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    new Charvel GG damaged - UPDATED

    Fill it and re-drill the hole. It's a trivial fault assuming the rest of the guitar is ok.
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    Yet another what would you call this chord (Cm7b13?)

    As a rule of thumb when there are two likely chord names, one being an inversion, I usually go with the one that has lower extensions or simpler chord name. In this case you have either a root position m7b13th (or m7(b13) since there is no 9th) or a maj9 in 1st inversion. I'd tend to go for...
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    Palm muting on a Variax

    The problem with palm muting on a Variax, which uses piezo, or a GK pickup equipped guitar is that the pickup is in the wrong place to get a good palm muted sound.
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    early AC30 w/ el34?

    Vox named the amps according to wattage, an AC15 is 15w, AC30 is 30w etc. If it originally had EL34's it would have been 50w, not 30w so wouldn't have been called an AC30. There was an AC50 and an AC100 with EL34s of course but they came later.
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    adding inlays to a fretboard?

    You don't need to take the fretboard off, as far as how you do it, that depends on what kind of inlay you want to add...
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    the method for enhancing the sustain

    New neck is a crap shoot. Floating bridge? Blocking it off will give better sustain. Thicker gauge strings and/or higher action will too.
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    What is an ideal weight for a swamp ash Telecaster?

    Weight is the last thing I worry about
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    Jazz pedals?

    Chorus is modulated delay. Back in the old days before "chorus" effects existed you'd make that sound by modulating a short delay and mixing it with the original, which is what Metheny used to do with his Prime Times.
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    Developing Speed - Is There More To It Than Just Practice/Technique?

    I'm actually pretty set against these kind of mechanical exercises because I believe they are unmusical in nature and have a detrimental effect on playing, however, I will say this: Speed is a by product of accuracy. If you want to play fast you have to practice slow, like really slow. Start by...
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    'Slow Down Music' software advice

    I transcribe for a living and I use Amazing Slow Downer pretty much exclusively. Transcribe is good too but I prefer ASD's UI. If it had the ability to host AU's/VST's I wouldn't need anything else.
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    Options for Automated "Slow Volume" Pedal

    I've been using this for a while, does the Slow Gear thing quite well.
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    Favourite Ambient Artists?!

    it was a blast, thanks. working on the album now.
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    How do you guys transcribe?

    I transcribe for Hal Leonard, for software I use Sibelius but even these days a lot of stuff is still done by hand. Finale Notepad is a free download and does most of what you'll need. Amazing Slow Downer is great for hearing fast passages, Transcribe works too. As far as 8va, the rule we use...
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    Favourite Ambient Artists?!

    I'm playing guitar for Elizabeth Fraser right now!
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    Aspiring jazz guitarist...where should I start?

    Also Hal Galper's book "Forward Motion" is a great resource.
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    Aspiring jazz guitarist...where should I start?

    Learn a lot of tunes, listen to a lot of players, let the music teach you.
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    I transcribed the first solo to Giant Steps for guitar

    Nice work, would like to see more of it. Just a personal thing, I'd like to see a natural sign for the B on the Am to cancel the held Bb in the bar before, it's a grey area but doesn't hurt. Also if the first two or last two beats of a bar (4/4) are all 8ths they should be beamed together...
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    Use iPhone/iPad as a tuner?

    I use the Peterson Strobosoft app, it's great, the Cleartune app is nice too.
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    I have an MIJ strat - worth it to upgrade pups, bridge, tuners?

    IME, if a guitar just ain't happening tonally, swapping pickups etc. rarely turns it into a good sounding guitar.
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    What kind of equipment were you using in the 1980s?

    Early rig was an '81 Strat and a '74 Marshall JMP mkII 50w, used an MXR graphic to boost it. Later I got a Hamer prototype which I had a Floyd put on and a Kramer super strat, that was my rig for years. When I got a touring gig and a decent budget I went to a rack system, had to replicate a...
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    Quinn SDO Discontinued!

    Actually I recorded this direct, running the amp at low volume and feeding the pre out into my soundcard and ran a speaker impulse cab sim, it was a V30 sim I believe.
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    EHX "Analogizer"

    so it's an ADT with a boost? where does the looper part come in?
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    Options for Automated "Slow Volume" Pedal

    sounds like a volume pedal with delay to me but if you have to have a pedal the DL4 has a preset that will do it.
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    Floating Strat Bridge Question & Fret Rattle Question

    Use the edge of a credit card and see if it rocks when you lay it over the third and fourth fret.
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    Help Me Get Funky!

    look up Tomo Fujita on youtube, he posts here too, his books are great.