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  1. dougk

    Big Semi/Hollow Guitars - Who's Making Them?

    I REALLY want a McFly. Badly.
  2. dougk

    Big Semi/Hollow Guitars - Who's Making Them?

    that sounds fun!
  3. dougk

    Big Semi/Hollow Guitars - Who's Making Them?

    If it fits, it ships. ;) (The routings under the PG are a P90 and HB combined. Almost anything fits including TV Jones and Charlie Christians. We can also do the Mojo Dual Foils or Wideranges on special request)
  4. dougk

    Bookmatched maple top centrality...

    I think he’s talking about the center line of the seam. It should be right on that middle string screw adjustment (being a 7 string).
  5. dougk

    Does this guitar stand/work station make any sense?

    I'm so glad this is working out well for you still!
  6. dougk

    Does this guitar stand/work station make any sense?

    I wish someone had tagged me here so we could explain this: 1. The "trapdoor" or neck support has a full piece of plexi underneath it so you can't drop things thru it. That should be obvious in the other detail photos. Give me a modicum of credit here. 2. We're pretty up front about what this...
  7. dougk

    Deimel Bluestar... NGD Cometh

    I've said it before, the Deimels are just the best people around. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out! I may or may not be working a deal on one myself right now ;)
  8. dougk

    Anyone besides Novo do Roasted pine bodies and roasted maple necks?

    Just got the first roasted pine / roasted maple neck Korona up and running and I REALLY like it: Besides the fact this weighs 6lbs on the nose, I really dig it. Disclaimer, I'm not a swamp ash fan. I get why people like it but I tend to be in the mahogany camp for my personal choices. The...
  9. dougk

    Frank Brothers Masterpiece Under Way

    For what it's worth almost every single international package we've sent (and recieved) has had major delays regardless of carrier the last few months. It's been... a struggle.
  10. dougk

    Sold Price Drop Kauer Titan KR2 w/Mastery

    For what it's worth, at 999, with 260 dollars in pickups and a 140 dollar bridge. That's. a steal
  11. dougk

    Koa vs. Walnut for topwood?

    Walnut is right between Maple and Mahogany to my ears and is NOT dark sounding, simply dark looking. It's a criminally under appreciated wood choice IMO. It might not be perfect choice for an entire body but the few walnut topped Kauer's we've done we collectively in the shop have really liked...
  12. dougk

    Anyone build offset guitars with set necks and 25" or 25.5" scale lengths?

    Sorry I missed this. You can do a Banshee with a Mastery (or Descendant vibrato). Never done with with JM's or tele pickup but I could certainly draw it up and see how it looks. I bet JM's would freaking slay in a Banshee. Email me (BTW the license plate on my car is MRGLOB(e)X so I approve...
  13. dougk

    Clinesmith Instruments needs help after wildfires

    You don't have this on IG by chance with a link that we could share? Tag me @kauerguitars so we can share it there as well.
  14. dougk

    Dano-style boutique builders?

    I've done a couple of our Titan series as plywood and masonite builds. Super fun. Dano's really do have their own thing going.
  15. dougk

    non-aerosol original colors paint source?

    Call they supply most of us and have all the fender colors on reference.
  16. dougk

    Anyone besides Novo do Roasted pine bodies and roasted maple necks?

    yep! also yep! soon as I get it figured out how to mill the back side in a dish so it makes you look skinnier when playing it I’ll be rich!
  17. dougk

    Anyone besides Novo do Roasted pine bodies and roasted maple necks?

    We’re doing the roasted necks but just starting to try the roasted pine. I mean literally right now, we just glued up the blanks and are machining them in the coming week. I’m excited about them.
  18. dougk

    NGD: Frank Brothers Guitars - Arcade

    Love it! Love the explorer style PG and the 2+2 layout which you don't see often on the Frank's. Super jealous, maybe when the world opens again I'll finally get a chance to go visit in person too.
  19. dougk

    Anyone build offset guitars with set necks and 25" or 25.5" scale lengths?

    we used to offer a 25.5” scale option on our daylighter series but I think after ten years and only two requests it just stopped making sense to offer it. We took advantage of using that jig space on the machine to accommodate other things. Our Arcturus model was close though if you wanted a JM...
  20. dougk


    Here's my favorites. In the big semi-flat top category: Motorave: Scott Heatley And ofcourse I'm a bit biased, cause big, flat semi hollows is my thing too For carved tops, the top of the list for me is Huber and Koll TLL guitars Not that this...
  21. dougk

    FSOT Kauer Super Chief - PRICE DROP! Trade for Gibson SG

    If I needed a 4th Super this would be it.
  22. dougk


    335 alternative as in a 335 shaped guitar built by a small builder? Or anything in the 335 ballpark sonically? World of difference in those two requests. (not saying ones better, just LOTS of great semi-hollow 335'ish sonically guitars but only a few that look like a 335)
  23. dougk

    Post your COVID acquisitions NGD!

    YES!!! So glad you like it!
  24. dougk

    NAMM 2021 cancelled

    Man I'm bummed, I already had my NAMM outfit picked out No just kidding. I'm glad, we opted out already anyways. It's just too unpredictable where we will be next month, 3 months, 6 months from now and we'd have to start planning and building for namm right now and we're just not doing that...
  25. dougk

    I need a decent multi-guitar stand. For 6+ guitars

    It helps keep the five us making a living wage, so we appreciate the business! For what it's worth, we've been getting hammered on the tariffs placed on bamboo for years and still haven't raised prices on it. There are cheaper materials we could make the racks from and sell for less I suppose...