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  1. teefus

    Closest representation of power tube-only distortion

    the only amp i have owned that got close to unadulterated power amp distortion was a Valvetech train wreck clone. when turned up a bit, the amp had this hugely dynamic distortion that i have never heard before. there was very little compression and it was super punchy. like a kerrang when you...
  2. teefus

    I love strats but.......

    i was always a LP style player. scale length and dual humbuckers, and girth were the big reasons. i found a G&L Legacy Special a few years ago and it has been a great guitar. everything i liked about the strat but the tones were mostly in the hb camp. it has 3 gotoh rails pickups that are hb's...
  3. teefus

    Black Sabbath songwriting and production

    fwiw, i was always a fan. mostly of the Dio version of Black Sabbath. a buddy was a big fan of their earlier work and really got me into that too. Black Sabbath is definitely worth spending some time and exploring. some of the production is dark and dirgy but the talent is spot on. the remasters...
  4. teefus

    Dead G string

    saddle first, then check the nut too. could be getting caught up there. look for a high fret also.
  5. teefus

    Tube missing pins when I pulled it

    i have never seen preamp tube pins just pull out. i guess it is possible in new production tubes though. i have seen bent preamp tube pins break when they are straightened. definitely find the pins. you don't want them floating around in the amp.
  6. teefus

    Marshall Plexi in a Box - Style Pedals

    great demo, thanks for posting. fwiw, the way huge supa lead does some great plexi/marshall tones too.
  7. teefus

    Is this ugliest device ever created?

    very functional in getting 6 xlr jacks on a fairly small product. very ugly too though.
  8. teefus

    Diezel? Built in Amp Tech, NOT Blocking Kemper Profiling

    i get it. i mean kemper is essentially stealing other maker's amp tones and styles and giving nothing in return. i think most of the gear page members seem sympathetic to the theft of intellectual property like stompboxes and amp circuits. good on diezel for coming up with a way to prevent their...
  9. teefus

    Diezel? Built in Amp Tech, NOT Blocking Kemper Profiling

    i wonder if that blocking circuit is tone enhancing true bypass, lol.
  10. teefus

    Is this ugliest device ever created?

    it looks like it is going to turn into a robot, stand up, and fight another robot.
  11. teefus

    Way Huge GollyWobbler ???

    love way huge pedals. they certainly make some great ones. not sure about modulation and drive together though.
  12. teefus

    Diamond Memory Lane DLX

    they both cover some similar territory. i think the differences are in some of the modulation and in the beat subdivisions. the counter point has a 1/4 note blended back in the dotted eighth mode for example. the manuals for both are online to check or any other details.
  13. teefus

    AC-15 style heads

    every now and then a valvetech hayseed 15 will pop up for sale. definitely worth looking into.
  14. teefus

    What goes on your pedalboard OTHER than pedals?

    godzilla, robbie the robot and a ford gt40.
  15. teefus

    Gigs you attended, so loud it sounded like white noise and songs hard to identify ?

    AC/DC US tour sometime around 89-90 in Lexington, Ky at the old Rupp Arena. painfully and uncomfortably loud even back in our seats. even with real ear plugs it was seriously loud.
  16. teefus

    Rick Beato “Do Vintage Guitar Speakers REALLY Sound Different” video

    i enjoy a lot of rick's videos. this one seemed a little odd. wouldn't it have been better to have 2 identical orange cabs with the different speakers and a/b between them in real time?
  17. teefus

    Bat Out of Hell -- One of the Greatest Albums Ever?

    amazing album. one of the few that you can play from start to finish. i never knew todd rundgren was that good of a guitarist. it definitely has the show tune/broadway thing going on but i still like it a lot.
  18. teefus

    Rectoverb 50 series 2 recap

    fwiw, i bought a used studio 22+ combo a couple of years ago. it was a late 90's model and fairly well taken care of. i played it for a few weeks and decided i wanted to keep it for a while so i took it to indy (nearest Mesa certified tech). he charged me 2 hours bench time and changed a pot, a...
  19. teefus

    Dead speaker?

    you can check with a dvm set to ohms. you should get a reading that when multiplied by 1.2 should be really close to the ohms listed on the speaker frame if it is o.k. you can also check with a weakened 9v battery. the cone should move and you should not hear clicking or scratching if the...
  20. teefus

    1x12” cabinet - non-boxy

    the mesa wideboody 1x12 closed back is the best cabinet i have ever used/heard. i had a tone tubby black in mine and used it with my rivera knucklehead 55. it had a great thump and nice, even dispersion.
  21. teefus

    Old guys, what was BOSTON when they came on the scene?

    yep, definitely a great one. i think brad sang on that too, no?
  22. teefus

    Not liking the Diamond Memory Lane Jr. as much as I used to

    i think the differences between the mljr and counterpoint are beat subdivisions and maybe some minor modulation differences.
  23. teefus

    Not liking the Diamond Memory Lane Jr. as much as I used to

    my delay experience has been all over the board (lol). i have gone from superdelays to simpler units and back and forth many times. strymon, tc, eventide, etc. whenever i put any delay, side by side, with a diamond delay (mljr or counterpoint to be exact), the diamond always, and i mean always...
  24. teefus

    Old guys, what was BOSTON when they came on the scene?

    it is. i think a well-known collector from the louisville area bought it. most of the same guys (steve cooley and gearmandude) still work there.
  25. teefus

    Old guys, what was BOSTON when they came on the scene?

    doo wop shop is still around. far out, sadly, closed a couple of years ago.