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  1. ChipOnly

    Blues Jr speaker swapping suggestions

    Of the opinion that the BJR cab is just too small for a 12" speaker. Sorry if that's a bummer.
  2. ChipOnly

    Don't care what anyone says, no pedal is worth what this guy just paid for one.

    Getting in at the top, a noted investment strategy
  3. ChipOnly

    New (2019) Fender Tonemaster Deluxe and Tonemaster Twin

    FWIW, I didn't have to adjust any of my dirtboxes for use with the tonemaster twin, coming from a tube twin. My settings on the amp itself ended up a little different to get the same sound, but once it was dialed, the dirtboxes all worked a treat, sounded just like they do through the tube...
  4. ChipOnly

    Miley does Metallica

    Always a demand for covers, that's the way it is Bruce Hornsby. But metal covers by Miley Cyrus? I dunno man
  5. ChipOnly

    Miley does Metallica

    Zero demand for this. Struggling to maintain relevance. Pat Boone did the same thing.
  6. ChipOnly

    Generational Music Appreciation Thoughts

    I think you, as a young person, didn't listen to old people radio then, but you do now.
  7. ChipOnly

    Appears COVID has killed my band

    I wonder how many bands are breaking up in Vietnam, South Korea, New Zealand over covid
  8. ChipOnly

    For Those Who Don't Think The British Invasion Saved Music

    "Saved" is a bit much
  9. ChipOnly

    Why do people hate floyded les pauls?

    Too many weird old man names - "Lester" and "Floyd" - associated with one instrument. One per, for me.
  10. ChipOnly

    Which Songs Do You Feel Would Make a Great Punk Song?

    Almost all of them. Punk isn't a what it's a how
  11. ChipOnly


    Poor people got their hands on guitars which are indistinguishable at a distance from top of the line status symbols, it's a big problem
  12. ChipOnly

    Wampler Belle Overdrive

    Mini nobels with bass control sounds great on paper, yes. The sweetwater demo didn't sound very good, tbh, though they typically don't (sorry!). And the copy about tweaks to make it sound less "hi fi" gives me pause. Still definitely thinking about ordering one!
  13. ChipOnly

    Is playing guitar is good for your mental health?

    All we did was bend the string like reen-teen, reen teen, reen teen teeno-neeno nee
  14. ChipOnly

    If I buy a genuine Fender Stratocaster body...

    If you swap out something trivial, like a pickup selector tip, is it still a fender? Is it still the same guitar?
  15. ChipOnly

    NGD - Fender Thinline Tele

    Hot guitar. I never looked twice at these. Looking 4+ times currently.
  16. ChipOnly

    FSOT Fender Highway One / MJT Telecaster

    I think either pickguard works, oddly. Have a price in mind?
  17. ChipOnly

    I hate my vibrato

    How do you want it to sound is a vital question but so is how are you doing it? Wrist? Finger? That weird whole-arm shake jazz guys insist on doing?
  18. ChipOnly

    Practicing at home without effects: when does it help, when does it hurt?

    You can use delay like a metronome, if you are really drilling a phrase, scale, pattern. That's the best thing I can say in favor of effects for practice. Compressor one to avoid, and by extension, appreciable overdrive.
  19. ChipOnly

    SD La Brea tele bridge pup - how hot, or not?

    Well, I have one on the way so get back to you guys in a few weeks or something.
  20. ChipOnly

    Les Paul with SD Jazz in the neck: what would you put in the bridge?

    I've got the Jazz in the neck of an SG with a 59/Custom hybrid in the bridge. I'm a believer in the hybrid concept - great sounding pickup, balances well in terms of eq and output with the jazz. At least in my SG
  21. ChipOnly

    Compressor pedal options...

    I think any number of squeezer-derived comps would hit the spot. I would be after the Lumpy's compressor, personally, but those aren't easy to come by. Plenty of pretty straight OS clones out there - you could do a whole lot worse than the BBE one. If you know you like OS circuits, that...