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  1. JDouglee

    Robin Trower/Maxi Priest New R&B Album

    It's closer to the Isley Bros than reggae or classic rock, I kind of like it. Robin's playing just fits. I've heard the whole thing, it's definitely chill & groove music. After this 2020 whack I think we need this.
  2. JDouglee

    How to brighten EMGs?

    I used to have some Luke IIs, I found them warm/dark with alot of midrange. I tried the same EMG set in a GMW strat, night and day. Sparkle and less compressed sounding. I sold the Lukes and kept the strat. (shrugs)
  3. JDouglee

    Michael Landau Liquid Quartet Live 2020

    My bad, so many Landau interviews with this record lately and I mixed up all the info in my head. ;) He mentions the Bella alot. Thanks John for the info!
  4. JDouglee

    Michael Landau Liquid Quartet Live 2020

    IIRC alot of this one is Suhr Bella
  5. JDouglee

    Michael Landau Liquid Quartet Live 2020

    Outstanding record.
  6. JDouglee

    Robin Trower before he was Robin Trower. Procol Harum

    I'd never heard Simple Sister before. That was interesting, I'll have to check out more, thanks!
  7. JDouglee

    Bands you wish you could remix or re-record?

    Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak Led Zeppelin - Physical Grafitti Just a little more low end punch and they'd be perfect
  8. JDouglee

    John Suhr Sig guitar

    Nice specs, I'm a big fan of the 2HB middle position as well. Beautiful finish over that wood. :)
  9. JDouglee

    2018 Gibson ES-330 Limited Release VOS Dark Cherry

    Man that is soooo nice! Have fun!
  10. JDouglee

    Guitars similar to Suhr Modern

    In my experience the Suhr Modern has it's own sound. These others look a bit similar but are a different thing entirely.
  11. JDouglee

    Music Man Luke owners: Anybody care to check their neck?

    I've had Luke IIs and checked out the Luke III models at NAMM, no diss to the company but every neck is different. Some are small/medium others are super small. Some have a V, some actually don't hardly. Make sure you play it first or at least find out about return policy if you're ordering...
  12. JDouglee

    NGD: Mid 80's Kramer Focus 1000

    I gigged a Focus 3000 for a couple of years, they're fine guitars rumored to be made by ESP in the 80's
  13. JDouglee

    New Pat Metheny

    I wonder what happened with this "project", 3 weeks and then poof it was gone! o_O
  14. JDouglee

    NGD: Suhr Aura (It's here and it's glorious)

    Wow that's fantastic! Maybe it's the light but the color of those knobs look nice with that finish
  15. JDouglee

    New Suhr PT50?

    I haven't visited here in awhile, I had no idea this was coming! Nice :cool:
  16. JDouglee

    Dann Huff Session Gear

    He indeed used the Kasha as was mentioned here, but a big piece of the puzzle was the Soldano modded Marshall head. I heard it at Brauer's who did his cartage at the time. Such a great sounding amp. Dunno where it ended up
  17. JDouglee

    CAA OD100 Speaker recommendations

    My OD 100 Std+ seems to love V30s as well.
  18. JDouglee

    The dolls on Alex Lifeson's pedalboard

    The post it note signs! "I like the drummer"
  19. JDouglee

    Suhr singlecut launched at NAMM?

    Looks fantastic :munch
  20. JDouglee

    John Suhr and Pete Thorn on YT.

    Great job Tone Talk guys! That was excellent
  21. JDouglee

    What's the lowdown on the Nashville bridge?

    I associate the Nashville with some lackluster USA Gibsons I've owned, really loose bass response and rattling. All that went away when I got a 68RI. I can't say if it's the fault of the bridge itself but I tend to wince when I see a Nashville now.
  22. JDouglee

    Baja Tele finish issue (coming away!)

    This happened to me with a EBMM JP7. Customer service said it was caused by moisture, and then recommended a guitar refinisher that would do it for $350. ;)
  23. JDouglee

    335 with a maple neck?

    Alot of those Lucilles had 100K pots just FYI.
  24. JDouglee

    New Suhr Products for 2017

    Here's from Matt's Music Pete Thorn Standard April Production - ETA: June Mahogany Body, Plain Maple top, scraped binding, gotoh 510 bridge Mahogany Neck with Indian Rosewood fingerboard, Even C slim .800-.880 back shape, 10-14" radius Raw nickle covered thornbucker in neck and Thornbucker+ in...
  25. JDouglee

    New Suhr Products for 2017

    "Scraped binding" :)