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    limit to sw based modelling?

    ask PC gamers if they think PCs are limited in comparison with dedicated gaming consoles... software running on high end computers is always going to have more potential than dedicated consoles/hardware because the refresh cycle is so much faster. Look at how much power is in the pod hd...
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    Guitar Center BOSS pedal rack amps - what are they?

    successful troll is successful.
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    BIGGEST Fender cleans ever?

    if you need anything "bigger" than a twin you're probably overcompensating. #loljustsayin
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    OK, when is a true mini tuner coming out?

    snark clip on strobe tuner + mini true bypass box (or vol pedal late in the chain) and you're set. the only thing that would be missing is you can't tune while the bassist is playing so you will have to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart or give him sheet music.
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    Johnny Cash is rolling over in his grave right now!

    you really lost me here. and probably your credibility as well.
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    What's a good step up from vox v847?

    i've never played a wah that i liked better than the clyde mccoy v848. its definitely in the vox camp, but a little more vocal with less of the PEQ peak in the sweep. basically the clyde mccoy makes the 847 sound like a crybaby in comparison if that makes sense.... it gives you more of what...
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    Guitar Center BOSS pedal rack amps - what are they?

    Two-Rock John Mayer Signature
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    Taylor Swift in Foxboro

    i was skipped over before auditioning for a rolling stones tribute because i didn't look enough like ron wood. i guess it was a compliment.
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    Anyone use the Line 6 POD X3 for vocals?

    i found it surprisingly useful for vocals. the hardware preamp isn't that great (on the noisy side, but that's expected for a unit where the preamp was basically a throw-in), but the software preamp sims are mostly nice. I think the american classic model was especially good and had a nice...
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    how many of you sing and play guitar, given the size of your pedalboards

    i play lead and sing lead. for me it has to be a small board (pt-mini) without tiers. having the pedals all lined up makes it easier to kind of know where they are without looking. I don't often switch pedals on and off mid-song besides boost and chorus. 90% of the time it's just a boost...
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    Pod HD pro sighting??

    the i/o is pretty flexible on the 500. i wonder if we're going to get a greater number of inputs on the pro to make it a better option as an interface. i think they will be taking a lot of pages from 11r.
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    Recording interface available for Droid Like Iphone?

    ice cream sandwich is supposed to be all about unifying the platform so there's always hope. windows phone 7 is starting to gain some traction and it will probably be a sane middle ground to android's wild west and apple's auschwitz.
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    Used *only* for the effects into an amp - HD500 or RP500?

    if you're running purely through the front end of a clean amp nothing beats the tc nova system in its pricerange.
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    Great Band, hate the singer.

    eric ****ing johnson
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    Recording interface available for Droid Like Iphone?

    partially true... since gingerbread they can handle audio just fine at the software level... the fact that hardware isn't standardized (i.e. there are many android phone models) means that it's tough for developers to put something together for it. i think there is a 4track app for android...
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    Lady Gaga on SNL last night.............

    The Gear Page: constructing a new reality on a moment's notice.
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    Taylor Swift in Foxboro

    for some reason, this doesn't apply to lady gaga :dunno taylor swift is ok for what she is... which is essentially music written by and for young girls. i don't really get anything out of it.
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    What a relief! The silence has been lifted....

    so many meme opportunities in this thread
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    Using Virtual Insturments with a Guitar Rig

    i'm not familiar with evolve, but omnisphere is actually a software sampler w/ library and not a synthesizer. the basic difference is that a sampler isn't really "creating" sounds the way a synth does, but activating a sampled library of sounds (think of the original mellotron machines, but...
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    Santana and McLaughlin tomorrow in Montreux

    sounds cool. i'm not the biggest mclaughlin fan, but the duo working together tends to push eachother out of their own comfort zones and the end result is pretty cool.
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    Your friends who don't play guitar

    they don't like it when i play dueling banjos
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    Feng Shui of your pedalboard

    i don't like having more than one row. i also like having the pedals face the same way (i.e. no sideways pedals) so i can see the knobs easily if i need to adjust them. also, it makes it easier to stomp them without looking.
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    Axe forum down

    i'm sick of you entitled scumbags just "expecting" the forum to work. like that's what its supposed to do or something. makes me sick :horse