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  1. Mark Kane

    Suhr PT 15 R.I Reactive load amp

  2. Mark Kane

    Suhr PT 15 R.I Reactive load amp

    That’s the one!
  3. Mark Kane

    Suhr PT 15 R.I Reactive load amp

    I know I’m late at the table but I had one of these in this week for some new tubes. This amp blew me away. This amp is the first amp to blow me away in years. The build is amazing in quality work and the range of sounds available is truly astounding. Not a bad noise anywhere. All this at...
  4. Mark Kane

    Amp repair in Central FL

    Dominic, what all do you need done?
  5. Mark Kane

    Amp repair in Central FL

    Honestly, I know no one in the Orlando spread anymore.
  6. Mark Kane

    Komet Silver Cloud and Joe Bonamassa

    I‘ve still got my first two Jenkins cabs, a 2X12 deep box like yours and a 2X12 bluesbreaker. Many have come and gone, these are still here. Doug just had a hip replacement and is doing well. You should give him a shout!
  7. Mark Kane

    FS Eastman EL REY

    It’s all original, I really don’t know what they are. I love the way they sound so I never messed with them.
  8. Mark Kane

    Humbuckers Help for PRS Custom 24 With These Suggested

    Not familiar with the Riff Raff.
  9. Mark Kane

    Humbuckers Help for PRS Custom 24 With These Suggested

    I’ve got a 2001 PRS 24 with a pair of Holmes in it right now that really took it up a couple levels. That said I put a pair of Bare knuckle Mules in it before that with a fairly similar out come.
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  14. Mark Kane

    FS 2001 PRS Custom 24 Ten Top....****$400 off with original pickups installed and Holmes stay here****Price drop****

    ****If you would prefer the original pickups I would be happy to reinstall them and knock $400 off the price and keep the Holmes myself.****Nice guitar thats been babied. Wide thin neck, birds, great wide chevron top and plays like butter. It has a set if Japanese Tom Holmes(these sell for...
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  17. Mark Kane

    FS Bridges & Tailpieces, Callaham, Gibson, Faber, etc... ****callaham sold****KLUSON TUNERS SOLD****

    Lightweight wrap tails, Gibson, Gotoh. Gibson $65 shipped, Gotoh $50 shipped 2 Faber one for nashville posts, one for Gibson ABR-1. $100 shipped for the pair Kluson Custom Waffle back tuners and Grovers, both gold. either $65 each. 2 brand new Gibson ABR-1's $110 shipped for...
  18. Mark Kane

    FS Onamac Tele bridge pickup

    7.4K bridge pickup, I believe it was part of a Ford set. Not a Buck Owens pickup. great shape, no issues. $75 shipped CONUS
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