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    Thinking about making the jump to a "modern" tube amp (Mesa content)

    I am somewhat knee deep in the modelling train, but i think of that as something i use in addition to traditional amps. i've had tech 21, pods, vox tonelab, guitar rig, and most recently have been using Revalver with IRs. They are good but for my needs they just don't give me what i want to...
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    Thinking about making the jump to a "modern" tube amp (Mesa content)

    Fillmore is definitely on my radar as well. On paper though I don't necessarily see what the advantage of a Fillmore would be over a Lonestar - they seem to have a lot of the same vibe where the Fillmore is just a little more stripped down on modes, etc. Still would love to try them both side...
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    Did you ever get an amp that made you re-evaluate your playing?

    first time i fired up the blackface showman stack plugged straight in i thought "damn do i really suck this bad?". 85 watts, no reverb, squeaky clean, and treble-forward JBLs.
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    Silveface Bandmaster Reverb

    I have exactly this. Vibroverb clone with blackfaced internals. Its been my number one amp for almost a decade. Can't begin to tell you how much the 15" JBL is absolutely the perfect pairing for this amp.
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    Eventide TimeFactor vs. Rose

    This is actually still the case with Boss delays. To me they have always sounded the best among digital delays because of it. I had the timefactor for a while and i really really liked the delay sound but didn't like what it did to the dry signal.
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    EVH: How much has he inspired your rig?

    i love his sound but it hasn't really made its way into my music at all. if i had to pick out something i would say his use of flanging inspired me to add flange to my playing. other than that i guess you could say using your guitar's volume to clean up even when you're playing with a LOT of gain.
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    Thinking about making the jump to a "modern" tube amp (Mesa content)

    yeah it seems like the consensus on the supersonic was that it was a great idea but the execution left some things to be desired in a lot of ways. it doesn't have power scaling, but i'm not sure that is going to be a huge problem for me. i've been reading up a lot on load boxes etc and i'm...
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    Thinking about making the jump to a "modern" tube amp (Mesa content)

    so in the 15 years or so that i've been playing tube amps they've all been of the classic variety.... basically nothing but voxes and fenders and one gretsch/victoria amp, most of them without master volumes, etc. my current amp is a silverface bandmaster reverb that has been re-outfitted into...
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    Strat question

    i've been playing strats for years and i think yeah there is something to it.... a strat's inherent voice tends to work best either in a power trio type context where it doesn't have to compete with other guitars, or as more of an accompaniment instrument, relegated more to the back of the mix...
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    Official Thead: RIP EVH Eddie Van Halen

    So sad. Rest in peace. I am glad we have this place to remember him with all of the users here who were so personally impacted by his music. it is not a an exaggeration to say that lots of people here would have discovered their love of guitar and making music without EVH.
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    "Blackface" and "Plexi" in one amp head?

    imo the big question is gonna be speakers/cab. like a blackface fender through a closed back greenback cab doesn't sound so "fendery" and a plexi through an open cab with JBLs isn't all that "marshally" i think thats why people get so frustrated trying to get both sounds in one amp.... not...
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    How Important is Scale Length to You?

    i don't really like playing rhythm on short scale guitars. they are nicer for singing leads, but fender scale length to me carries so much more detail and complexity in the rhythm. the one exception i would say is big body gretsch guitars, but they are so funky and unique to begin with.
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    Lets have a last word on fuzzfaces, wah wahs, and buffers

    i actually bought a fulltone clyde wah with the adjustable buffer a few months ago. works perfect with my soulbender. too bad fuller turned out to be such a maniac lmao
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    YouTube Guitar, Pedal & Amp Demos - They really aren't that useful

    thinking about the wild west days in the late 2000s and early 2010s when amp demos were one guy noodling in his bedroom into the camcorder mic
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    Gear for pinch harmonics

    leather pants. if you are still struggling pull out the big guns and start wearing a necklace
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    H.E.R. Signature Stratocaster

    i saw her for the first time watching the emmys with my GF. that rendition of nothing compares 2 u was absolutely atrocious (like most awards-show music) but i was politely surprised by the guitar playing, which in my opinion was very good. nothing compares is such a difficult song to perform...
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    What was the "good wood" era?

    the only real way to know if a guitar has "good wood" is to build it, finish it, and play it for a few decades to see how it sounds. there is simply no consistent logical way to determine if a piece of wood is going to sound "toneful" until its been used to make a guitar, and even so until that...
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    Deep Cuts Off Of Huge Albums

    Led Zeppelin - The Rain Song - Houses of the Holy and Ten Years Gone - Physical Graffiti. Rain song eventually got more well-regarded because Zep performed it live a lot, but i think it was initially overlooked because the album had so many bangers on it. Ten Years Gone I think might be Jimmy...
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    Metallica - Blackened (Isolated Guitar Tracks)

    damn james is such a heavy rhythm player. great sense of feel and timing. its like iommi on speedball. kirk also doesn't get enough credit for what he does outside of solos but they compliment eachother really well.
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    Chrome or gold hardware for this blue strat?

    idk how i remembered this particular video from 11 years ago but gold hardware on a blue strat reminds me of this
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    Please stop saying "Messa" Boogie. I'm begging you...

    Someone should pull up the link from the original thread from like 10-12 years ago on this subject. people argued about it passionately for like 20 pages and then someone picked up the phone and called their customer service line and the employee said "May-suh Boogie amplifiers how can i help...
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    Famous guitar players who use cheap\affordable gear?

    my roommate in brooklyn left one of these in our loft when he left town. i plugged it in and thought "damn this sounds like absolute garbage" didn't see any TGP threads about it being sought after and sold it on craigslist for like $50. this was circa 2012
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    Eric Clapton: John Mayer is a Master guitarist....

    POPULAR GUITARIST is good but not a master. To me a master is PERSON YOU'VE NEVER HEARD OF
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    Most unique 90’s guitar tone

    i always really liked Mike Ness' playing and tone. Its very basic: les paul -> boss sd1 -> bassman but it has a timeless quality that wasn't as common in the 90s where people got obsessed with more noisy and less vocal lead sounds. Kinda like how in the 80s Slash plugged a les paul into a...