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  1. RussB

    Best Hollow and Semi-Hollow Bodies $500-$1000

    I also have an Eastman T486B, but it goes over your budget. Great guitar at any price.
  2. RussB

    $40 pick

    Had a copper and stone pic many moons ago. Both put a whoopin' on the strings where you pick...imagine that, the pick wearing out the string and not the other way around
  3. RussB

    PSA: $499 Gretsch G5622T Electromatic w/Bigsby w/Free Ship

    I paid $550 a while back as well, and am still very happy. No brainer for 5 clams (wonders if he should get an orange one)
  4. RussB

    Best Hollow and Semi-Hollow Bodies $500-$1000

    The supply of great guitars that fit your criteria is huge. Mine all happen to be built in South Korea, and all happened to cost the same! I have a Newark series Guild Starfire II hollowbody that I love. Sweetwater "blem" deal for about $550 Gretsch Electromatic series. Mine are the G5420T...
  5. RussB

    Eastman is paying attention

    Reckon they've had their finger on the pulse for a while now... Figured maple inlay, COOL!
  6. RussB

    Show Me Your Cavity

    My Partscaster, PRS SE Soapbar with Fralin's Carvin C66 with DiMarzio's and full sized pots
  7. RussB

    Epiphone using Gibson headstocks now?

    I really just don't care
  8. RussB

    Strings going dead right away...too much humidity?

    Although I don't have a direct answer for you, the humidity levels seems fine. Perhaps a bit dry if anything. Try a small humidifier in the room you keep your guitars in. And yes, temperature and humidity are directly related, hence the term, "relative humidity".
  9. RussB

    Grover Rotomatics

    Stew-Mac is a great resource. Check out the spec of the tuners for yourself,
  10. RussB

    Best guitar for p90s

    Had these, all gone now. Have this one. Love it :love:
  11. RussB

    If you could get one back,...

    '96 ASAT. big neck, 9.5" radius. One of the best guitars I've ever touched. Sold it to buy a Guild F-50 which turned out to be a dog. :nuts Someone here from Hawaii bought it. Hope he's still enjoying it :beer
  12. RussB

    The Mystery of the Vanishing Fret Buzz

    humidity and temperature, Rod nailed it
  13. RussB

    A GOOD Rant About Customer Service For A Change AND Replacement NGD!

    This is the best "bad NGD" thread I've ever read! I'm glad Spotlight Music and Ibanez took such good care of you. Congrats on your new guitar
  14. RussB

    The best deal you've ever given someone

    I gave a Les Paul Jr away to my son's half brother. I also gave him a Bugera 6260 head (5150 clone) I gave a Seagull acoustic electric to a local aspiring musician I gave my friend's daughter a nice Breedlove OM for Christmas. I gave a Bad Cat Cougar...
  15. RussB

    NDGGD (new double Gretsch Guitar Day)... with photobomb (beware)

    Mickey_C, how much work was involved installing the locking tuners? Did the peg head holes need to be opened up? Looks like a new hole had to be drilled for the screw as well?
  16. RussB

    Which 335-type Guitar?

    The cool thing about the Eastmans is they are all built by hand, by skilled craftsmen. I read they got their 1st CNC machine which is used to do inlays
  17. RussB

    Sunny Day Gretschs

    Show 'em off, Dudes! :beer
  18. RussB

    NDGGD (new double Gretsch Guitar Day)... with photobomb (beware)

    SWEET! I have a new 5420T in orange, and a 5622T in Georgia green. I am quite fond of the stock pups & hardware in both! I feel these guitars just need to be played. Good stuff right out of the box
  19. RussB

    Which 335-type Guitar?

    I agree. I have the T486B with P90's and a Bigsby. The "Standard" T486 with humbuckers (Duncan 59 & Jazz) and a stop tailpiece is an outstanding guitar and far above its price point in quality. I got mine at South Shore Music in Mass. They have 3 in stock...
  20. RussB

    Bourgeois Guitars to partner with Eastman

    A closed mind is such a terrible thing Question, how much cost vs profit margin does Martin have?
  21. RussB

    Case for Double Cut Les Paul Junior

    Damn, this is a dead thread. Way to go velcro fly :horse
  22. RussB

    Case for Double Cut Les Paul Junior

    Hard to beat the $77 shipped open box deal they have going on right now though on the Ibanez case.
  23. RussB

    Case for Double Cut Les Paul Junior

    I have that very case that I used for both my LP Jr and LP Jr Special. I recently sold them both with the factory gig bags, and still have the case. It's in excellent condition....PM me if you're interested