubes, but...
  17. The Dirty Tube

    Ever ABY Speaker Cabinets (minus the Y)???

    I figured I'd do a shoot-out between my 1979 Pro Reverb and 1999 Twin Reverb RI... through each other's speakers. Hence, I alternated running my TRRI and Pro Rev through an ABY box; the speaker jack line going into the ABY then split to each the CTS pair and the Eminence pair. Due to the...
  18. The Dirty Tube

    Speakers Stuck to Baffle Board

    I recently scored a pair of 1970's Eminence speakers, and for kicks I wanted to try them in my 1979 Pro Reverb. The original CTS speakers still work 100% but aren't my (or anyone's) favorite. These speakers are absolutely stuck to the particle-board baffle. I've restored speaker cabinets...
  19. The Dirty Tube

    7591 Technical Problem

    On a whim I purchased a pair of EH 7591's from a very popular and reputable dealer, and they're supposed to be thoroughly tested and matched on some fancy and very precise equipment. Well... I pop them in my modest workhorse Hickok 800 tube tester, and they test really poor for being brand...
  20. The Dirty Tube

    12AD7... Any Experiences Here?

    I recently scored a fantastic box of old tubes. And I finally came across my first 12AD7. Nearly all I've seen are Japanese examples, and sure enough, this one is an NEC. Billed as a "low noise" version of 12AX7, what's the difference between the 12AD7 and, say, a 7025? Anyone have...
  21. The Dirty Tube

    EH's 7591A Tube... Any Experience Here?

    This is my first time stepping out of the vintage tube realm. I've read that certain EH's are made on the same equipment as Sovtek tubes, yet it's been years since I've seen a Sovtek 7591. Can anyone substantiate the EH/Sovtek connection? I've had great luck with vintage USSR 6BQ5's and it's...
  22. The Dirty Tube

    Gibson GA-35 RVT... Very Noisy Reverb!!

    I've recently acquired a Gibson GA-35 RVT. I believe it is a 1967 model. My amp is identical to the common internet version of the schematic (shown below), also a larger version ia available on Gibson's website: http://www.gibson.com/Files/schematics/GA-35RVT.jpg With the reverb clicked-off...
  23. The Dirty Tube

    6BQ5 Identification Help?

    So, I have a pair of 6BQ5's. I pulled them from a low-budget mid-60's TrueTone stereo. They have an acid etch of "AUDD USA" on them. They have a re-label of "WG & Co. P28063-290 Made in USA". All other tubes pulled from the console are clearly Japanese, also labeled Made in Japan, and all...
  24. The Dirty Tube

    Vibrato vs. Tremolo... what?

    So, the few music teachers I've had growing up (vocal, piano, bass, guitar) gave me the understanding that Vibrato is the correct term for Vocalists and Tremolo is the correct Instrumental term for the same thing: a pulsating effect. How is it I'm reading people say things like "this amp's...
  25. The Dirty Tube

    Tolex Glue??

    Anyone know what various types of glue can be used for attaching tolex? I know AES sells an anonymous "neoprene" based type. Any other suggestions? Anyone know what specific types or brands amp manufacturers use?
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