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  1. bobbymack

    What is one amplifier you regret selling?

    Early Carr Slant 6V. Several '60s blackface Fenders. Bruno Underground 30. Kingsley Deluxe 30. Ironically I'm still haunted by an amp I demoed several times and for some reaason never bought -- Clark Piedmont with 4 knob reverb. AMAZING rich tone. Damn.
  2. bobbymack

    Sold Louis Electric KR-12 1x12 combo -- EXC+, orig owner

    I hear you brother. I have a KR-12 head and 2x12 cab. :)
  3. bobbymack

    Sold Louis Electric KR-12 1x12 combo -- EXC+, orig owner

    For sale here is a very clean, zero issues, great sounding KR 12 from Louis Electric. It was built by hand by Louis Rosano in April 2015, and I bought it later that year from Eddie's Guitars in St. Louis. One of the very best sounding amps I'ver ever played -- everything from huge cleans to low...
  4. bobbymack

    Sold 2013 Fender Custom Shop Clapton Strat -- Mercedes Blue, Minty! $SOLD $!

    Here we have a near mint 2013 Fender Custom Shop Clapton Strat in Mercedes Blue! The guitar weighs only 7 lbs 13 oz which is VERY light for an EC strat given the active circuitry etc. This beautiful axe is in almost new condition except for a ~1/2" scratch in the finish near the jack plate, I...
  5. bobbymack

    10" Speaker ID Help Please?

    Thanks slider. You still have that sweet R8(9?) I traded you many moons ago?
  6. bobbymack

    10" Speaker ID Help Please?

    I recently acquired a great sounding 1965 Vibrolux Reverb. I've had several, and this one sounds killer. Can anyone ID these speakers for me? Kendrick Black Frames?? https://photos.app.goo.gl/d7gLnuhF4cAdZehNA The cones and frames look like older Kendricks, but they don'thave labels and the...
  7. bobbymack

    Sold Rare Providence Chrono Delay pedal

    What I like most is the “ducking” this pedal has, similar to its predecessor the Delay 80s of which I also had two but those didn’t have tap or the ability to set the time accurately by bpm or ms... Also has a great knob for adjusting tone of the repeats. i’ve enjoyed Brigadier, El Cap, and...
  8. bobbymack

    Sold Dano Big Spender Leslie Sim, JHS Bonsai, Greer Lightspeed

    All are in excellent condition or near mint. I'm a longtime TGPer with excellent feedback here and on Reverb, where I will post anything not sold here in a few days. All of these prices are quite a bit lower than anything posted on there, so buy with complete confidence... NO TRADES PLS All...
  9. bobbymack

    Sold Rare Providence Chrono Delay pedal

    Best delay pedal I've ever used, on my board for 10+ years, with a backup in reserve!
  10. bobbymack

    Sold bobbymack's The Nice Price pedal sale

    I have the following pedals for sale at below market prices for TGPers. All are in excellent condition or near mint. If I am wrong about a pedal being priced well let me know, I am a reasonable guy... Some have industrial velcro neatly applied (mostly onto gaffer tape for easy removal -- I'm...
  11. bobbymack

    when to quit the band?

    A wise man said, “A man marries a woman hoping she will not change, a woman marries a man hoping that he will...”
  12. bobbymack

    Best non squishy compressor Poll

    As the OP of this dinosaur... I tried and liked the Tone Press, but love the Diamond Jr — almost always on, does exactly what I’m looking for as expressed in the original post.
  13. bobbymack

    what are your top 5-10 boost, overdrive or distortion pedals?

    MP Royal Blue OD Zenkudo Twin Way Huge Saucy Box Maxon OD808X Original big box Tim
  14. bobbymack

    Sold As New 2017 Kingsley Page; Koi (Zendrive killer) OD pedal

    For sale is an as new 2017 Kingsley Page tube powered Overdrive / Boost pedal. I just received this from Simon, and in the 6 months I was waiting for my build slot I found the pedals and sounds I was seeking so I don't need to confuse the matter with this Page, I'll simply pass it on and save...
  15. bobbymack

    Sold Louis Electric HD 12 (Harvard / Deluxe) w/ Scumback, NOS tubes

    For sale is an EXC Louis Electric HD12 20 watt 2 6V6 combo in VG+ condition, red tolex. This is Lou Rosano's blend of a tweed Deluxe with a tweed Harvard. Great sounding amp. Will include an extra NOS 6AT7 preamp tube, and the NOS GE power tubes too. Can jumper channels. Zero issues. Will also...
  16. bobbymack

    Sold '16 Suhr Badger 18 head in cream -- Minty!

    Suhr Badger 18 head in cream tolex in near mint condition. As eddie Berman says, "the perfect amp"... Amp will ship with as new NOS JJ Tesla EL84s as shipped from Suhr. Will ship with padded cover, amp is 100% no issues.....$SOLD / obo shipped lower 48 I have been around TGP for...
  17. bobbymack

    Sold '16 G&L Legacy Strat - Paulonia, 6.6 lbs EXC++

    Nope it's one piece solid rock maple
  18. bobbymack

    Sold '16 G&L Legacy Strat - Paulonia, 6.6 lbs EXC++

    Here is my Exc+ G&L Legacy in Fullerton (Fiesta) red. I can't find a mark on it, but I'm sure somebody can so I'll call it Excellent++ rather than Mint... The Legacy is a great example of how Leo expanded on one of his original bolt on designs. This Legacy features a super resonant...
  19. bobbymack

    Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe

    Haven't read the whole thread but if it has tap tempo I'll be irked. A couple years ago I was so taken with the BE I contacted Catalinbread saying if they could do a BE w tap, even a custom shop or one off it would be the best delay on the market. They semi ridiculed my suggestion saying it...
  20. bobbymack

    What pickup makers have impressed you recently?

    Suhr Thornbuckers Gibson Custom Buckers
  21. bobbymack

    Stainless frets or Nickel Silver

    True. If I still lived in NC where I had a first rate tech... I agree totally re the Suhr "heavy" frets (6150?)...my favorites. Love my older Suhrs with NS...
  22. bobbymack

    Stainless frets or Nickel Silver

    I have sold all my SS fretted guitars due to the plinky tone thing, 2 Suhrs and 2 Tuttles. I WANT to love them, and I do love the slinky feel. But I definitely have noticed the tonal and attack artifacts. Could be the way I play, I dunno but for now at least I love highly polished nickel silver.
  23. bobbymack

    Murphy's Law: Gig Emergency Bag contents...?

    Yeah, good stuff. I guess in my mind there are obvious things like picks, strings, cables, gaffer tape etc that you KNOW you are going to use, and may need a backup. I'm asking more about the stuff that's important to have for the occasional mid gig nightmare that can keep you going through a...
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