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    Divided by 13 SJT10/20 owners....

    You might want to try an ASW Crossroads. It's an incredibly great sounding and superbly balanced speaker.
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    New Design - Peavey Classic 50 - Summer 2014 Release

    Your links aren't active.
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    Amps So Ugly They Make You Mad!!

    For me it's ANY amp covered in that incredibly fugly maroon tolex!!! God that stuff is hideous!!
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    Headphones To Mix With

    Yes, if you can swing the price these are the way to go. I've had them for a few months now and they are life changing.
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    Waves chooses July 4th weekend to end the special on the Reel ADT?

    Man, I was finally gonna buy it for the $99 introductory price only to find that Waves has ended the special! OK......but on July 4th weekend??? Seems odd to me. I sure didn't expect that. Obviously they can do what they want and it's my fault for dragging my feet but after reading the review in...
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    Where can I get a few cables for a Pedal Power 2?

    I only need a few. Does anyone know if GC carries something that will work? It's about an hours drive to the nearest GC so I thought I'd ask here first. Thanks :)
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    Free Eventide Channel Strip plugin

    Very cool. Thanks for the heads up!
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    What DAW do you use?

    Been using Samplitude for years. Love it.
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    The Amp you Kept?

    Fargen el34 Bordeaux. It's been my main amp since Ben built it for me in 2006. Lots of amps have come and gone since then.
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    2nd monitor source

    I've said before and I'll say it again. Focal Spirit Professional headphones! I've had mine for a few months now and could not be happier. I've spent a lot of money on room treatment and monitors but the $350.00 I spent on the Focals in the best cash I've spent on my studio in a long time.
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    So what is the latest and greatest touch sensitive pedals?

    I bought the Horus Overdrive based on a demo I saw by Pete Thorn and I'm very happy with it. It's extremely touch sensitive. I've tried a ton of overdrive pedals and the Horus is one of the very few that can truly be dialed in to be transparent. But at the same time it also has a set of very...
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    Prescription Electronics Face Lift

    I don't know............I think it needs more cowbell :)
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    Avoiding abrupt beginnings

    I'm not sure I understand exactly what it is you're talking about but if you're hitting record and immediately starting to play, that's not good. I always "let it roll' for at least a few seconds before any playing begins. Then we have the drummer click us in, usually with a four count before...
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    Prescription Electronics Face Lift

    Dude, you should post a warning about this demo to people that might be listening with head phones.............
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    Should I get a ARC Klone if I already have Mythical OD?

    I've never played the MO but I have tried the Timmy twice and I own an ARC Klone V2. Never liked the Timmy but I really dig the Arc V2. Two totally different animals.
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    Why are Duesenbergs popular with P&W players

    I don't know but I saw Chris Cornell playing one last night. What a beautiful guitar!
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    Recommendations for quality headphones

    Oh, ok. Thanks! In that case I'd recommend checking out the Focal Spirit Pros. I picked a pair up a while ago and they are outstanding! .........and very FRFR :)
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    Recommendations for quality headphones

    What does FRFR mean?
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    Guitar tones for 2 guitar bands

    Listen to Who's Next to hear how it's done. :)
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    Help!!!: cymbal distortion when mixing/mastering

    So it sounds like there's something wrong with your mic and it was making a humming / rustling noise? And when you compress it the noise floor gets brought up. Try download the RX3 demo from Izotope and see if that works for you. It should be able to clean up the existing tracks. There's not...
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    Studio monitors - getting a good balance with mains and sub

    Here's what I did. I mainly mix on a pair of Adam a7x's. I love 'em on their own but wanted to try a sub so I picked one up. It was a 10in sub made by Adam. It didn't work for me. I couldn't get the balance right and never felt like I could trust what I was hearing. So I unplugged the sub and...
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    What's your favorite LPF?

    That's what I'm trying to find out. And yes, if I use a waves RenEQ as a LPF it does sound different than using Sonalkis SV517 EQ for the same purpose. Edit: OK, I'm truly curious, do you guys think that they all sound pretty much the same and that I shouldn't concern myself with this? :)
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    What's your favorite LPF?

    What's your fav LPF? I'm sure people have favorites and I'm wondering what they are. Or, put another way, what EQ has your fav LPF? I'm looking for a good EQ for surgical duties and nice sounding LPF and HPF. Although I've never used it, the MCDSP NF575 fits the bill as far as functionality...
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    Your favorite sleeper pedal that doesn't get much TGP love

    Divided by 13 DynaRanger. It's been on my pedal board for at least six yrs. Like all pedals, whether it works well or not depends on the amp I'm playing through. That said, I can dial it in to sound good with just about any amp. But!!.... it is flat out amazing with my Fargen Bordeaux! So...
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