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    The Guess Who : Vintage live performance in HD : "Laughing" (1969)

    Killer LP fm back in the day!
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    gretsch - want to love it, cant

    Don't worry about it, plenty of other guitars out there.
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    You simply cannot call yourself an entertainer if you can't play Country Roads, Sweet Caroline and __________ .

    I can play those listed and more. Thankfully the places I play don't ask for these.
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    Favorite epic love ballads?

    Here, There, and Everywhere-Beatles My Love-McCartney
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    RIP Glenn Cornick

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    One Hit Wonders

    Ride Captain Ride-Blues Image
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    Who did you see at a small club gig that blew you away?

    Roy Buchanan at Tobacco Road in Miami a month or so before his death.
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    One of the worst relic jobs I've seen (Knopfler signature Strat)

    SRV or Rory Gallagher come to mind.
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    One of the worst relic jobs I've seen (Knopfler signature Strat)

    I have `60 Strat. It`s fairly beat up and I got it in `70 or `71, can`t remember. It has been refretted twice since I`ve had it. It wouldn`t make sense to issue a relic guitar with fretwear as the avg. guy would have had it refretted, so, it`s accurate as far as that goes, I`m thinking.
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    Brazillian rosewood worth all the hype?

    If you have one it does, if you don't, it doesn't. Simple really
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    What is your main overdrive pedal? (2020 Edition)

    Lovepedal Les Lius, currently.
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    Are boutique amps worth it?

    How loud was it as in, can you gig it w/o it being mic`ed
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    Songs using 12 string guitar

    If I Needed Someone-George Harrison/Beatles The Waiting-TP/Heartbreakers
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    Favorite Lineup of Bands who Changed Members

    Many versions of the Allman Bros. Band were quite good. I think the final version was great!
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    Songs You Wish Had Never Been Recorded

    I had a layover at Haneda airport in Tokyo one Christmas and it was on a loop for the 6 hrs I was there. I can still hear it.
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    Songs You Wish Had Never Been Recorded

    Wagon Wheel.
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    Don McLean, American Pie.

    It was very big.
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    Slow Blues No Vocals

    Not if you`re Ronnie Earl!
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    Sleep Walk - Santo and Johnny

    A pretty much perfect song IMO.
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    NGD - are you man enough to rock this?

    Not really a fan of the finish but yeah, I would rock the **** out of that!
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    Rolling Stone Editors Shame on you - you left out SRV

    Unfortunately we'll never know.